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Learn about a Cincinnati startup that uses Nutrigenomics (yes, we explain what that is, too) to create an individualized nutrition plan just for you.


Do you want to experience a health startup that can help you anywhere in the Cincinnati and Dayton? My Nutrition and Me LLC is a startup, whose home is in Cincinnati. “We are flexible to meet the client’s appointment needs anywhere in the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton areas,” Karolin Saweres, Founder and CEO of My Nutrition and Me. “We also use chat platforms over video conference, phone or through email.”  Saweres is the sole employee of the startup and meets with people of all ages.

Saweres strongly believes in having a diet that is personalized. “I partner with the client to develop a personalized nutritional plan that will enable them to achieve a healthy balanced diet, optimize their nutritional status and prevent, delay, and manage diseases and conditions,” she says. “Our mission is to empower an individual to reach their wellness goals through evidence-based food and nutrition science.”

There are a variety of different services that are offered at My Nutrition and Me. These services are one-on-one consultations, weight management (individual or group classes), nutrition seminars/presentations, grocery store tours, cooking demonstrations, meal plans and recipes. “Our services also include non-invasive genetic testing to provide comprehensive, reliable, genomic information with the ultimate goal of improving health through personalized nutrition,” she explains.

My Nutrition and Me is important for the community. “Generalized diets don’t work. Individuals respond differently to food intake. Personalized nutrition coaching and education is key to achieving individual goals,” Saweres says. “We implement evidence-based practice, along with professional judgment, in order to achieve optimum nutrition and wellness outcomes.”

Karolin Saweres, Founder and CEO of My Nutrition & Me

The startup is unique because it involves a new scientific discipline called Nutrigenomics, which “uses modern genomics technology to study the relationship between genes, nutrition, and health. It has long been apparent that some people respond differently from others to certain foods,” she says. “For example, individuals with lactose intolerance experience gastrointestinal discomfort after consuming certain dairy products, while other individuals can consume dairy with no problems. Nutrigenomics allows us to understand how our genes affect the way we respond to the foods, beverages, and supplements we consume.”

In 2017, Saweres is going to be sharing more health tips, more blogging, and more recipes using fresh ingredients, a monthly newsletter, and there’s a new Weight Management class coming in the Fall of 2017.

If you want to keep up with what My Nutrition and Me is doing, check out their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Our finance columnist offers up six fun and frugal ideas to keep the family active and adventurous this summer.

It is almost that time of year, where the kiddos will be home more often because school is out. The weather will be beautiful, and you will need creative ideas to make sure the kids do not waste their summer in front of the television playing video games and talking on the phone. It can be challenging to keep children engaged, while maintaining your sanity at the same time. Because let’s be real, do kids play outside anymore? I am sure there are kids that play outside but the media just wants us to believe all kids are wasting their lives away in front of the television, tablets, and cell phones, right?. While I love technology and understand the need to be tech savvy in this world, we have to feed our creative and engage with others in person.

Moms and Dads, I have picked my top fun and frugal activities to do with the children in Cincinnati this summer to break up the day from all that television and tablet watching.

Fun activities for Cincinnati and surrounding areas:

1. Pure Beauty Bar Cincinnati is hosting a Pure Beauty Camp. The camp is designed to help young girls, ages 13 to 18, embrace their own pure beauty. Fun activities such as a sleepover, vision board, health & fitness, hair/skin care, etiquette, anti-bullying, and financial fun (with yours truly).

2. Smale Riverfront Park is located in the banks of the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati is filled with many attractions such as Carol Ann’s Carousel, oversized swings, rock climbing canyon, twin racing slides, water jets, and so much more!

3. The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County has an awesome summer reading program entitled Summer Adventure. As a participant, your child would receive an awesome Adventure Kit which includes a Summer Adventure passport, a free book, and a voucher for a free view level ticket to a Cincinnati Reds game. Each week has a theme and weekly prizes are given based on the themes.

4. The Kenwood, Mariemont, and Esquire Theatres are letting the kiddos enjoy free movies on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Additionally, several communities such as Anderson Township and Deerfield Township offer ‘Movies in the Park” on select days during the summer.

5. S&S Western Bowl, Heid Bowling Lanes, and Colerain Bowl offer a Kids Bowl Free program.

6. Parkey’s Playbarn, located at Parky’s Farm in Winton Woods, has an indoor, farm themed accessible playground and admission is $2.50 per child.

In the summer, the outdoors are a great way to get your kids moving and away from the television. It can be hard nowadays to keep the kiddos entertained but your local cities, parks, libraries, and neighborhoods are here to help you out. Do a little research if your neighborhood was not mentioned above, Google is a great resource to find inexpensive activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Summer activities for the kiddos should not break the bank. The key to remember is expensive does not equal more fun. I have heard of tons of parents who state their kids have more fun with the cardboard box, then with the millions of toys they have in their room. Summer is almost here, so do some research and have some fun with the children this year.

Stay frugal my friends!


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See how one of Cincinnati’s healthiest women turned her passion for raw foods into a new healthy food service, catering and delivery program.


Inspired by a love for all things vegetables as well as the inclination to eat healthy, Trinidad Mac-Aucliffe launched her very own high raw + vegan and gluten free business Raw Intervention.

Another inspiration for Raw Intervention was Mac-Aucliffe’s passion for the concept of raw food. “The sprouting, soaking, marinating, fermenting, etc. All those ways to bring the life force of the foods to your body with great flavors is like an endless supply of goodness,” she says.

At Raw Intervention, Mac-Aucliffe uses natural methods to create alkalinity, to add probiotics and nourish the body. “It’s what I call the alchemy of foods, and that is one very important principle here at Raw Intervention,” she adds.

Mac-Aucliffe says she was always inspired to eat healthy. But it wasn’t because she knew those foods were healthy, she says that it was the flavor of the foods she always liked. “I always cooked for myself a lot but when going out I found it difficult to find 100 percent clean eats,” she says.

Then she had children and things got a little busy. She was attending the University of Cincinnati for her Masters in Fine Arts. With a busy schedule and less time for shopping, she knew she needed to do something herself.

“In my search for good foods I found that a lot of vegan or vegetarian foods and dishes were loaded with chemicals or preservatives, and the staple of soy by-products was standard in both vegan and vegetarian cuisine,” she explains. “Food, in general, is full of sugar, even so-called healthy wheat breads, which takes us to the other issue of gluten intolerance. It was then that my quest began. I saw clearly there was an issue and I wanted to be part of the solution, therefore I wanted to create a business that brings 100 percent nutritional value with none of that other stuff.”

Trinidad Mac-Aucliffe, Founder of Raw Intervention
Trinidad Mac-Aucliffe, Founder of Raw Intervention

Mac-Aucliffe decided to fight through the bad stuff in food and create her own good-food business, which led to the birth of Raw Intervention.

“Raw Intervention has a weekly delivery program called Collective Delivery, which consists of a four-item menu box for a fixed price of $65,” she explains. The menu is posted on Thursday afternoons on our Facebook page and we take orders until Saturday morning, with delivery on Tuesdays. We have a la carte desserts to add to your order and will be offering other goods throughout the year, such as loaves of amazing, healthy sprouted breads, wonderful layer cakes and pies, and lots of other yummo food!”

Mac-Aucliffe says that Raw Intervention also caters small parties and creates educational programs that are focused on food preparation and nutrition as well as simple ways to implement better eating habits into a lifestyle.

Mac-Aucliffe says her goal through Raw Intervention is to keep the integrity of food, share it, and help to nourish humans in the process.

“I want to share food that is healing as well and will help you and me reset our bodies (metabolism) and integrate a sense of well being and vitality in our lives,” she says. “Raw Intervention food is here to help balance, align and alkalize the body and therefore take guilt out of the equation.”

Mac-Aucliffe says that Raw Intervention brings clients nutritional value, which is lacking in many foods today. She says that just because a label says vegan or gluten-free doesn’t mean it’s healthy. However, Raw Intervention does bring the healthy benefits of food to customers.

“By taking the time to utilize methods of soaking, sprouting and marinating to make our breads, tacos, pizzas, sauces, dehydrated nuts, salad dressing, and desserts, we bring life force food to people,” she adds.

The future is looking bright for Raw Intervention. Mac-Aucliffe says that she is focusing on growth to expand and develop her business.

To learn more about Raw Intervention, visit

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A local Francophile is bringing a French touch to the Tri-State. Learn about her private fitness studio and how she’s placing an emphasis on self-love to get you to where you want to be mentally and physically.

Jill Landis, Founder of Bell et Bien Fitness in O'Bryonville.
Jill Landis, Founder of Belle et Bien Fitness in O’Bryonville.

To Jill Landis, fitness is more than just an hour at the gym a few times a week – it’s a lifestyle.

“Every decision we make affects our health and happiness; what we eat, how we sleep, what we think, and how we exercise,” says Landis.

This thought process is why Landis started her private fitness studio Belle et Bien Fitness. “We specialize in small group training that builds strength while maximizing calorie burn,” she says. “Our classes blend traditional strength-training with bodyweight exercises and plyometrics.”

The program offered at Belle is structured to meet the needs of each individual client, whether they’ve never worked out a day in their life or are a seasoned athlete, to everyone in between, Landis wants everyone to achieve their fitness goals.

In addition to the private fitness studio, Landis offers information and support for building an overall healthier lifestyle, including assistance with making nutritional choices.

Landis says she was also inspired to launch Belle through a promotion of change resulting in self-love rather than self-hate. “We promote self-acceptance as the path to fitness,” she explains. “For this reason, there are no mirrors in the workout space. Furthermore, our message is that exercise and good nutrition are a reward, not a punishment.”

Landis has a background in the health and fitness world, which is what makes her decision to open up a fitness studio all the better. A certified personal trainer and group instructor, Landis has years of experience helping people make the necessary changes needed to get and stay fit.

“The program at Belle is intended to be used as the best of two models for fitness success: The individual attention of personal training and the comradery and affordability of group fitness,” she says.

There are two categories of classes offered at Belle: strength and cardio. Landis says that the strength classes target specific muscle groups through a variety of exercises and modalities such as traditional strength training, bodyweight exercises, and postures borrowed from yoga and other traditions. The second category is cardio. “Cardio classes are designed, through a blend of strength-based exercises and plyometric movies, to increase overall calorie burn,” explains Landis. One of the most popular classes at Belle thanks to its efficiency in achieving a maximum burn is HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

Although the studio is new, Landis just opened the doors to Belle on October 1, it brings a unique quality to the Tri-State. Located in a converted photography studio, there are hardwood floors, chandelier lighting, and high ceilings – making you feel like you’re in a relaxing atmosphere doing workouts that feel as though you should be in a hardcore training gym.

“It’s an interesting blend that speaks to a core truth: beauty is sweat, sweat is beauty,” says Landis.

Another attribute of Belle’s uniqueness is the name of the studio. A self-proclaimed Francophile, Landis has the tendency to blend the French language and culture into different aspects of Belle. “The studio name and design, the names of workouts, and elements of the traditional French lifestyle including the high value the French place on fresh, lovingly-prepared food shared with others makes the studio unique,” she says.

Landis says that although Belle is a brand new studio, she will be offering plenty of new classes and other workshops. “We are hoping to begin a class just for expectant and new moms in November,” she adds. She also wants to add more 30-minute HIIT classes to the schedule in the coming months and hosting a variety of lifestyle programs.

Belle is located at 1989 Madison Road in historic O’Bryonville, next to Bob Roncker’s Running Spot.

To learn more more Belle et Bien Fitness, click here. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram. To schedule a private consultation, call 513-813-0031 or click here to drop in and try your first class for free.

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Two local fitness and supplement gurus are bringing a new type of product to the market. Learn about the company that’s aiming to change the skepticism surrounding supplements in the fitness industry.

Power Blendz Nutrition
Power Blendz Nutrition is a line of lifestyle products and guides to help you improve your health.

Ready to take your health (and life) to the next level? Whether you think fitness and nutrition is for you, it is, and that’s where Power Blendz Nutrition comes in.

“Power Blendz Nutrition is a new lifestyle line of products and guides that is the culmination of over two decades of formulating quality supplements for the fitness industry,” explains Power Blendz Nutrition co-founder Chris Hack.

Jim Riggs and Hack were inspired to launch Power Blendz Nutrition after encountering a plethora of “nutrition brands” that were more skeptical than realistic. “Consumers need a supplement brand that they can trust and turn to for information and advice,” says Hack.

The lack of trust has resulted in an era of skepticism for the supplement industry, an era that Hack and Riggs hope they can turn around. “Power Blendz assurance exceeds industry standards to always meet label claims and provide meaningful products with proper ratios and doses,” he adds.

Power Blendz, which launched in July 2016, offers products from several categories including:

  • Essential Nutrition: Products that everyone can benefit from and are “essential” to the human diet.
  • Performance Nutrition: Products for those individuals who are looking to get the most out of their exercise routines.
  • Health Lifestyle and Nutrition Books: These books are an evolving series of easy-to-follow guides to help with adopting a lifestyle change through diet, exercise, and proper supplementation.
  • Smoothie Bundles: Coming soon, these will be smoothie bundle packages and recipes for people to make goal-specific smoothies at home or on-the-go.

Hack says that Power Blendz is a unique product that this duo prides itself on. He explains before the company would put its name on a product, they had to ask themselves one simple question: “Is this something we would recommend to our friends and family, including our own children?”

As individuals who come from fitness and nutrition backgrounds, Hack and Riggs have been in the supplement industry since 1994. They’re passionate about what they do, including providing products and services that will truly make a difference in people’s lives and help in achieving their goals.

As far as the future of Power Blendz Nutrition, Hack says that the remainder of 2016 and into 2017 will focus on getting Power Blendz Nutrition established in the marketplace. “We plan to continue using our experience and all of the materials that we have developed over the years and put this into a format that we can share with our customers,” he adds.

To learn more about Power Blendz, visit

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See how this former NCAA athlete behind a local gym and his team are making a touchdown of health and wellness for their clients.

Mission 5 Fitness uses five principles to help you achieve overall health and wellness.
Mission 5 Fitness uses five principles to help you achieve overall health and wellness.

At Mission 5 Fitness, your goal is their mission. Founded by former NCAA athlete Joel Wainscott, Mission 5 Fitness specializes in personal fitness training for a wide range of ages, fitness levels, and lifestyles. “It’s a studio experience that is very different than large commercial gyms and CrossFit-style boxes,” says Wainscott. “Mission 5 Fitness is a great alternative to the generic gym experience and group classes that lack individual attention.”

“We believe that physical fitness plays a critical role in overall health and wellness, and that true physical fitness is multidimensional,” says Wainscott. “That’s why we take a multi-faceted approach to fitness that’s built on five proven principles to improve your physical condition and ability to deal with external and internal stress.”


Those five principles of health and wellness include:

1. Muscular Strength – The ability of a person to exert force on a physical object using muscles.

2. Muscular Endurance – The ability of a person to exert force on a physical object for an extended period of time.

3. Flexibility – The range of motion of a joint, which may be increased by stretching.

4. Cardio Fitness – The ability of the circulatory and respiratory system to supply oxygen to skeletal muscles during sustained physical activity.

5. Body Composition – The percentages of fat, bone, and muscle in human bodies.

According to Wainscott, while the five principles are applied to each program at Mission 5 Fitness, the workout plans are also altered to each individual client and specifically design to help them achieve their goals.

With more than 10 years experience himself, Wainscott has trained a variety of people include professional, collegiate and high school athletes as well as the elderly and those with special needs. So for him a career in fitness was nearly a given. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Morehead State University and holds a certification in golf fitness from the Titleist Performance Institute.

Total, there is a more than 50 years combined experience in trainers Ryan Flynn, Eric Feigel, Julie Morrison, Todd Ward, and Aaron Park – all who complete the Mission 5 Fitness team.

“We provide the motivation, education, and fortitude to allow you to reach your highest fitness potential,” he says.

Joel Wainscott of Mission 5 Fitness
Joel Wainscott of Mission 5 Fitness

The facility that houses Mission 5 Fitness overlooks the Ohio River and is designed to meet the needs of trainers as well as their clients. “Mission 5 Fitness is a clean, well-maintained executive-style fitness facility outfitted with high-end equipment,” adds Wainscott.

Mission 5 Fitness features a 2,800-square-foot carpet training studio, a lock room with shower and towel service, state-of-the-art, commercial grade equipment including Nautilus, Life Fitness, and Matrix, suspension training equipment, BOSU, SPRI equipment, rubber dumbbells, kettlebells, and more.

If you’re interested in checking out Mission 5 Fitness, Wainscott says they offer a free consultation and two complimentary fitness training sessions for all new clients. “This includes an explanation of the training process and how Mission 5 Fitness will help you achieve your personal fitness goals,” he says.

Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness or want to focus on your nutritional habits, Mission 5 Fitness can help. They offer private, one-on-one fitness training, small group training, youth fitness training, senior fitness training, post-rehab physical fitness, in-home personal training, on-site corporate group training, and nutrition counseling.

Wainscott says that Mission 5 Fitness also recently added a new team member to provide a critical component of health and wellness. Registered Dietitian Kristen DeAngelis is available to help clients eat healthier to lose or gain weight and address other health concerns. “Why a dietitian? Because anyone can claim to be a nutritionist but we want to offer the most educated and highly trained professional for our clients,” explains Wainscott.

Mission 5 Fitness is located at 2260 Riverside Drive in Cincinnati. Wainscott says Mission 5 Fitness is located just east of Downtown Cincinnati and is a convenient drive from Fort Thomas, Hyde Park/Oakley, Over-the-Rhine, Clifton, Anderson, and most Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods.

To schedule an appointment with any of the trainers at Mission 5 Fitness, call 513-828-9731 or send an email to Learn more at You can also follow along on Facebook.

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A local expert is launching a new concept that changes the way trainers train, so their clients (you!) can see better results. Keep reading for more.

PT Plus is a local facility that allows trainers to focus on their clients and build a customized fitness program.
PT Plus is a local facility that allows trainers to focus on their clients and build a customized fitness program.

Josh Simmons has been working as a trainer in the Greater Cincinnati for six years. He often encountered the same problem, though: He didn’t like the way most gyms and other wellness facilities were being run.

“They left the trainers disenfranchised, powerless, or stripped of said power for the most part, and gave incentives for the sales representatives to gouge the prospective client for as large of a gross contract value as possible,” explains Simmons.

This business-focused business plan often leads to trainers that start to lag in motivation and dissatisfied clients, something Simmons has seen all too often in the Tri-State’s fitness world.

To fight back against this idea of how to run a gym, Simmons decided to open PT Plus, a 4,000-square-foot facility designed to optimize the fitness experience for both trainers and clients alike.

There are two PT Plus locations, in Hyde Park and Norwood.
There are two PT Plus locations, in Hyde Park and Norwood.

“What I’ve done with PT Plus is eliminate the middle man, and provide a space where trainers have the equipment that they want, the space they need to operate, and they can effectively run their own business under PT Plus’ roof,” says Simmons. “They are not employees of PT Plus, they are independent contractors. My aim was to simply provide them with a launch pad to accelerate their professional growth in the field of fitness.”

Simmons is the sole owner of PT Plus and also serves as a trainer. He adds that he’s not only there to make sure everything on the site is running correctly, but he’s also in the “sweat trenches” working with clients alongside the other trainers.

Simmons says the team of trainers at PT Plus have helped to shape PT Plus into what it is today. “They help form the culture and overall sense of community that we pride ourselves on,” he adds.

The change that PT Plus has made in the local fitness community has been much appreciated by the clients who visit the facility as well, according to Simmons. “No longer are they pressured into deals they aren’t certain of,” he says. “The only person they need to deal with is their trainer. That’s it. It’s that simple. Think of it as a salon, but for personal trainers.”

PT Plus’ first location on the Hyde Park/Linwood border has been in full operation since December 1, 2015. There is currently construction being done at a second location in the Norwood area. While the business itself is called PT Plus, Simmons says that to help dissociate the two locations, they are referred to as Plus1 (Hyde Park/Linwood) and Plus2 (Norwood).

“Business has been great, the response of our clientele has been positive across the board, and we are looking forward to expanding,” adds Simmons.

While personal training is the primary service available at PT Plus, that broad category is also broken down into a few sub-categories. These include: meal planning, contest prep, nutritional consultations, remote/online programming, and weekly classes.

In the future, Simmons says that they will soon be adding cardio kickboxing classes, a new outdoor turf field, and even one or two additional trainers to join the team.

To learn more about PT Plus, visit their website or Facebook page.

Simmons says that he also encourages you to download the PT plus app from iTunes or Google Play. Once downloading the app, set up a profile, and a find a special deal on classes for being a Cincy Chic readers.

“This special will be good for three free Wednesday conditioning classes,” says Simmons. “This class is for women only, of all shapes, sizes, and athletic backgrounds. The class puts an emphasis on conditioning as well as core work, and is run by one of our trainers.”

You can find Plus1 at 5210 Wooster Road in Cincinnati, near the US Bank Corporate offices and the Otto Armieder Dog Park. Plus2 will be located in Norwood, ¼ mile off the Norwood lateral at the Montgomery Road exit.

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An area health initiative helps locals make healthy eating, active living, and other good habits the norm. Keep reading for all the details.

Gen-H is a local collaboration that hopes to change the health of those living in the Tri-State.
Gen-H is a local collaboration that hopes to change the health of those living in the Tri-State.

Cincy Chic: Tell us more about Gen-H!
Amy Goetz, Gen-H Communications Coordinator: Gen-H is a community-wide commitment to making health and healthcare a value we share in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. It brings together a unique collaboration of healthcare providers, civic leaders, health plans, employers, community organizations, and individuals committed to improving health and healthcare for all in our region. Its priority areas emphasize healthy eating, active living, healthy coping skills, healthcare delivery improvements, and payment reform.

We are proud to live in a region with beautiful parks, first class arts and entertainment opportunities, and strong economic development. We invest and nurture those assets. Gen-H asks: “Shouldn’t living where people are healthy be something we value and nurture too?” Healthier people, better care, and smarter spending means everybody wins.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind Gen-H?
Goetz: Despite having high-quality health systems and providers, and many agencies addressing health issues, the Greater Cincinnati region has disappointing health statistics when nationally ranked. In fact, our region ranks 91 out of 100 large MSAs on the 2015 Gallup Healthways Community Wellbeing Rankings. Only 52% of us rate our health as excellent or very good and almost one in five of us don’t have a regular doctor. This dismal picture looks even worse when gaps attributable to race and income are taken into account.

A deeper look into this disconnect reveals that the people of our region engage in high-risk behaviors at a rate that far exceeds the national average. For example, according to the Community Health Status Survey (CHSS) conducted by Interact for Health, the Greater Cincinnati adult smoking rate in 2013 was 25%, higher than the national rate of 20%. Over 3 in 10 adults (33%) in Greater Cincinnati are obese, more than among adults nationally (28%). Another 3 in 10 local adults (32%) are overweight. This correlates with disappointing data around diet: nearly half (45%) of Greater Cincinnati adults do not meet daily recommendations for either fruit or vegetable intake.

Additionally, Greater Cincinnati has seen an increase over time in the percentage of adults who say they’ve been diagnosed with one of several chronic conditions, including high blood pressure (34%), diabetes (13%), depression (23%), asthma (17%), and chronic lung disease (8%). Many of these conditions are found more frequently among adults with less education or lower income.

Efforts to address these risky behaviors, negative outcomes, and inequities have historically lacked a coordinated response throughout the region with clear priorities and an action plan for change. Gen-H, along with its partners and supporters, is determined to change that.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind this initiative?
Goetz: In 2014, a group of health stakeholders came together to develop and commit to a regional health improvement plan using the Collective Impact approach to large-scale social change. The model requires a backbone organization with defined responsibilities to guide and support the process, and in our community The Health Collaborative has agreed to fill this role. The backbone function and health improvement effort writ large are now known as Gen-H, or Generation Health. Other stakeholders helping to guide the process include representatives from all five major area adult health systems and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center; several large health plans; public health, philanthropic, and social service agencies; business development thought leaders; government/public offices; and consumers and consumer advocates.

Cincy Chic: When did Gen-H officially launch?
Goetz: The initial planning and structuring phase for Gen-H began in early 2014, and by summer a steering committee had formed and were holding monthly meetings. Two leadership forum events were held in the autumn of that year to invite a larger group of community leaders and decision-makers into the conversation. That larger group, using a health dynamics predictive modeling tool informed by public health data, came to a set of recommendations about the priority areas and data sets that would inform the Gen-H approach. Action teams formed around each priority area, and their research and inexhaustible efforts led to the development and eventual kickoff of the community health improvement agenda now known as Gen-H in April of 2016.

Cincy Chic: What makes Gen-H unique?
Goetz: As mentioned above, Gen-H is exceptional in that it encompasses the demographic and geographic diversity of the 7-county region it serves: Hamilton, Clermont, Butler, and Warren in Ohio; and Boone, Campbell, and Kenton in Northern Kentucky. Its decision-making process includes local government, those who provide care, those who pay for care, those who receive care, and those who help to fill the gaps. Many of these sectors have traditionally been siloed and often have been in direct opposition to – or competition with – one another, so their cooperation in this endeavor is truly unique. The wide variety of perspectives and expertise lends credibility, neutrality, and integrity to the process.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Gen-H?
Goetz: Gen-H itself is a relatively new initiative, so it’s fair to say that everything we’re currently doing and planning is new! Next steps in the works for creating a “health in all things” mindset for our region include:
We are learning and sharing best practices for how to remove the barriers to good health in vulnerable communities.

We are currently developing a digital public health dashboard to measure and monitor progress. We are always exploring ways to better integrate the care delivery system with community services that can address the social issues that contribute to poor health. More and more employers are bringing wellness programs to their workers. We hope to leverage that momentum so that good habits are reinforced where we work.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
Goetz: Visitors to the site can find information and ideas, and share their own Gen-H story and photos at News and opportunities around healthy eating, active living, and “Gen-H Spotlight” posts highlighting the Gen-H aligned activities of our partners and friends can be found on the blog. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. For more information on Gen-H, email Gen-H Director Laura Randall at

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See how one local woman turned her struggles with weight into an opportunity to help Tri-State women and kids get healthier with a practical plan for diet and exercise.

STRONG! Fitness encourages women and children to get healthy is a practical plan for diet and exercise.

It was 2009 and Reagan Zugelter, founder of STRONG! Fitness, had given birth to Sadie, her second daughter. She walked into her second pregnancy retaining weight from the first and was now at 200 pounds. Zugelter openly admits that she has always struggled with her weight but this was her heaviest.

Despondent Zugelter fell deeper into the hole by drowning her sorrows in rich foods and decadent drinks.

She arrived at her yearly physical which started with a weigh-in, ended with a good cry and the commitment to make a change. It took Zugelter two years to loose 35 pounds but this wasn’t just about weight, it was a lifestyle change and the drive to set a good example for her daughters. “I am glad it took me that long because I was able to focus on developing long-term healthy habits,” Zugelter says.

A “before and after” transformation of Zugelter.

During this time, Zugelter fell in love with fitness. She became a fitness instructor at the YMCA teaching Bootcamp, HIIT and Insanity classes and found that she had a talent for teaching and passion for helping women reach their fitness goals.

In 2016, Zugelter decided to focus her efforts on women and opened STRONG! Fitness. “I have always been passionate about empowering women of all fitness levels, as well as mentoring kids on exercise,” she says.

Zugelter is deeply familiar with the unique pressures women face in terms of body image. “As women, we can be hard on ourselves and critical of our bodies because we see so many covers of magazines with this ideal image of how women should look like,” Zugelter says.

Zugelter, however, is on a mission to change this perception. “I want to help women realize that they are beautiful and STRONG! You don’t have to be a size two to be healthy,” she says.

STRONG! Fitness tackles body image issues by focusing on overall health and strength rather than being a slave to the scale. It also teaches women to focus on themselves and honor their needs.

Zugelter today.
Reagan Zugelter, Founder of STRONG! Fitness.

“I understand how hectic life can be for women and how they often put themselves last on the list. I created STRONG! to offer something different for women versus a traditional gym. This isn’t just about working out, I want to build a community of like-minded women that not only exercise together but support, encourage and help one another on their own personal health journeys,” Zugelter says.

STRONG! Fitness is unique in that most classes are outside so clients are able to utilize the elements and keep things fresh.

“I am a big believer in working out doesn’t have to be boring so I strive to make workouts fun by incorporating partner training, games and using unique exercises and equipment. Ladies that attend class and my one on one body program will tell you that they have never done the same workout twice,” Zugelter says.

STRONG! Fitness offers 45 to 55-minute classes that run six days a week, welcomes women of all fitness levels and focuses on gaining endurance, strength and energy.

If you’re looking for a more individualized approach Zugelter offers the STONG! Body program. Each week clients receive a one hour customized workout, custom-tailored meal plan, nutrition guidance, the STRONG! grocery list and a recipe booklet.

STRONG! Workshops also offers nutrition classes that women can host in their home with a group of family and friends to learn the ins and outs of nutrition and meal planning.

A new addition to STRONG! Fitness that Zugelter is particularly excited about is the STRONG! Kids, a summer program starting this June.“This program is a great way to keep kids active during the summer and teach children that exercise can be fun and interactive,” Zugelter says. Not sure if you’re ready to start your summer fitness challenge? Zugelter encourages readers to come for a trial class.

To learn more about STRONG! Fitness and their class schedule visit their website at Connect with Zugelter on Facebook to get free healthy recipes, workouts, a class schedule and other tips.

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A local woman opened a facility to offer a cutting edge, non-invasive, radiation-free screening that uses heat detection to diagnose diseases such as cancer. See how they’re expanding this holistic approach across the Tri-State and beyond.

Jacky Groenewegen, Owner Mindful Wellness Medical Thermography.
Jacky Groenewegen, Owner Mindful Wellness Medical Thermography.

Cincy Chic: What is Mindful Wellness Medical Thermography?
Jennifer Concannon, Marketing & Office Manager at Mindful Wellness Medical Thermography: Thermography is a safe non-invasive screening that uses heat detection to locate areas of temperature differences in the body. Using infrared imaging, this provides an adjunctive screening tool and gives a clearer picture of body health status. As an example, thermography helps with breast health. This simple, no-touch, no radiation screening uses a sensitive digital infrared-sensing camera that develops a color image on a computer of the body’s thermal patterns. This pain-free, no touch, no radiation screening procedure maps, measures and monitors inflammation and other abnormalities and changes in overall body conditions earlier than most other tests. Certain kinds of diseases, like tumors, increase blood flow that cause an increase in temperature shown on a thermographic scan.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the Mindful Wellness?
Concannon: Jacky Groenewegen (Certified Thermographic Technician), owner Mindful Wellness Medical Thermography, opened her thermography lab in 2013. She loves the way that her background of also being a licensed massage therapist has enhanced her ability to work with people as they navigate their wellness journey via thermography. It’s a privilege for Jacky to help her clients monitor and improve their health through thermography, massage and providing holistic solutions through a monthly newsletter, blog and Facebook posts.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the business?
Concannon: Jacky Groenewegen, holds many certifications in thermography, therapeutic massage, healing touch, aromatherapy, and guided imagery. For the last 10 years, she has run her own massage therapy private practice as well as a holistic wellness business which sells body brush kits, guided imagery CDs, and therapeutic grade essential oils. In 2013, she expanded her practice to include Thermography Scans. She frequently speaks at health fairs, networking events, and private meetings promoting the benefits of thermography. Jacky is passionate about the safety and benefits of thermography. Your Thermography Scan offers a safe, proactive way to manage your health. Your thermoscan is a no contact, no radiation, no compression health monitoring tool.

Cincy Chic: How are you helping patients in the Tri-State?
Concannon: Thermography is a safe, adjunctive screening method helpful in the diagnosis and documentation of diseases. We also provide health screenings for these health conditions:

  • Full Body Thermal Imaging
  • Breast Health Screening
  • Thyroid Screening
  • Lymphatic congestion
  • Nervous System Disorders
  • Abdominal Inflammation
  • Vascular System Analysis
  • Neuromuscular Disorders
  • Muscular Disorders
  • Vascular Screening
  • Other Pathologies

Cincy Chic: What makes Mindful Wellness unique?
Concannon: Mindful Wellness Medical Thermography works to make every patient feel comfortable and at ease before, during & after each scan. Many patients who have had previous scans at other labs, compliment Mindful Wellness Medical Thermography on the quality, accuracy and promptness of the scan results. All scans are interpreted by three board-certified physicians of the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology. The purpose of the thermographic evaluation is to show areas of hot and cold in the body. Thermography is greater than 99% accurate for this purpose. Therefore, we can say there are no false positives with thermal imaging. Heat can be present due to many factors. There is no such thing as “normal” inflammation in the body. This is due to a pathological process or injury. There are other labs across the country that are also associated with PACT which enables the patient continuity of care no matter where they live in the USA. Go to<> to find labs in other states. All scans are approved by Dr. Alexander Sepper, MD, Ph.D. He has practiced over 30 years as a Gynecologist, has a Ph.D. in thermology and has performed 100’s of thousands of thermal studies for women with ovarian and breast cancer.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Mindful Wellness?
Concannon: Mindful Wellness Medical Thermography expands its reach by working with practitioners like chiropractors, dentists, and integrated holistic physicians to jointly improve the health of their patients. If a thermogram is abnormal, a patient can work with his/her doctor to monitor health and treatments.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more about Mindful Wellness and the services you provide?
Concannon: Visit our website, call 513-382-3132 to schedule an appointment, or come by our office at 8859 Cincinnati-Dayton Road Suite #007 in West Chester for more information!