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    When one Cincinnati couple learned that food and environmental allergies were causing their pet’s health concerns, it inspired them to launch a new company. Learn all the drool-inducing details about their fresh and healthy pet food that’s conveniently delivered right to your door.

    Pet Wants sells healthy pet food delivered to your door.
    Pet Wants sells healthy pet food delivered to your door.

    After they learned their dog suffered from severe food and environmental allergies, Amanda Broughton and Michele Hobbs were inspired to bring something new to Cincinnati.

    Broughton and Hobbs called their new business “Pet Wants” because it’s what pets and pet parents alike want: healthy, nutritious, and safe food that’s now brought right to your doorstep.

    “We’ve been delivering since 2010 to make feeding your pet convenient, too,” says Pet Wants General Manager Rachel Lindahl. “It’s simple to order online at, place an item in your cart, and select the quantity and frequency of that item.”

    You can also set up recurring orders to ensure that you never run out of fresh pet food, which can even save you a trip to the store. “For a recurring food order, your pet food is delivered to our ‘future friendly’ reusable jute bags, to be picked up when we deliver your order,” she adds. “We simply swap your fresh new food for the empty bag – just like the milkman used to do!”

    Amanda and Michelle, Founders of Pet Wants
    Amanda Broughton and Michelle Hobbs, Founders of Pet Wants

    Because the team behind Pet Wants is always working to bring their customers new options, they’ve rolled out new in-store offerings, including “Spaw Day” products, all of which are housemade and safe for humans, too.

    “We use high-quality ingredients along with essential oils in our balms and salves to heal, soothe, protect, and even a spray to repel mosquitoes,” explains Lindahl. “We’ve got you and your pup covered.”

    According to Pet Wants, the healing salve is ideal for hot spots, scrapes, dermatitis, and bacterial infections while the calming calm will work for car sickness, anxiety, nausea, diarrhea, and fighting off parasites. Also available from Pet Wants as part of their Spaw Day products includes paw wax for healing cracked, burnt, or injured paw pads; skin spray for dry itchy skin, hot spots, bites, burns, and other minor irritations; and mosquito, flea, and tick spray, an all-natural, homemade repellent formulated to protect dogs from unwanted pests that is also safe for human use.

    Other than its Spaw Day products, fresh food, and delivery services, there is much more that makes Pet Wants unique.

    “Unlike national brands that mass-produce food, we slow-cook our gluten-free food in small batches on a monthly basis to ensure freshness and to lock in nutrients,” says Lindahl. “Pet food loses its nutritional value over time, so we make sure our food goes straight from being made to your pet’s bowl in weeks, when it’s at the height of its nutritional value.”

    Lindahl says that oftentimes, with other brands, pet parents may find that they’ve been feeding their pet a nutritionally-deficient diet and weren’t aware. “Pet Wants stays fresh, because it’s made fresh, sold by the pound, and delivered monthly,” she adds. “Pet Wants starts with a higher nutritional value and doesn’t sit on store shelves or in a bulk container for months and months, like other brands, losing vital nutrients essential to your pet’s health.”

    Lindahl says the team behind Pet Wants is constantly striving to bring new products to pet parents. She says they are currently developing at-home food bins, which will help further the convenience of fresh food to your four-legged baby.

    To learn more about Pet Wants, visit You can also follow their blog by clicking here. And follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.