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Learn about a local lady who's been honing her craft of henna artistry for the past decade, and is now ready to add some pigment to your next party.

Neha Argrawal is the local lady behind Cincy Henna Party.

Turning a passion into a profession, Neha Argrawal took her love of henna and made it into a business: Cincy Henna Party.

Starting early, it wasn’t unusual for her draw on her hands with a red pen during classes. It all came so naturally, so she self-taught herself the art of henna and began applying it to others 11 years ago.

Then, in 2013, Argrawal officially launched Cincy Henna Party and became the sole proprietor behind her business. She says she first marketed it through family and friends, then word-of-mouth of happy clients, and now also social media.

​According to Argrawal, henna is a plant that has a dye-release property. Once dried out, it is crushed into a powder and then turned into a paste. Once the paste goes through a fermenting process, it can be applied to skin. As the paste dries, it flakes away and the color remains. Originating in India, Henna is not only used as an artwork, but also has other purposes such as acting as a coolant. Henna works with body heat and can be very medicinal, cooling and calming the nerves. Growing where it is extremely dry and arid, Henna is a part of South Eastern tradition as well as Jewish, African and modern culture.


What differentiates Argrawal’s henna application business from others? “Passion,” she says, adding that her passion for the art allows her to work freely within a field that she can call her own.

​“The goal is to always be better and to always improve myself,” she says. In fact, her recent achievements include her successful Henna Workshops, both this year and last year, participating in the Asian Festival at the Cincinnati Children’s Museum and a Fox 19 news interview.

Fostering henna as highly sought-after artistry, Argrawal is expanding into other products such as henna candles, canvases, wine glasses, and champagne flutes. “I just want to create things that people enjoy and people like,” she explains.

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