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Sustainable, ethical, small-batch, USA-made products. That’s what a new local shop is all about. Keep reading to learn more.


Deerhaus Decor opened its doors six months ago and provides a location for local artists and manufacturers sell goods.

Deerhaus Decor is not your typical boutique. New to Cincinnati just six months ago, the shop’s purpose is to provide a brick and mortar location for local artists and manufacturers to sell goods. Inspired by a passion for sustainability and ethicality, the shop’s owners noticed a desire for a boutique like theirs in the area. “We wanted to be part of this growing city. We went to Findlay Market and got 300 surveys answered about what people wanted to see in the area, which were small-batch, USA-made products,”  says shop owner Sonja Thams. And with that, Deerhaus Decor was born.

For the minds behind the boutique, consumer education is key. The shop refers to itself as a transparent boutique retailer, meaning it promotes communication with shoppers about who created the product, where it came from, and what materials it is made of. The shop’s products fall under the categories apparel, furniture, bath and body, jewelry and paper goods.

Most of these products are manufactured in the USA, however consumers can stumble upon globally-sourced items as well. “If our products are not manufactured here in the US, they are from manufacturers in countries we have personally traveled to. We make sure all these products are handmade, ethical and small-batch,” said Thams.

A family business, Deerhaus Decor is owned by Sonja Thams and her boyfriend Benjamin Deering. Thams’ passion lies in the design aspect of the store. She graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design and received a degree in interior architecture and design. Deering recently graduated with a degree in entrepreneurial economics from the College of Wooster. With collaboration between design and entrepreneurship, the team combined their visions to create Deerhaus Decor.

On top of retail, the boutique offers by-appointment interior design. In a studio located at the side entrance of the building, Thams offers freelance interior design and textile design. “We are only six months old, but we’d love to see this grow. While we’re still working on the current shop, it’d be fun to have a maker-space to foster local artists in the future,” said Thams.

Check out the unique boutique for yourself at 135 West Elder Street in Cincinnati in Ohio’s Historic Findlay Market. To learn more, visit


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Inspired by finding decor with high quality and individuality on a strict budget for their own space, a local couple decided to launch their own custom furniture and decor business. Read on for all the designer details.

The Copper Pearl sells refinished home decor and furniture items.
The Copper Pearl sells refinished home decor and furniture items.

Cincy Chic: Tell us about The Copper Pearl!
Mary Parsell, Co-Owner of The Copper Pearl: The Copper Pearl is a Retail and Service enterprise solely devoted to providing unique and completely custom-centric furniture and décor to our clients and community.

Our vision has always been to give clients a sense of Uniqueness and Individuality. We do this through uncovering “pearls” – treasures hidden in not so pretty exteriors – within furniture and home décor. Our mission is to inspire engagement through the design process and getting to know clients’ personalities and visions for their spaces and then following it through with expert restoration and transformation. We are also committed to promoting a sustainable community.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind The Copper Pearl?
Parsell: The Copper Pearl was originally conceived when we moved to our home in Loveland in 2011. New homes are always challenging as you strive to make the house unique and fill spaces that you did not have before with items that reflect your taste and style. I liken my approach as “Donald Trump tastes on an MC Hammer budget!” So creating this sense of high value and individuality on a pretty strict budget was quite difficult! Plus, we never really wanted items that everyone else had. We didn’t want someone walk into our home and say, “Hey! I have that exact same table.” We wanted our home to be very unique and creative and something that would entice guests to explore. We wanted every space to be deliberate and have a sense of meaning, like it was carefully considered and chosen because there was nothing else like it. Eventually, a naturally creative curiosity, an engineering mindset, and a conservative budget gave way to refinishing existing items that met our style and thirst for uniqueness while mimicking high-end and high-styled furniture. Soon we began to get requests from friends and neighbors asking for items to be found and finished as well as refinish some of their items that they already had in their possession. As word spread, the requests grew until we could no longer park in our garage because we needed the work space!


Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the business?
Parsell: The Copper Pearl is a husband-and-wife venture that I do alongside my husband Bryan. Bryan is the main operations and business leader and I provide support as evening and weekend help in design and operations. We also have several employees who help with finishing and the manning of the retail store.

Cincy Chic: Tell us more about the name “The Copper Pearl!”
Parsell: Bryan coined the name “The Copper Pearl” for a few reasons. Firstly, copper is his favorite type of metal and secondly, from the fact that pearls are treasures found inside hardened mollusk shells – shells that from the outside are not very elegant or beautiful – but once you open them up and get past that exterior – there is a rare and unique beauty waiting inside. “Pearl” also comes from Bible verses Matthew 13:45-46; “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls, who, when he found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it.” Owning our own business has been a lifelong dream of ours. We’ve made significant lifestyle changes, taken risks, and learned valuable lessons to be able to pursue this passion and count ourselves incredibly blessed to be able to do this as a livelihood.


Cincy Chic: When did you launch The Copper Pearl?
Parsell: We eventually were led to opening up a small storefront in Milford in November 2013. The storefront was only about 500 square feet – enough for a small retail space and a very weather-limiting work space in the back. In December 2015, we secured the vacant bank building on West Loveland Avenue and set about the renovation process. We went from our 500-square-foot space to a space with more than 3,500 square feet. We completely renovated the inside, installed new flooring, repaired windows and structural items, created visually stimulating vignettes with 24/7 lighting that was attractive through the windows, added decor and benches to the outside, and signage that fit with the historic downtown Loveland fee.

Cincy Chic: What’s been one of your favorite pieces you’ve created so far?
Parsell: One of our trademarks and signature pieces are the copper penny bars. Those are some of our favorite projects to work on because they are such statement pieces. Usually heads up and a heavy epoxy finish, we like to add some element of fun to them by creating games, trivia questions, and seek/find items. This might include making a few of the pennies tails up, adding Canadian maple leafs, or shields, or Abe’s log cabin as well as ensuring that important years to the client (i.e. birth years, anniversary years, etc…) are contained in the penny top. We had one client call us back about three hours after we delivered their bar asking where the 1918 penny was located because she couldn’t go to sleep until she found it. (We did tell her by the way, and once located she slept soundly for the rest of the night!)


Cincy Chic: What makes The Copper Pearl unique?
Parsell: The Copper Pearl is unique in that we do a large variety of finishes, which allows us to service a very broad range of tastes and styles. Many clients bring in their Pinterest or magazine pictures and say, “I want it to look like that!” and we say, “OK!” We can restore and transform vintage/country shabby chic styles with chalk/milk paint, distressing, staining, and glazing; we can do high end sprayed finishes and ultra-high gloss. We transform mid-century modern and antiques with paint and stain as well as do original metal work, custom furniture design and builds, hardware reconfigurations, and in-home cabinetry refinishing. We’ve invested in commercial equipment, products, and spaces to be able to create and replicate custom finishes that are professional caliber. We enlist partners who complement our products and who have similar values in being able to transform existing materials out there into usable, functioning, and highly unique works of art. We also sell high-grade paint products along with paint classes to support creativity and confidence in their DIY capabilities. We work really hard at being able to provide our clients the look they want at a price that they can afford, regardless of the style. Our dream is to be able to transform the customer’s experience from mass produced replication shopping to a very invested, intimate and engaged connection while developing their space.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for The Copper Pearl?
Parsell: Yes! Our custom built furniture segment is really taking off! We are working on new designs for unfinished furniture that can be built based on the client’s specifications and finish requests. Refinishing of in-home cabinetry projects (kitchens, built-ins, bathrooms, etc…) are also a growing portion of what we do and we are looking to add a new cabinetry section in our Loveland store to demonstrate the transformation that can happen in a kitchen or bathroom with a new coat of paint! The outside of our building is also getting a facelift soon which will include repairs, new paint, and a custom sign!

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along with your projects?
Parsell: Go to our website at, follow along on Instagram, and like us on Facebook. Check out our new retail space in historic downtown Loveland at 301 W Loveland Avenue.

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Learn about a local business that began as two friends making therapeutic jewelry at home and blossomed into a successful storefront boutique where you can find all things fabulous, fun and affordable.

Monera Chic Boutique
Monera Chic Boutique is located in Fort Thomas and sells shoes, accessories, clothing, and home decor.

Monera Chic Boutique is nestled in a quaint corner storefront in Fort Thomas, KY. “When we opened the store in 2014, we were the first retail business in this complex,” said Tera Huddleston, co-owner of Monera Chic Boutique.

Initially, Huddleston was inspired to begin making jewelry by her friend and co-owner of Monera Chic Boutique, Monica Bruns-Howard, as a way to keep her mind off of the constant battle she was fighting against colon cancer. Together, they are the heart and soul of the store. There is no Monera without both Monica and Tera, a business that has been named by combining both of its founders’ names. When Huddleston and Bruns-Howard first began creating jewelry, they would host trunk shows from their homes or set up at craft shows to sell their products. Then, as returning clients and friends began to make requests and suggestions for specific items in addition to the jewelry being made, the ladies knew they needed to expand.

The storefront is perfect for Girls Night Out.

Today, you can find something for everyone at their store. From shoes, accessories and clothing to home décor, Monera Chic Boutique offers quite the variety. “We no longer sell and create our own jewelry,” says Huddleston. “But we do still personally select everything in the store, we are the buyers, and you will always find one of us working in the store.” Since opening their business in 2014, they have doubled in size. Hosting fun events, such as themed “Girls Night Out” is one way Monera Chic Boutique has curated a loyal clientele. They offer wine, appetizers and entertainment while you shop and enjoy exclusive sales. “We do not run sales all year so this is a fun way to show our customers, whom are our friends, our appreciation,” says Huddleston.

Home decor items can also be found at Monera Chic Boutique.
Home decor items can also be found at Monera Chic Boutique.

That is one of the great things about Monera Chic Boutique, Huddleston says: you get personal treatment from their staff. In fact, she adds, returning customers are often greeted by name and shown fresh pieces that match their individual style. “When you know your clients as friends, you know who you are shopping for and the things they are going to love,” says Huddleston.

If you are a first time shopper, Huddleston says the staff at Monera Chic Boutique goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and genuinely wants to help you find something that is as unique as you are.

They also post a new look styled by pieces from the boutique almost daily on Facebook and Instagram so you always know what is new in the store. Prices range from $30-100. Another plus of Monera Chic Boutique? “We can both walk here from home,” Huddleston laughs. “It’s perfect for us!” As for the future, they have no plans of expanding. “Everything fell into place,” says Huddleston, “I feel like we are where we were supposed to be all along. I am a believer that everything happens for a reason.” And after two years, Huddleston says she still gets a sense of pride and excitement every time she unlocks the doors, turns on the lights, and opens for business.

Monera Chic Boutique is located at 654 Highland Ave, Unit 29 in Fort Thomas, KY 41075. To learn more, call them at (859) 441-0561 or “like” them on Facebook.

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From working in the marketing world, a local blogger brings knowledge of consumer communication to all aspects of her life - even her home renovations.

go haud
Emily May is the editor of Go Haus Go, shares DIY projects for the home.

From working in the marketing world to blogging in her free time, Emily May, editor of Go Haus Go, is all about sharing a brand’s story.

During the day, May works as a Senior Strategist at Seed Strategy in Crestview Hills, KY. “It’s a product innovation company,” she explains. “We help businesses come up with what their next product is going to be.”

The experience May has in the marketing industry has carried over to her personal blog, “Go Haus Go.” It’s a place, May says, where she’s “communicating with consumers in the most relevant way possible.” The consumers in the blogging world are people reading her blog, and in the marketing world, it means people who are buying the product. “I know the content that I’m writing and the product that I’m putting on shelves,” May says.

The biggest relationship between the marketing industry and blogging is brand, May says. That’s why she works with a variety of brands for her blog for things such as partnerships, sponsorships, product reviews, and even just helping people find a solution about a product. “It’s working with brand, finding out their needs and figuring out a cool way to talk about them,” she says.


The blog primarily focuses on do-it-yourself projects for your home. The latest project posted was a renovation of her front porch. She decided to make the outside of her home fall themed by adding pumpkins, planters, a striped floor, a striped ottoman, etc. “It really focuses on using the DIY projects to decorate on a budget,” May says. Also, she talks about her family and “Cincinnati Finds.” This discusses new and secret places where people can get great deals on furniture and home decor.

“I am more of a blogger who finds things at the thrift store, at a garage sale, or even from Target or Home Goods,” she explains, “one of the cheaper stores.” May loves to take ready-made pieces and customize them to her style and taste.

May has been posting on “Go Haus Go” for six years now, and turned her blog into a paying business in 2014. It started out small, but then May started to get the attention of brands. “It slowly evolved into becoming one of the biggest transitions for my business,” she says. The most memorable moment that May remembers from the blog is when Better Homes and Gardens went to her home and took pictures for the magazine. There were multiple photo shoots where stylists, photographers and props were brought in. “Seeing your home and work in the magazine was fun,” she says.

With blogging, there are certain guidelines that May has before she posts a blog. She tries to post multiple, professional photos. She enjoys the process of taking photos and uploading them to the server. May’s favorite part of blogging is doing the projects and get getting sharp, clear photos. “It always keeps me busy in that way,” she says.

For those who are interested in becoming do-it-yourself bloggers themselves, May has advice for you. To become a pro, the most important thing is to just get started, she says. “A lot of times you just set up your page and you start writing, that’s easy,” she adds, stressing the importance of never giving up. “The hard part is perseverance. It’ll likely be two years before anyone really starts to notice what you’re doing.”

To learn more, visit

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A DIY newbie is improving her skills through a local custom furniture business. Keep reading for more information on her inspiration and where you can find her unique pieces.


Cincy Chic: What is New Love Decor?
Jen Bailey, Owner of New Love Decor: New Love Decor is a way to get the furniture or decor you want in the exact size, color, or storage needs that fit your lifestyle. I make custom furniture to fit into your home, in your style. I also create some decor or furniture pieces that are fun or useful & add them to my site to purchase. This way, I get a creative outlet & you may find something you didn’t know you always needed!

092916spotlight4Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind your business?
Bailey: I love DIY, painting, art, and building. I slowly discovered a lot of the people have great ideas, but just don’t know how to make it happen for them. That is where I come in. I have you send me photos of furniture (or decor) you love (via Pinterest or google) and I will ask specific questions: What size do you need? What color? Do you need more storage? etc. Then I will draw up a plan & get you a quote. We work together to get the custom piece you were imagining, a spin-off of your original idea. I’ve even had some customers send me a simple sketch and we work together to make it come to life.


Cincy Chic: Who can we find behind the scenes at New Love Decor?
Bailey: I am the one and only. I design, build, and ship everything from start to finish – in my workshop… a.k.a. my garage!

Cincy Chic: When did you launch New Love Decor?
Bailey: I launched in November 2015.

Cincy Chic: What types of products do you create for customers?
Bailey: I create handmade home decor, furniture, and art. Most of my decor serves a purpose -whether it be for organizing or storage. I ship the smaller decor items, and offer pickup or delivery on the larger furniture pieces. I would say I’m a mix of Urban Outfitters & Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. Some modern, but mostly country/rustic decor.

092916spotlight3Cincy Chic: Can you give us price points for your items?
Bailey: Prices range between $5 and $50 for the decor. I offer affordable custom furniture. Custom furniture ranges anywhere between $150 and $750, depending on size, details, etc.

Cincy Chic:
What makes New Love Decor unique?
Bailey: I love my job. I am genuinely excited to make each and every piece. I find myself extremely lucky to be able to do this, and am proud it is going so well! I think my enthusiasm is one of the reasons I have so many repeat customers.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for New Love Decor?
Bailey: I have lots of “plans” for New Love, but I am working on building my brand for now and still figuring it all out. I am new to this and it can be overwhelming doing it all by myself. I absolutely love all the new things I am learning about business as I go!

092916spotlight2I am in the process of adding shipping for my furniture, so I can offer it to my customers across the US. If all goes well, I’d love to own a storefront downtown/OTR in the next few years! I’m currently working on adding a blog for DIY newbies (like myself), which will soon be coming to my website. The blog will feature tips and tricks based off my mistakes and experiences along the way.

Cincy Chic: Where can reader go to learn more about New Love Decor?
Bailey: They can visit my website directly at or by visiting my Facebook page to get updates or to learn a little more about New Love Decor.

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Two sisters opened a fashion boutique in Oxford to emphasize creativity and community. Read on to learn about the shop, what they carry, and the fun DIY events they host.

Lane & Kate is located in Oxford and offers
Lane & Kate is located in Oxford and offers fashion, gifts, and home decor.

Nestled on High Street in Oxford, there’s a beautiful little shop full of sparkling trinkets, jewels, home goods and positive energy. What was once a store under a different name, two sisters purchased and rebranded it. Today, it’s Lane and Kate, a shop that specializes in fashion, gifts and home decor, with an emphasis on shopping local, creativity and community.

Rachel Pfeiffer was an associate at Collected Works, the store that previously called this space home, while she was studying at Miami University. Since she was local, she stuck around after graduation for seasonal shifts. The opportunity then arose to purchase the store. That’s when Pfeiffer and her sister Jessica Greene jumped at the opportunity because it was the perfect fit for their personal and professional passions.

“We love the Oxford community and really had a long-term vision for how we wanted the store to evolve – it was and still is a very exciting time,” Pfeiffer says. “The name change to Lane & Kate reflects mine and my sister’s middle names, Rachel Lane and Jessica Katherine.”

Lane & Kate is located on High Street in Oxford.
Lane & Kate is located on High Street in Oxford.

With no expertise as business owners, the two have grown together, hand-in-hand, discovering new things about each other and the business world. “When we first started working together, we honestly weren’t sure how it was going to play out,” Pfeiffer says. “But, it’s made our bond even stronger as we’ve weathered this challenging, rewarding, crazy, amazing, fun chapter in our lives.”

Shopping local and supporting the local creative community has become truly important to the sisterly duo.

“We’ve learned so much as both business owners and members of our community,” Pfeiffer says. “In terms of people, we’ve become much more privy to what goes on behind the scenes of our vendors and artists and just how much work goes into what they do, so definitely gaining appreciation for that group. We have such a great appreciation for our customers because we do know they are actively seeking to support our artists and lines, our store, and the local economy.”

With two different sisters, come two different personalities in the store reflected in their merchandise. “Lane is our music festival girl, our nature lover with perpetual wanderlust – she’s where we get our inspiration for a lot of the raw and natural pieces and lines that we carry like Efflorescent Metals, Old Hills Design Co., Aspen Bay, Emily Amey, and Gentle Fawn,” Pfeiffer says. “Kate is our polished fashionista who never misses Sunday brunch, always sends a ‘Thank You’ note on impeccable stationery, and looks for more classic and feminine pieces – lines like Rifle Paper Co., Katie Waltman, Rachael Ryen, English Factory and Olivia Burton are inspired by her.”

Staffed mostly by students, Lane & Kate works to engage a younger audience through social media and buying decisions. “When we hire new associates, we not only look for kind hearts and a good work ethic, we look for people who really identify with our brand,” Pfeiffer says. “In turn, we have a team who is very excited about not only our inventory, but our emphasis on creative expression – so everyone is really on the same page when it comes to crafting a thoughtful post.”

Aside from the beautiful items sold in the store, Lane & Kate offer signature workshops that have become a huge part of the soul of their business. Just about once a month, Lane & Kate bring in local artists to teach everything from floral design to calligraphy. “We love these classes so much because they blend community and creativity together in such a lovely way,” Pfeiffer says.

“There is no greater compliment than when someone walks in and says they want to stay here forever,” Pfeiffer says. “The atmosphere that we strive to create absolutely stems from the dynamic personalities and talents of our team.”

Lane & Kate is located at 29 East High Street in Oxford, Ohio. If you’re looking for like more information, visit their website at

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The local mother-daughter team behind a successful fashion boutique in Lebanon recently opened a home decor store and will soon launch an event center.

Rose & Remington Home offers home decor items in addition to its fashion boutique in Lebanon.
Rose & Remington Home offers home decor items in addition to its fashion boutique in Lebanon.

It’s been almost two years since Rose & Remington opened in Lebanon. In that short time, the clothing boutique grew at an exponential rate and found that customers were searching for more than just apparel.

To help meet client demand, Rose & Remington mother-daughter duo Dee Alexander and Kristin Ponchot, decided to open Rose & Remington Home in March 2015. Located in the lower level of Rose & Remington in Lebanon, the home store offers an eclectic mix of home decor and custom-built furniture.

At Rose & Remington Home, Ponchot and her mother hope to create a whimsy feel for customers while providing a variety of home decor options to choose from.

“We have a fantastic array of chandelier that you can take home with you that day – no special ordering required,” says Ponchot.

With affordable prices, you’ll find something to fit just about any budget at Rose & Remington Home. “Our price points are very affordable,” says Ponchot. “Especially our custom built furniture, which is reclaimed from local barns and buildings.”

Some of the custom offerings from Rose & Remington Home include coffee tables, benches, hutches, mantels and mirrors.

In addition to the custom furniture, Ponchot says that Rose & Remington Home brings in new home decor items on a daily basis to help keep the store’s inventory fresh. “We also have a huge selection of florals, tons of great pillows and plenty of other home decor including lighted signs that were made right here in the U.S.,” says Ponchot.

The growing business ventures for mother and daughter have even led them to open up a coffee shop next door to Rose & Remington. “People grab a cup of locally roasted ‘joe then come straight over to browse,” says Ponchot. “We’re also planning to open an event center across the street in a historical building that will be completely furnished by Rose & Remington Home.”

As if that weren’t enough, Ponchot says the future is looking even brighter.

“Rose & Remington Home as a lot on the horizon, actually,” she says. “We’ll be growing into a larger space and adding design services.”

For the last year, Ponchot and Alexander have been planning the new venue for the creative workshop parties and classes. “The place is right across from the Main Street stores and will be available to host your events as well, including birthdays, anniversaries and meetings,” says Ponchot. “We will have package options for you to choose from to make your event planning easy, decorated Rose & Remington style.”

Ponchot says she and her mother are more than excited to get started and plan to launch grand opening information in the next few months.

You can learn more about Rose & Remington Home, as well as Rose & Remington, at Don’t forget to like Rose & Remington Home on Facebook.

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A UC graduate recently opened up a “Bazaar Concept Shop in OTR.” Read on to learn more about it.

Continuum Boutique sells apparel, accessories and hand-crafted home decor items.

When walking in the doors of Continuum Boutique in OTR, you’ll be greeted with flowy fabrics, simplistic accessories and hand-crafted home décor hanging from the walls as natural light pours in the store-front windows and the faint aroma of naturally scented candles fills the air.

According to owner Ericka Leighton-Spradlin, Continuum is not just a boutique or a retail store, it is a “eclectic bazaar art and concept shop” that sells art, jewelry, fashion and accessories from independent artists and designers. Leighton-Spradlin says she carefully chooses a wide array and assortment of merchandise that speaks to the bohemian, creative mind by reaching out to independent artists and designers from across the country herself.

“I like to support artists and designers out in the world making something unique– I strive to support creativity,” Leighton-Spradlin explains. “This is what I enjoy being able to share with the customer, introducing them to a product with a person and/or story behind it. To me, it makes the whole shopping experience more personal, and that’s extremely important to me.”

Leighton-Spradlin says she’s very selective when merchandising for her store. “I like to choose my merchandise with my customer’s personal shopping experiences in mind. I want them to have something that is unique, timeless and artistic,” she adds.

According to Leighton-Spradlin, fashion should be an extension of who you are as an individual. That’s why it is so important to her to sell brands and pieces that you can’t just find elsewhere.


“I want my customers to know that I take pride in the Continuum brand, giving them something special, with choosing apparel that uses ethically sourced materials and jewelry that was hand crafted by the actual designer,” she says. “My goal is to stay away from mass produced merchandise, as apparel from independent designers can embody more uniqueness and have the upmost quality.”

While shopping around the store, you will find several rare brands. For example, she says, the line Osei Duro. This line is based in L.A. and their textiles are dyed and produced in Ghana. All of their fabrics are hand dyed and woven in both large and small scale quantities utilizing Ghana’s traditional textile techniques that are sustainably produced while emphasizing the culture of Africa.

Continuum also carries jewelry by designer Sophie Monet, a jewelry architect that makes all jewelry by hand. She uses recycled material from the scraps of wood from her father’s artistry to create the jewelry and is based out of Venice Beach, California. According to Leighton-Spradlin, this jewelry line takes a modern approach on accessory trends using exotic wood and producing it here in the U.S. using sustainable materials whenever possible.

“I love being a woman. I embrace my womanhood and I want to express that freedom and liberation with the world throughout my store,” Leighton-Spradlin says, referring to some unique items she sells, like a planter the shape of women’s bare torso and a rug with the design of a woman’s breasts.

Leighton-Spradlin considers her concept shop as selling more than just clothes, but wearable art. It has been a goal of hers to contribute to Cincinnati’s growing city giving an emphasis on art as she is an art student herself graduating from UC’s DAAP Fine Arts Program in 2013.

When picking a space for her store, which was her biggest challenge prior to opening, she had her heart set on wanting to be located in OTR on Vine St. “This area of Cincinnati is flourishing right now with young entrepreneurs,” she says. “With starting your own business, there will be many challenges, but they are nothing you can’t get through.”

While the store is still young, just opening two months ago, Leighton-Spradlin has big plans to grow her store even more since she just hired her first sales associate employee earlier this month.

Future plans include bringing in new merchandise for the fall and soon offering ceramic classes taught by Leighton-Spradlin herself. To learn more about Continuum, visit their Tumblr page or like them on Facebook.