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    From ghostwriting, freelance writing, and writing a column, she eventually also homeschooled her five children. See how this led one local woman down a path of launching a business that helps adults and children frustrated with the learning process finally find their written voices and begin to love writing.

    Brave Writer helps improve creative writing and calm children’s worries about learning to write.

    Julie Bogart’s mother was a professional writer with 85 books to her credit. “She nurtured my love of writing so that by the time I was in college, I was a fluent, passionate writer,” explains Bogart.

    In her career, Bogart has worked in ghostwriting, freelance writing, and as a columnist. She also homeschooled her five children.

    “I discovered that when I applied the strategies and tactics I learned in professional writing to my children, their writing voices bloomed and their confidence followed,” she says.

    At a time when it seems like teaching methods are constantly changing and our children seem a little more frustrated with the learning process, Bogart wants to reach out and help – through Brave Writer.

    “Brave Writer is an innovative approach to writing for families who are tired of the failed methods of traditional writing instruction,” she says.

    Julie Bogart, Founder of Brave Writer. Image:
    Julie Bogart, Founder of Brave Writer. Image:

    Although her background is in professional writing rather than education, Bogart says she’s been able to take the insights and strategies of professional writing and successfully applied them to teaching children.

    “Parents discover that they can easily facilitate writing growth and enjoyment nearly as easily as they taught their children to speak,” she says.

    Bogart prides herself on making Brave Writer a company that takes children’s writing voices seriously. “We begin by separating the mechanics from original writing voice and nurture it through practices like freewriting,” explains Bogart. “We use a variety of immersive methods for leading children into the discovery that they have something to say of value and then help them to say it. We put voices ahead of formats.”

    Through Brave Writer, Bogart offers curriculum, online classes, podcasts, and hundreds of pages of help on the company website, a company that Bogart herself launched as the creator and owner in January 2000.

    There are more than 40 types of courses available to a student body of 3,500 students through Brave Writer’s online classes.

    “We teach Fan Fiction, the Expository Essay, a Shakespeare Family Workshop, Groovy Grammar, Playing with Poetry, Passion for Fiction, Literary Analysis, book and movie discussion clubs, Advanced Composition, SAT/ACT essay prep, and the College Application Essay, to name a few,” says Bogart.

    Bogart says she plans to launch a new season of her podcast, called A Brave Writer’s Life in Brief. Registration for spring semester classes will also begin in December, and Bogart adds that new writing tools are being published all the time.

    To learn more about BraveWriter, visit You can also get Bogart’s free writing lessons at To see a list of Bogart’s current book promotions, click here.