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Learn about a brand new space in the Hyde Park that’s about to open in the mid-March, hosting special events and fitness classes.


At The LB aims to bring shared fitness classes and special events to Cincinnati.

Are you looking for a place to host a fitness class or a special event? At The LB Hyde Park is a brand new space that is going to be opening in the middle of March of this year and the address is: 3825 Edwards Road, Suite 102A, Cincinnati, Ohio.

It’s located in a premium location that has a wide variety of amenities, including, parking, beautiful design, full wet bar, caterer’s kitchen, 22’ branding wall, well-appointed lobby; fresh fruit, infused water, chocolates and snacks, ability to have an open air studio or event space with storefront canopy system, premium restrooms with amenities, concierge level service, and towel service. The space is mostly going to be used for boutique fitness classes/workshops and hospitality events.

“The LB offers a space for inclusive experiential events of all kinds,” says Betsy Hodges, Vice President of Business Development for At The LB Hyde Park. To learn about using the space, you can go to the website and fill out forms about teaching a class, or hosting an event.

“We created the LB based on the undeniable trend of shared economy. Think Airbnb, Uber and WeWork,” she says. The mantra of the company is “Be Exceptional.”

“We strive for excellence. Our space and service are exceptional and that is what we want you to experience when you are with us. We are synonymous with luxurious comfort and impeccable service. We set our sights high and our standards higher. We are the detail people,” says Hodges. “We’ve developed this stunning space, but the power of the space is how it empowers others to create incredible experiences.”

There is such a need for At The LB Hyde Park. “We are the first and only concept that offers premium rental space for boutique fitness, artistic experiences, and special events. It’s not just shared economy-it’s an entirely new category in the space,” she says. “The LB offers affordable and inclusive experiential space for the hospitality, events, and boutique studio industries. There has never been a business that has empowered boutique studio instructors and the boutique studio industry in such a unique way.”   

If you want to follow what At The LB Hyde Park is doing, you can go to their website to see how you can personally utilize the space. Also, to keep up with what the company is doing you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat. Also, if you have any questions, you can call them at (513) 275-6444.

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See how one local lady is blending her two passions - family and fashion - through her kids’ clothing store in Hyde Park.

Founder of The Spotted Goose
Amy Fessler with her children.

After setting a personal goal to pursue her passion for fashion before turning 30, Amy Fessler was shopping at SOHO, a high-end women’s fashion boutique in Hyde Park, and learned by chance that it was for sale.

She bought the store a few short weeks later and the rest is history. Fast forward five years, a marriage and two children later, Fessler was in The Spotted Goose (shopping again, go figure – her words!) and overheard it was for sale. “It felt meant to be,” says Fessler. “It wasn’t the perfect time, as my son was only a few months old. However, we didn’t want to let the opportunity pass by,” she recalls. “It felt like the right next step for our family, so we made it work!”

Although it may not have been the perfect time, it was the perfect business to purchase right after having children! The Spotted Goose is a high-end children’s fashion boutique located in Hyde Park that features designers from all over the world. From fashion forward t-shirts and sweaters to brand name booties and shoes, Fessler says The Spotted Goose is a place where young fashionistas can choose clothes to express their own personal style.

“My children are already developing their own little styles,” says Fessler. “My son insists on being comfortable – which is sometimes very frustrating to me since that means he won’t wear several things I want him to! And my daughter loves mixing patterns and textures. She has a really good eye and is true to what she loves and feels good in. I really admire that about her!”

Amy Fessler, Owner of The Spotted Goose in Hyde Park.

Becoming a mom changed the way Fessler viewed everything in life. She and her husband both own their own businesses and involve their children as much as possible to instill a strong work ethic in them at a young age. “They know what work is and that it is important to always do your best,” says Fessler of her children. As for being a mom and a career woman, she says, “No day is the same for an owner of a small business and that is one of the things I most appreciate about it!”

According to Fessler, the previous owner did an amazing job making children and everyone in the community feel welcome and at home at The Spotted Goose. As the current owner, Fessler continues to provide this same warm atmosphere to her guests, making clients feel welcome and happy when they are shopping there. With so many places to shop and the option to purchase clothing online, she especially appreciates when people take time to experience the boutique in person. “We love styling outfits and gifts for people’s littlest loved ones. It is truly our pleasure to help our clients find exactly what they are looking for!”

You can see more of what The Spotted Goose has to offer at, check them out on Facebook, or stop in at their boutique location at 3048 Madison Road in Hyde Park.

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Learn about the local fashionista behind the new Hyde Park-based women’s boutique that’s elevating Cincinnati's fashion scene one unique designer at a time.

Ossie Boutique
Ossie Boutique allows women to elevate their style through a curated collection.

The recently opened Ossie Boutique, named after the influential yet understated designer Ossie Clark, brings a carefully constructed collection of timeless designer fashion to the Queen City.

Founder and owner of the Hyde Park-based boutique, Meredith Borchers, explains that “we have designed our collection to reflect the modern fashion world, but also to transcend fleeting trends and fluctuating markets.

Fashion finds at Ossie include high-quality products and tailoring options.
Fashion finds at Ossie include high-quality products and tailoring options.

“We have sought out interesting yet slightly more elusive designers and brands, so each item at Ossie is special and unique. No one will have it, but everyone will want it. Impeccable quality and tailoring are a must for us,” she explains. “Ossie is the place where a woman can elevate and sharpen her sense of style, while still feeling like herself. We cater to each client on an individual basis!”

Ossie Boutique launched in March 2016 and within a few short months was already winning the praise of local publications such as Cincinnati Magazine, naming Ossie as one of the top five new retail shops in Cincinnati.

Borchers is taking the success in stride and says she’s putting the emphasis on top notch fashion finds because for her it’s always been about creativity and cultivating award-winning looks for her clients. “ I just love the day-to-day of styling, working with current clients, and meeting new ones,” she says. “I can’t tell you how fulfilling it is to have someone be as excited about our collection as I am,” Borchers says.

Borchers describes her own style as “structured and feminine but always with an edge,” which has deeply informed Ossie’s curated collection of pieces from designers such as Anna Sui, Stella, Pardo Rachel Comey, Anine Bing, and Goen J. This spring they’ll be picking up Marissa Webb, Dodo Bar Or, Artisan, Mother Denim, Rebecca Vallance, Holy Caftan, Blonde No. 8, and Co. You can find a complete listing of the designers carried in-store here:

“Fashion has always been my biggest passion. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to own my own store. Even before opening Ossie, I would spend countless hours reading blogs, WWD, fashion magazines, etc., garnering knowledge on a wide variety of designers, stores and styles,” Borchers says. “I think this kind of research really helped shape the store.”

New customers at Ossie Boutique receive 10% off their first order.

Readers interested in stepping up their fall fashion game can pop in Ossie Boutique and let the pros go to work. New customers receive 10% off their first order. Borchers says her favorite trends for autumn are “the influx of velvet, leather and fringe accent pieces which we carry a lot of,” she says. “I also love the cropped flare pant and it’s flattering on every body type. It looks fantastic dressed up with a heel or down with an ankle boot. For colors, I’m into everything burgundy, terra cotta, and metallic. They basically work as neutrals but keep an outfit from being too monochrome or plain.”

Ossie Boutique is located in Hyde Park at 33433 Edwards Road, between Castle House and The Macaroon Bar. To keep up with Ossie Boutique’s growing collection and for style inspiration, check out their Facebook or visit them on Instagram.

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A local expert is launching a new concept that changes the way trainers train, so their clients (you!) can see better results. Keep reading for more.

PT Plus is a local facility that allows trainers to focus on their clients and build a customized fitness program.
PT Plus is a local facility that allows trainers to focus on their clients and build a customized fitness program.

Josh Simmons has been working as a trainer in the Greater Cincinnati for six years. He often encountered the same problem, though: He didn’t like the way most gyms and other wellness facilities were being run.

“They left the trainers disenfranchised, powerless, or stripped of said power for the most part, and gave incentives for the sales representatives to gouge the prospective client for as large of a gross contract value as possible,” explains Simmons.

This business-focused business plan often leads to trainers that start to lag in motivation and dissatisfied clients, something Simmons has seen all too often in the Tri-State’s fitness world.

To fight back against this idea of how to run a gym, Simmons decided to open PT Plus, a 4,000-square-foot facility designed to optimize the fitness experience for both trainers and clients alike.

There are two PT Plus locations, in Hyde Park and Norwood.
There are two PT Plus locations, in Hyde Park and Norwood.

“What I’ve done with PT Plus is eliminate the middle man, and provide a space where trainers have the equipment that they want, the space they need to operate, and they can effectively run their own business under PT Plus’ roof,” says Simmons. “They are not employees of PT Plus, they are independent contractors. My aim was to simply provide them with a launch pad to accelerate their professional growth in the field of fitness.”

Simmons is the sole owner of PT Plus and also serves as a trainer. He adds that he’s not only there to make sure everything on the site is running correctly, but he’s also in the “sweat trenches” working with clients alongside the other trainers.

Simmons says the team of trainers at PT Plus have helped to shape PT Plus into what it is today. “They help form the culture and overall sense of community that we pride ourselves on,” he adds.

The change that PT Plus has made in the local fitness community has been much appreciated by the clients who visit the facility as well, according to Simmons. “No longer are they pressured into deals they aren’t certain of,” he says. “The only person they need to deal with is their trainer. That’s it. It’s that simple. Think of it as a salon, but for personal trainers.”

PT Plus’ first location on the Hyde Park/Linwood border has been in full operation since December 1, 2015. There is currently construction being done at a second location in the Norwood area. While the business itself is called PT Plus, Simmons says that to help dissociate the two locations, they are referred to as Plus1 (Hyde Park/Linwood) and Plus2 (Norwood).

“Business has been great, the response of our clientele has been positive across the board, and we are looking forward to expanding,” adds Simmons.

While personal training is the primary service available at PT Plus, that broad category is also broken down into a few sub-categories. These include: meal planning, contest prep, nutritional consultations, remote/online programming, and weekly classes.

In the future, Simmons says that they will soon be adding cardio kickboxing classes, a new outdoor turf field, and even one or two additional trainers to join the team.

To learn more about PT Plus, visit their website or Facebook page.

Simmons says that he also encourages you to download the PT plus app from iTunes or Google Play. Once downloading the app, set up a profile, and a find a special deal on classes for being a Cincy Chic readers.

“This special will be good for three free Wednesday conditioning classes,” says Simmons. “This class is for women only, of all shapes, sizes, and athletic backgrounds. The class puts an emphasis on conditioning as well as core work, and is run by one of our trainers.”

You can find Plus1 at 5210 Wooster Road in Cincinnati, near the US Bank Corporate offices and the Otto Armieder Dog Park. Plus2 will be located in Norwood, ¼ mile off the Norwood lateral at the Montgomery Road exit.

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Save money. Look your best. These popular New Year’s resolutions can be stylishly satisfied at this upcoming event at Clothes Mentor that’ll make both your wallet and wardrobe happy.

Kate Paynter, Owner of Clothes Mentor Hyde Park.
Kate Paynter, Owner of Clothes Mentor Hyde Park.

Look like a million bucks without spending it. Shopping spree and a girls night out. You have can have the best of both worlds thanks to an upcoming event.

On Thursday, January 28, Clothes Mentor in the Hyde Park Plaza will be hosting a “Sip, Shop and Save” event. “Women are invited to spend the evening with us while shopping, mingling and sipping on refreshments,” says Clothes Mentor Owner Kate Paynter.

Clothes Mentor is a women’s resale store that buys and sells gently used, current style apparel and accessories for women sizes 0-26 as well as maternity. Paynter owns the Clothes Mentor franchise stores in Hyde Park, West Chester, Fields Ertel and Anderson in addition to the Once Upon A Child locations in Hyde Park, West Chester, Fields Ertel, Anderson, Colerain and Western Hills.

“Unlike consignment shops, we pay cash on the spot for the items you are no longer wearing,” says Paynter. Plus, she adds, they have a helpful staff who will help with styling or finding that perfect piece you’re looking for.

During the Jan. 28 “Sip, Shop and Save” event, Paynter says Clothes Mentor will be offering 20% off regular-priced merchandise, which includes clothing, shoes and accessories. Their designer purses – with brands ranging from Michael Kors to Louis Vuitton – will be 10% off.

Not only is the event free to attend, Paynter says, but all attendees will enjoy a Swag Bag, complimentary wine and refreshments, and door prizes will be handed out throughout the evening.

“I’m most excited about showing current and new customers the selection of gently-used, current style women’s clothing and accessories that can be found at our store,” Paynter says, adding that she always loves how shocked people are when they shop at Clothes Mentor for the first time and see how much they save on trendy, designer pieces.

The event will be held from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on January 28 at the Clothes Mentor Hyde Park store, which is located at 3880 Paxton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45209. To get future event invites and sale alerts, “like” Clothes Mentor Hyde Park on Facebook. To RSVP for the event, click here.

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We chat with the owner of a local dog behavior and training company to learn more about the unique ways he can help your four-legged friend become a well-mannered dog.

Paws Look and Listen is an animal behavioral

Cincy Chic: What is Paws Look and Listen?
Nick Hof, Owner and Trainer of Paws Looks and Listen: Paws Look Listen is a dog behavior and training company in Cincinnati. We primarily work with clients in their homes, specializing in behavioral issues and dog & baby preparation. We also offer group classes every week for puppies and dogs.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the business?
Hof: I’m the owner and trainer of Paws Look Listen. I hold the title of Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed and I graduated with distinction from the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Behavior and Training. I’m also a licensed presenter for the Family Paws program. I’ve has been working with dogs for more than a decade and am owned by three Saint Bernards and a mixed breed dog.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Hof: Paws Look Listen was born from a need that we saw to help owners and their dogs. We often saw owners frustrated with their dogs behaviors and without the knowledge to know where to turn. Although we have extensive knowledge and experience working with a variety of dogs and their people, we don’t believe that we are the perfect match for every owner or problematic behavior. If we can’t help you, we can guarantee that we’ll be able to point you in the direction of the person who can.

Cincy Chic: What types of classes do you offer?
Hof: The majority of the work that we do is in-home training and our most popular program is Day Training. We come by several days a week and train your dog for you at your home and then show you how to replicate our results through simple training exercises. We also happily train owners alongside their dogs. Paws Look Listen also offers two group classes that meet on Saturday mornings. Our Surviving Puppyhood class is great for new puppy owners and Mind Your Manners is just the ticket for older dogs in need of some manners.

Cincy Chic: When did you launch Paws Look and Listen?
Hof: Paws Look Listen was launched in October 2010 and we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary next month.

Cincy Chic: Can you give us price points for different types of training?
Hof: The cost for both of our group classes is currently $160 for a full six-week course. The cost for in-home training can vary dramatically based on our clients’ needs but we always begin with an initial consultation. This is a 90-minute session the cost for which is $160.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Paws Look and Listen?
Hof: We are very excited to be launching a e-newsletter that should be sent out beginning next month. Your readers can send us an email at to be added to our mailing list. We are also going to be rolling out some new classes in the coming months featuring more challenging and realistic training classes which will include field trips throughout the Cincinnati area.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
Hof: For the most up-to-date information, we encourage readers to visit our website at, where they can read more about each program that we offer. We also post many tips, fun articles and adorable photos of our clients on our Facebook page, so be sure to check it out.

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We chat with the owner of Curate Boutique about her recent transition from a brick-and-mortar store to a redesigned retail site and her exciting new lifestyle blog, Radiant Rogue.

Courtney PeGan, owner of Curate Boutique
Courtney PeGan, owner of Curate Boutique, which recently transitioned from a brick-and-mortar store to an online-only retail site with lifestyle blog

The retail world is changing. No one knows that better than Courtney PeGan, who chased a dream – inspired by her late father – and opened Curate Boutique, a Hyde Park-based women’s clothing and accessories shop in 2013.

“Growing up, my dad had his own business for 40 years, so that was normalcy for me,” says PeGan. “I grew up working with the family and I saw how fulfilling owning your own business can be. It was always my end goal that I wanted to do my own thing.”

Over the course of her first two years in business, PeGan hosted events in her store, donating a portion of sales and 100 percent of raffles to her father’s foundation. In May 2014, she was able to award her first four-year scholarship to a local senior hoping to attend school. “It was so exciting to see all of the hard work pay off and to be able to positively impact someone’s life,” she says.

But along with the successes, there were also struggles. Primary of which, PeGan says, was the adaptation needed to accommodate changing retail behaviors that were making a dramatic shift toward digital. “I am an entrepreneur with a headstrong belief that there is nothing I can’t do myself – but this typically gets me in trouble when it is time to move heavy furniture,” PeGan laughs.

Turns out, she did need to move heavy furniture, because she made the decision to close the storefront in June 2015 and focus solely on the boutique’s digital efforts.

“Being my own boss and owning Curate Boutique was my dream. When I opened the doors to Curate in early 2013, my entire life changed. I loved working for myself. Even when I worked more hours per day and week than ever before, I felt energized and excited. It was easy to pour my whole life into it because I loved it, and I believed in myself and my tenacity. Unfortunately, wanting something and working hard doesn’t always yield business results that can pay the bills.”

After a two-month hiatus to redesign the website and logo, PeGan recently launched her new online-only boutique. She says the new Curate Boutique website makes it more user friendly, and more interactive with customers. In addition to Curate’s new e-commerce site, PeGan also relaunched her blog, now titled “Radiant Rogue,” to inspire her customers and reach them on a more personal level as she did in her store. “I loved connecting with shoppers in store,” she says, “and I wanted to preserve that personal connection in a digital way. I see Radiant Rogue as an opportunity to share my journey both personally and professionally.”

PeGan says she wants her journey of inspiration, risk-taking, adaptation and perseverance to inspire others. “I hope my story strikes a chord with some and inspires them to keep fighting for their dreams,” she says.

With the new streamlined business concept, PeGan says that lends itself perfectly to the new “Capsule Wardrobe Project” concept she’s excited to launch in the near future. According to PeGan, the Capsule Wardrobe Project is loosely defined as a seasonal wardrobe limited to 36-50 pieces of mostly high quality wardrobe essentials plus a few seasonally trendy pieces that mix and match easily. “The idea is that limiting the number of options in your closet doesn’t have to limit your personal style at all,” she explains.

To learn more, visit Use the code CHICFALL20 to save 20% on all new fall arrivals this week (expires Sept. 19).

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A Hyde Park-based business specializing in activewear and sneakers shares details with us about their new OTR location set to open next month.

Corporate’s Hyde Park store, located at 2643 Erie Ave. Photo by: Ben "Hatchmo" Iker
Corporate’s Hyde Park store, located at 2643 Erie Ave. Photo by: Ben “Hatchmo” Iker

Matt Tomamichael believes he did everything wrong when he began his entrepreneurial journey as the owner of shoe and athletic wear store, Corporate in Hyde Park. “If there was an example of everything not to do with a business, I was that example,” Tomamichael laughs, “but I was just so determined, I made it work.”

Today, Corporate is an athletic wear and shoe store, carrying mainly men’s merchandise but also a select offering of women’s athletic wear and shoes. Serving as the local sneakerhead’s paradise, you can find high performance and rare athletic shoes such as the Adidas Tubular 93’s or the Converse Suede 70’s High Top QS Edition

Corporate’s selection of apparel is also a collection of hand-selected rare finds, with brands including Publish Brand (from California) and Tackma (founded in Ohio and based in New York).

Tomamichael launched Corporate in 2008 with its original location in Springdale. In 2011, he relocated the store to its current Hyde Park location. Even though Tomamichael says he did everything wrong when launching his business, he learned and adapted quickly to turn it into a successful operation. So much so, he’s preparing to open his second store on Vine St. this October.

The idea for the second store began when Josh Heuser, owner of AGAR – an OTR-based event planning company – and Tomamichael’s close friend, suggested that Tomamichael look into an OTR location due to dramatically increasing foot traffic and its niche of fashion forward shoppers. Shortly after the suggestion, Tomamichael was coincidentally approached by 3CDC with the opportunity to open up a space on Vine, and the rest is history. “The moral of the story,” Tomamichael says, “is when it’s right you’ll know it’s right.”

Tomamichael says he envisions the Vine St. Corporate store to be a graduating extension of the Hyde Park store, as it will feature more brands, an extensive selection of shoes and apparel, and “only featuring the best of the best merchandise,” Tomamichael says. “The downtown location will have the clothing niche.”

AGAR and Corporate are teaming up to produce several events later this year once the new location opens. To get updates on progress and event invites, follow Corporate’s website, Facebook and Instagram.

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A local boutique is hosting its third-annual event that promises to be the “perfect fit” for both you and your mom. Read on for all the details.

New Vision Lingerie in Lake Placid, NY. photo by Nancie Battaglia

This Mother’s Day, give a gift that keeps on giving: looking and feeling great.

That’s the idea behind the upcoming “Mother’s Day Fit Event” at Knickers of Hyde Park on Hyde Park Square. The third-annual event includes refreshments, bra fittings, a 20% discount, and a fresh flower for each mother who attends.

“The inspiration really came from women stopping into our store for fittings and then saying they’d love to bring their Mom for a fitting,” says Jenny Schneider, Knickers of Hyde Park Founder and President. “So, we thought what a better time to treat Mom to a bra fitting, than Mother’s Day.”

According to Schneider, 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, while the correct bra size can slim your figure and reduce back pain, among other benefits. “I think it’s great to get a fitting every year just to check and make sure your bras are fitting their best, providing great support and comfort,” she adds. “We all change throughout our lives; especially during pregnancy and after. Going through the pre- and post-menopause years also takes its toll on us.”

Schneider says event bra fittings are on a first-come first-serve basis. “So contact us and schedule a fitting appointment for you and mom if you’d like to reserve a specific time,” Schneider says. “Or, if women have been unable to come on the event day, then they have come another day and brought their Mom, Grandma, Sister, Aunt or even best friend.”

Knickers of Hyde Park is located at 2726 Erie Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208. To learn more, click here, email, or call 513-533-9592.

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Want to improve heart health while supporting a great cause? See why the American Heart Association has a special place in their heart for CycleBar Cincinnati.

CycleBar Cincinnati is the Official Cross Training Program of the American Heart Association.
CycleBar Cincinnati is the Official Cross Training Program of the American Heart Association.

CycleBar Cincinnati is a boutique indoor cycling studio, and it’s the first of its kind in the Tri-State. According to CycleBar Cincinnati Owner Vince Czepukaitis, the studio focuses all of its energy on the rider experience and is dedicated to indoor cycling.

There are no contracts or memberships with CycleBar Cincinnati and riders can even reserve a specific bike up to one week in advance. “Shoes, water bottles, fruit and other amenities are always free,” says Czepukaitis.

However, he says, the real magic begins once a rider enters the CycleTheatre. It’s a concert theatre experience as much as it’s a workout. There are CycleStar instructors that lead the class and the CycleStats performance metrics on the bikes tell riders how they’re each doing – during class and in an email afterward.

The studio’s state-of-the-art system provides CycleBeats playlists to each rider every class. “There are also video concert rides, DJ rides and playlists that change every time, so you don’t have to worry about listening to the same old playlist, you’re just as entertained and exhilarated each class as you are challenged,” says Czepukaitis.

Riders are encouraged to ride at their own pace, even on the more challenging rides. To help newbies acclimate, CycleBar Cincinnati offers free introductory rides on each Saturday to help those who are new to CycleBar – or cycling in general – familiarize themselves with the bikes, how CycleStats work and how to be successful on a ride.

The rides at CycleBar Cincinnati provide 50 minutes of high-intensity cycling including what the American Heart Association recommends for maintaining overall cardiovascular health. The American Heart Association recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least five a day per week or at least 25 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity at least three days per week in addition to moderate- to high-intensity muscle-strengthening activity at least twice per week. The American Heart Association also recommends that individuals who want to lower their blood pressure or cholesterol also get an average of 40 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity aerobic activity three or four times per week.

Just recently, CycleBar was named the Official Cross Training Program of the American Heart Association. “CycleBar has made a commitment to give back to the community,” explains Czepukaitis. CycleBar hosts charity rides for many causes and this year they decided to name the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women the primary charity. “As part of our commitment, we are sponsoring a Go Red Ride every month where 100 percent of your $25 donation goes to Go Red for Women,” he adds.

But that’s not all. CycleBar Cincinnati is also now the Official Cross Training Program of the Heart Mini. This means that riders who want to join the CycleBar team get five free rides as well as private training rides, a CycleBar race shirt and other perks. According to Czepukaitis, as of January 29, CycleBar Cincinnati had the most riders on their team and was in fifth place for team fundraising.

“With a shared mission to encourage heart health through physical activity, CycleBar and the American Heart Association are working together to foster a culture of health in Greater Cincinnati,” explains Jenni Grammar, director of Go Red for Women. “In addition to raising awareness that heart disease is the number one killer of women, CycleBar is raising funds for the AHA through monthly Go Red rides. Thanks to supporters like CycleBar, we will make huge strides in the cardiovascular health of Tri-State women.”

There are plenty of new things on the horizon for CycleBar Cincinnati. The indoor cycling studio plans to launch into the franchise market and expect to have more Cincinnati locations soon, as well as many as 25 new cities (in addition to the Detroit and Boston legacy studios) by 2016.

Czepukaitis says they’re adding a heart monitor program as part of the Performance Rides in February. “This is a great way for us to further our commitment to heart-based health,” he adds.

CycleBar Cincinnati is located in Rookwood Commons, near Whole Foods and DSW, at 2713 Edmondson Road in Cincinnati. To learn more about CycleBar Cincinnati, click here. You can also like them on Facebook and follow along on Twitter.

“Stop by the studio and check it out,” says Czepukaitis. “It is unlike any other cycling offering in this region.”