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A local reproductive health facility now has a state-of-the-art facility and ranks in the upper 10 percent in the United States. Keep reading to learn more.


The Institute for Reproductive Health helps patients dealing with infertility and pregnancy loss.

Has your family been struggling with infertility? The Greater Cincinnati-based Institute for Reproductive Health may be able to help.

With its main office located in Norwood, and satellite locations in West Chester and Florence, Kentucky, they have several locations with a variety of experts helping patients dealing with infertility and pregnancy loss.

“Most of our patients have not been able to get pregnant or have not been able to hold on to pregnancy. Some of those patients have a child, but many of them have never had a child,” Sherif Awadalla, Medical Director of the Institute for Reproductive Health. “We get some patients that are early on in treatment, but we get patients who had extensive prior failed treatments. It’s a variety of different kinds of people that we work with.”

The passion for the project came years ago when the institute was still hospital-based. “A lot of the hospitals are focused on cardiology and orthopedics. We found that being hospital-based was full of distraction because things were geared up more towards bigger procedures,” Awadalla recalls. “We thought that the hospital model did not work out really well for them.”

The Institute for Reproductive Health went from a unified facility in a hospital, to moving into its own building, and to now being in several locations across the Tri-State. “Our goal was to bring in the doctors, nurses, lab people, etc.,” Awadalla says. “It was kind of like an A to Z infertility treatment center, so we can concentrate on one thing.”

The Institute for Reproductive Health now has a new building for its main office in Norwood, and Awadalla says they now truly have a state of the art facility for their patients. “We just wanted to build a center that could do an excellent job at treating couples with infertility,” he adds. “We really are trying to be as efficient as possible and help them to get pregnant as quickly as possible.”

The institute has been in business for about 22 years, and offers variety of services, such as: ovulation medication, Artificial Insemination, Invetro Fertilization, Frozen Embryo Transfers, Sperm Donation, and Egg Donation.

Awadalla’s favorite part of working at the Institute for Reproductive Health is helping people who have had a complicated history and never succeeded with getting pregnant. “We get people who have had very complex prior failed treatment. Those cases are really, very rewarding,” he says. “The patients have worked so hard for so long, and then finally they’re able to have a child.”

Sherif Awadalla, Medical Director of the Institute for Reproductive Health

Awadalla loves coming to work everyday because it is interesting and there’s never a dull moment. “Everyday is a new journey we take with each couple. You know, it’s not over until it’s over,” he says. At the institute, there is always something going on. “It’s challenging and it’s stressful because we know it’s a big deal for the couples and we’re in it for them too,” Awadalla says. “It ends up being a lot of pressure on yourself.”

The Institute for Reproductive Health is unique because “We’re in the upper 10 percent in the United States, and extensive experience with it,” he says. The people working at the facility have broad experience in this field. “We’re also bringing in new people, so we can train them to continue on,” Awadalla says.

To learn more about the Institute for Reproductive Health, call 513-924-5560 or visit their website. Also, if you want to keep up with what the institute is doing, check out their Facebook page.