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    It’s like roaming the streets of an Italian city and discovering the most fashionable finds in an alleyway boutique — all without the travel time. Learn about an Ohio woman who’s bringing the best of Italy’s artisans, designers, and craftsmen right to your doorstep with the click of a button.

    L'Italia is bringing renowned designers and local artisans into the spotlight.

    Tina Fisher’s life changed after a trip to Italy. She brought back a few jewelry and leather goods she found in small artisan boutiques. Friends, co-workers and even strangers would ask Fisher “Where’d you get that?” whenever she’d wear them, so she knew she was on to something.

    That’s when she came up with the idea for L’Italia, which is the e-commerce site Fisher developed to give accessibility to undiscovered artisans and iconic fashion brands alike. “Shopping on L’ is all about discovery—our customers love the journey of the find and are less concerned with the strict rules of fashion,” says Fisher, Chief Executive Officer of L’Italia.

    Tina Fisher
    Tina Fisher

    The brand is focused on Italian and European fashion, with an appreciation for the artisan traditions of fine design and craftsmanship. According to Fisher, she launched L’Italia in 2012 with the idea of being a go-to place for fashions such as these as well as a marketplace to showcase undiscovered artisans and iconic fashion houses.

    With Fisher’s own Italian heritage and deep appreciation for Italian craftsmanship, she takes pride in making these goods available through her site. “While walking along the stone streets of Italy, I was intrigued by the beauty and quality of the rich Italian leather goods and handcrafted jewelry, and the realization that such product was not readily available in the States,” explains Fisher. “[I was inspired] by the magic and timelessness of this generational craftsmanship.”

    L’Italia now bridges the gap between luxury fashion brands and the Internet through e-commerce, Fisher says. “Today, L’Italia is now recognized as the destination for world-class luxury and artisan fashion brands,” she adds.

    During L’Italia’s formative years in 2012 and 2013, Fisher worked through plans on how to best convey the vision of her business through both the website and branding. Today, although there are always things changing, she has a support team that includes IT and marketing professionals as well as experienced buyers and channel partners.

    Fisher says that at L’Italia, there are a variety of products and price points, adding that luxury is not an issue of price, but rather a state of mind. “L’Italia has strategic partners from the U.S. and Italy to help in selecting talented local designers and artisans from all over the world,” she says. “That being said we have made a concerted effort to have a varied mix of price points and products. At L’Italia we strive to provide our clientele with an unparalleled mix that you could only dream of until now. A unique experience combined together with world-class customer service makes each client feel exclusively cared for. We hope you enjoy the journey.”

    Fisher says that what she enjoys most about running L’Italia is that she’s able to draw energy from others who also share her appreciation of great products. She also enjoys the technology and design that’s used to run the business. “What I love most is the ability to relate to the L’Italia customer because I am her and that is how I can so easily relate to our brand,” she says.

    According to Fisher, she and the team at L’Italia are continuing to work with designers and buyers from around the world to find unique fashions to continue to bring customers a selection of hard-to-find products.

    To learn more about L’Italia, visit