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A local stylist launches a new golden opportunity retainer program. Read on to get all the dazzling details.


Ivy Costa launched a retainer program called IVY Gold.

After owning a boutique and then managing a local store of an internationally-known brand, Ivy Costa now runs her own styling business: Ivy Costa LLC.

Through this business, which launched five years ago, she provides a variety of services to help you improve your wardrobe. “[I love] the idea of working one on one with clients to achieve their fashion and image goals,” she explains. “I loved the idea of positively impacting my clients on a daily basis and helping them put their best fashion step forward. I love to see their confidence shine through!”

Her clients always come first. “I take myself out of the equation and make sure that I am focused on who they are and their needs,” Costa says. “I would never push my own style onto someone.”

And building on her focus to meet client needs, she recently launched a new service called IVY Gold. It’s essentially a retainer program where, for $200/month, she provides priority fashion needs for clients she works with regularly. This package includes priority access to Costa, preferential appointment setting, rapid response time for unexpected fashion advice and last minute personal consults. It also includes a reserved spot on her “‘fashion radar’ for your ongoing fashion needs [such as] shopping, trends, etc.,” Costa explains. “If you have recurring needs of me like routine emailing/texting questions, last minute personal shopping and wardrobe requests, Ivy Gold is the perfect program for you. I love nothing more than to research and shop for my clients.”

Costa’s other services include:

-Wardrobe Consulting: She meets with clients at their homes to freshen their closet and help them define their style. “It’s always about the body shape first, then I move onto personality and lifestyle needs,” Costa says. “I make a follow up plan for shopping to replace or fill in needs of their wardrobe.”

-Personal Shopping: Costa has a list of items that are important to filling a client’s wardrobe. “It’s about buying the right items, not shopping in excess,” she says. “Creating a well working wardrobe is like putting together a big puzzle. I love it!”

-Outfitting/Look Book: “This is where clients really get a bang with their buck with me,” says Costa. “I take what you own (either before or after personal shopping) and create looks that my clients would not have thought about styling together,” she says. “This is where I teach my clients about maximizing what you own and refresh in small ways.” Costa also teaches her clients about improving the wardrobe that they already own and makes look books for her clients. “They can wake up and reference a look I’ve put together and get dressed quickly with no stress,” she says.

Costa says that being a stylist has taught her how to stay relevant in a quickly changing field. “Change can be difficult but the challenges have made me grow as a business woman in ways that I never would have expected,” she says.

You can learn more about Costa and her business by checking out her website, following along on her blog or calling 513-470-2358. Or, you can “like” her on Facebook, Instagram, or follow along on Twitter.