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Learn more about the gluten-free and allergy sensitive bakery in Mainstrasse that’s bringing authentic pastries and cakes from around the world right to your sweet tooth.

The Cake Rack bakery
The Cake Rack Bakery specializes in any type of birthday cake, custom cake or pastry.
The Cake Rack Bakery, established in 1992 in Cleveland, was brought to the Cincinnati area in November 2008. However, what started as a small family-owned business focused on a small-batch, high-quality product, has grown into a limited liability company with employees.

The owner, Jeannette Werle, has had baking and decorating training throughout the U.S., Canada and England as well as learning styles including Australian, South African, American and British. “I grew up in Nicaragua, Central America, surrounded by good bakeries and a grandmother who was an excellent home baker and cook,” she says. “I always dreamt of a neighborhood bakery.”

At The Cake Rack, they specialize in a broad range of desserts with pure vanilla extract, cream, butter, fresh fruit and berries, Belgian, Swiss and French chocolates as just a few of the wholesome ingredients used. “We can produce any type of birthday cake, custom cake or pastry at high-quality right here in Cincinnati or in your neighborhood (OTR) – please just give us a three to five day notice.”

“Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality pastries, desserts and cakes all made from scratch to order,” Werle continues. “We want to give our customers an outstanding ending to their meal by using only the finest ingredients available.”

Since moving to the Cincinnati area, Werle believes she has accomplished just that. “I believe I have been successful in introducing the people of Cincinnati to diversified pastries, cakes, cookies and tarts from around the world,” she says. “We also make sure that a lot of love, passion and care goes into the creating of all of our home style cakes because baking from scratch is not as familiar or common now a days.”

“I love the location that houses our bakery at this time – an old building inside the Findlay Market,” Werle continues. “I love the Italian architecture, the diversity of the customer base, the customers – and of course the Findlay Market staff.”

When looking to the future of The Cake Rack Bakery, Werle’s priority is growing her staff. “At this point in my life, the business is growing steadily,” she says. “I am now ready to hire a general manager for the back of the bakery.”

You can check out the bakery at 627 Main St. in Mainstrasse Village (Covington, KY) or inside Findlay Market. They are open 54 hours per week maintaining the hours of Tuesday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

To learn more about Cake Rack Bakery or to place an order, call (513) 621-2500 or visit their website at