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Learn about the locally-based line of jewelry featuring pieces that are heirloom quality wardrobe staples, made from materials with healing properties.

Jimi Merk, owner and designer of Jimi Designs the Shine Your Light line


You’re a multi-tasker. Your jewelry should be, too.

That’s why Jimi Merk, owner and designer of Jimi Designs, began designing his Shine Your Light line at the young age of 23 as the only line of high-fashion jewelry used as a tool for healing. “I had been having visions and dreams about specific shapes that I would draw and doodle for over two years,” says Merk. “After being blessed by a shaman, I suddenly understood what the shapes were.”

021615FASHION4These “shapes” that Merk was seeing were later discovered to be the language of creation, which would become more clear as information came to him over time in the form of ancient writings and scriptures.

“I was open to following and trusting my guidance to create tools for healing and helping us to remember the language of creation,” says Merk. “I was guided to create tools for natural healing by carving these sacred forms in meditation, casting them in high-frequency healing metal and setting them with the most used healing stones of the world – and so the Shine Your Light jewelry line was born.”

021615FASHION3The line itself has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings. What started as a couple of pendant designs has evolved into 46 pieces – ranging from rings, pendants and earrings. “No other line of holistic jewelry in the world is as nice in integrity and functionality as Shine Your Light,” says Merk, adding that they are the only line of healing jewelry to be completely in the USA that has a lifetime guarantee.

“I now create many different healing forms that have been used for body, mind and spiritual healing as well as different healing stones from around the world,” says Merk. “I used to sell a few pieces a year and now we’re producing a few hundred a year. I expect that as we become more conscious and grow more in our truth that people will be guided more and more to these timeless pieces.”

021615FASHION2Shine Your Light jewelry consists mostly of powerful high-frequency healing pendants that can be used for healing directly or as pendulums to help you see where energy blockages are. “We carry many pieces of healing jewelry that involve sacred geometry hand-carved in meditation and top quality stones,” says Merk. “The rings that we sell are also powerful healing tools that harness Fibonnaci proportions, sacred geometry and healing stones that have been used in cultures all around the world.”

Merk’s personal goal to accomplish with the Shine Your Light line is to help people heal through physical, emotional and spiritual issues as well as to help people find their true core being. “One of the reasons I was guided to create this line is to help people remember what we come from and how fortunate we are to exist,” he says.

Merk says it’s rewarding work because of the positive feedback he receives from clients. “The line is helping people every day and that is more than I could have hoped for,” says Merk. “I hope to see more people finding their truth with the help of this amazing, multidimensional jewelry and to expand more internationally. We are currently pushing the line through international wholesale marketing catalogs and promoting it to stores as well as wellness centers.”

To learn more about Shine Your Light Wellness jewelry or natural healing, contact Merk at For jewelry design, natural healing, lifestyle development, intuitive readings and hypnosis, visit their home office at 127 West 9th St. in Cincinnati or This line of jewelry is also sold at the 5th Street gallery at the corner of 5th and Race Streets downtown.