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    A star-studded local entrepreneur just penned a new book that will empower modern women with wild dreams and full plates to connect with the same feeling of ease and certainty she's found along the way. Read on for all the page-turning details.


    Jocelyn Cates is an ambitious woman who aims to help other modern mommas find balance through her new book “Easy Now.”

    Jocelyn Cates is a long-time entrepreneur with a variety of experiences. From raising venture capital to running several businesses and even planning celebrity events featured in People Magazine and People Style, she’s always been a highly-driven, ambitious woman.

    While ambition runs through her veins, she has another reason for all that she does: her family.

    “At the heart of everything I do is my family,” she says. “I’m about as family-centric as you can possibly get.”

    While she’s had a number of professional experiences, there’s one thing that kept calling her – writing a book. As someone who believes in doing what you feel compelled to do, Cates knew she needed to put pen to paper and empower other women.

    When it came to writing her book, “Easy Now,” Cates says that she was inspired by “a sense of knowing that everything is unfolding exactly as it should and that every experience, good or had, has purpose.” It’s this, she says, that is the essence of “Easy Now.”

    “It’s my purpose to share with as many women as possible that we can make big things happen,” says Cates. “We can make our impact on the world. And we can do all this while being 100 percent committed to raising a deeply connected family.”

    “Easy Now” will release on August 8.

    Cates says that she hopes “Easy Now” will not only empower modern mothers with wild dreams and full plates, but that she can also help them connect with the same feeling of ease and certainty that has inspired her life.

    “Easy Now” is a unique book that was written in two parts and is all about reflecting on your purpose while also finding your flow and raising a connected family.

    “In Part One, we focus on mini-meditations for personal reflection, digging deep into what’s next, and inner-work that empowers you to honor your purpose and live with meaning,” says Cates. “In Part Two, we focus on all things connection at home, practice for our children to embrace, being intentional with our family time, and learning to let is be easy. Sometimes I think we all need a reminder that life doesn’t have to feel so hard.”

    To complement her book, Cates also has her Easy Now Tribe. It’s a free, private Facebook group of like-minded women that want to live their best lives without sacrificing their sanity or their wellbeing.

    “In this group, I’ll be offering personal guidance, mini-meditations, advanced excerpts of ‘Easy Now,’ and exclusive book bonuses prior to release,” says Cates. “It’s all about reflection, connection, and flow in this blossoming community.”

    “Easy Now” will officially release on August 8, and Cates couldn’t be more excited. “This book release is one of my wildest dreams come true,” she says. “What excites me most is not that this dream of mine has been realized, but that I know ‘Easy Now’ will impact lives. I’ve used and adapted the tools and practices in this book for the past 20 years and I know them all to be incredibly transformational. And that’s really what matters most!”

    You can learn more about Cates at There, you can also connect with her on social media or via her Easy Now Tribe. To order her book, “Easy Now,” visit her website.