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A local fashionista launched a blog that incorporates street style with her modest preference. See how she blends urban fashion with street-style chic for the modern day woman.

Joelle Cartier,
Joelle Cartier, Founder of the fashion blog le-cartier. Photo credit: Farheen Asif

Joelle Cartier has always been interested in fashion and personal styling, specifically for urban and street chic style wear. But there’s one thing that really makes Cartier’s fashion sense stand out – she is Muslim, so she’s always in search of ways to stay stylish and embrace her street style chic without sacrificing her personal values.

To help inspire the fashionistas around her, Cartier decided to launch her own Cincinnati-based fashion blog, le-cartier, in May 2015.

“Earlier this year, I decided to create my own fashion blog in hopes of inspiring women to take chances with their wardrobe and embrace their own personal style,” explains Cartier. “More importantly, I wanted to show the world how Muslim women are impacting the fashion industry while still maintaining their modesty.”

Le-cartier is a personal fashion blog that focuses on Cartier’s love for urban fashion and street-style chic for the modern day woman.

“It [the blog] not only incorporates urban street style wear (i.e. boyfriend jeans and Jordans vs. your average dress and heels) and chic apparel, but the blog itself is show through the eyes and lens of a Muslim woman in America wearing the hijab. My blog represents originality and modesty because I don’t have to show skin in order to make a fashion statement.”

In the few months since she launched her blog, Cartier is making a splash on the local fashion scene. In addition to the work she does on her blog, she’s also taking on new clients who are interested in personal styling tips for their wardrobe. “Whether it be for a casual day/night out or for simple business attire, I’m providing tips and tricks to help influence their day to day style,” she adds.

Cariter says that she’s also been working on connecting and establishing relationships with local retailers who are in need of personal stylists for upcoming shoots and spreads or to promote their products.

She says that it’s been a great way to help get Cincinnati on the map as many people are checking out the city and all that it has to offer.

To learn more about le-cartier, visit You can also follow along on Instagram or contact Cartier directly at