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See how this company’s locally cold-pressed juices are helping people focus on good, healthy habits through their unique vegetable-centric superfood smoothies.

The Weekly Juicery
The Weekly Juicery uses locally grown produce for its cold-pressed juice bar.

The Weekly Juicery is a cold-pressed juice bar offering all things healthy! They begin with organic and locally grown produce to create raw, nutrient-dense juices full of life force energy. You’ll also find superfood smoothies, acai bowls and raw foods in their healthy menu line-up.

The Weekly Juicery was founded in January of 2012 by Kimmye Bohannon in her kitchen. She, along with her neighbor, Elizabeth Beal, had been taking turns making juice for each other for about six months when they decided they needed to offer their juice to friends.

“Preparing great juice is time consuming and messy, so I wanted to make juice available and convenient for busy people,” says Bohannon. “I also felt strongly about the health elevation and feel-good power of drinking juice every day. We delivered juice to doorsteps Monday through Friday every week – and so emerged the name: The Weekly Juicery!”

Kimmye Bohannon and Elizabeth Beal of The Weekly Juicery.
Kimmye Bohannon and Elizabeth Beal of The Weekly Juicery.

Since opening, Bohannon has learned a lot of practical lessons about running a business. “I think the most impactful lesson we’ve learned is to stay the course and continue saying ‘yes’,” she says. “Yes to new ideas, yes when the times get tough, yes to your original vision, yes to the values that get tested and retested. Yes to moving forward!”

Today, The Weekly Juicery offers twenty cold-pressed juices – half of which have no fruit at all. “We are focused on making our juices as vegetable centric as possible,” says Bohannon. Fruit blends are often a starting point for new juice drinkers, however, the real power in this work is drinking vegetables. We work to raise awareness and knowledge with out customers daily.”

Their most popular juice to date is Green Lemonade – made of Romaine, Kale, Cucumber, Lemon and Ginger – one of the original five cold-pressed recipes. The juices range in price from $9 to $11.

“We use organic and local produce during the growing season,” says Bohannon. “Organics are important, and we have partnered with local, certified organic farms since the beginning. We will be certifying organic with the USDA this year.

What truly sets this juicery apart from others is their emphasis on education. Everyone serving at The Weekly Juicery is an official Juice Guide and ready to guide customers on the path of clean and healthy living.

“We ask every team member to be a student and a teacher – listening intently to our customer’s needs and goals while sharing knowledge about general juice drinking, the mechanics of a great juice cleanse and why to drink a particular vegetable,” says Bohannon.

In addition to education, they also don’t compromise of the quality of their products. “We have not, and will not, add water to our juices – or treat them with pressure or heat,” Bohannon continues. “We thoughtfully source our produce locally and we’re transparent with our customers if a conventional substitution was made.”

Lastly, The Weekly Juicery follows strict truth in labeling their juices by listing ingredients in order of dominance. “We’ll continue following USDA rules of not labeling our juices organic until we have obtained the official seal,” says Bohanon. “Cutting corners in these areas results in the degradation of the produce and the industry in general.”

As for the future, Bohannon expresses that she wants The Weekly Juicery to grow in a thoughtful way – beyond the vain of opening more stores. “I want to see more education, more workshops, expanded product lines, and of course, more locations,” she says. “We have spent considerable time mapping out our 2016 goals and objectives in these areas.”

To learn more about The Weekly Juicery, visit They also have a Juice Hotline where customers can call in with questions at (859) 550-3218.

“We’re currently making juice seven days a week at five locations – in Lexington, Louisville and Cincinnati,” says Bohannon. “We offer free juice tastings and a great juice education in all our locations every day. No scheduling needed, just come on in!