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jules&bing! monograms & embroidery

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Learn about the monogram and embroidery shop, opening its Mariemont doors in February, that’s a dream come true for one local lady.

Jules&Bing! Monogram and Embroidery will soon be opening in The Shops at Mariemont Strand.

What’s in a name? To Julena Bingaman, much more than meets the eye. “Every monogram tells a story,” Bingaman explained. It was this personal sentiment that led her to the idea of opening her own monogram and embroidery shop.

Growing up in Texas, Bingaman’s life was always colorfully embroidered. “I still remember my first monogram,” she recalls. “I’ve wanted to have my own brand since I was 9!”

Bingaman has done it all. After working in the corporate and direct marketing worlds and then staying home with her three children, she decided it was time for a new chapter. “What do I have to lose?” Bingaman says, adding that she saw a void in her community, and decided to fill it herself.

Mariemont was convenient since she and her family had lived in the village for four years, but it also happened to be the perfect place to open her own business. “I was charmed by Mariemont and how quaint it is, and there are lots of families here,” she said. Families with new babies to shower and weddings to attend, that is. The perfect clientele to help share their stories with embroidery.

According to Bingaman, it’s always the right time and the right place for that personal touch. “People are always looking to refresh their house or their wardrobe,” she says. “A monogram is an embellishment that is affordable but can change the look of a room or an outfit.”

The store, which will be called Jules&Bing! Monograms&Embroidery, will offer full service embroidery and personalized monogramming. Patrons can bring in their own items to embellish but also have the option of purchasing special and seasonal items in-store. Bingaman wanted to create a customer-centered experience that catered to anyone’s personal needs. “I have an unusual name, and my kids have four names, so I was tired of [embroidery shops] telling me no.” Bingaman looks forward to expanding the creative horizons of a monogram, and said, “It doesn’t all have to be perfect…I’m happy to do traditional [designs] but I know everyone’s style is a little different. There’s so much you can do!”

Most of all, Bingaman is excited about collaborating with and supporting other local, small businesses. “I was raised by two entrepreneurs who took a grass-roots approach. I still very much have rose-colored glasses about mom and pop shops,” she said. “We have a strong community in Mariemont but also great neighboring communities such as Madeira, Indian Hills and Mt. Adams.” Bingaman is enthusiastic to begin working with customers. “I’m most excited to be back face-to-face with the client and to provide that true customer service,” she said, “I’m so excited to hear their stories. Building relationships with those clients will be memory making.”

Jules&Bing! Monograms&Embroidery is located at 6846 Wooster Pike, off West Street, in the newly built shopping center called “The Shops at Mariemont Strand.” Their website,, will also be up in mid-February with more information on hours and services.