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Read on to learn about a Cincinnati-based health food business, spreading approachable and attainable wellness one prepped meal at a time.


Midwest Meal Prep is a commissary kitchen based in Newport, Kentucky.

Want to eat healthier but don’t have time for it? A local, health food-focused meal prep business can help with that.

Midwest Meal Prep is based in a commissary kitchen in Newport, Kentucky. “The kitchen is called The Incubator Kitchen and it has been a huge kick start to my business,” Mike Mandell-Brown says, Owner and Founder of Midwest Meal Prep. “It’s a great way for businesses to make the leap from initial inception of concept into production without having to acquire property and such.” Midwest Meal Prep has been in business for two years, and they’ve been in The Incubator Kitchen for one year.

Mandell-Brown brings a college education to his business. “I have been to college for classic French techniques and restaurant management. At the same time, I have worked several years in the field in high volume restaurants crafting my skills as a chef and a leader,” he says. “In 2013, I started my career at PF Changs as a Sous Chef, which helped me learn how to manage people and deal with the stresses and challenges that it presents. Then in 2015, I started a food truck with close friends and have also been doing that ever since.”

The inspiration for the business started in 2013 when Mandell-Brown’s friend approached him about his cooking in 2013. “[My friend] owned a gym and had clients who needed a way to eat better and we sat down and went over some ideas,” Mandell-Brown says. “That was the first time my two passions, cooking and fitness, came together in a harmonious fashion and it just felt right. From there I started coming up with names and such, finally settling on Midwest Meal Prep.”

The target demographic for Midwest Meal Prep has changed over time. “Originally, I was narrow minded in my scope of clients, only focusing on those who were imbedded in the fitness community. Whereas now, we have realized that these services can help not only the aspiring body builder or athlete, but we can help John S who works 9-5, six days a week and just want to eat some healthier foods while trying to balance his life,” Mandell-Brown says. “We feel anyone can start making better life decisions and a great way to start is to be mindful of the foods we put in our bodies, our fuel. It also helps people who need more time in their lives elsewhere and can’t devote two plus hours a week to source food and prepare healthy meals for themselves or family. So, to answer the question, our target demographic is anyone who wants to eat healthy and conveniently while having peace of mind that the food they are eating is flavorful and nutritious.”

There are a variety of services that Midwest Meal Prep offers. There are “weekly meals delivered or dropped off to clients with new and exciting flavors each week. We also offer protein by the pound, vegetables by the pound, or carbohydrates by the pound each week. There are breakfast, lunch and dinner options,” he says.

Midwest Meal Prep is a unique business in the Greater Cincinnati area. “We are set apart with our heightened culinary driven food we offer with a healthy twist,” Mandell-Brown says. “When I sit down and think up new menu options, I try to think of ways to take everyday foodies and make them healthier, for example, our Turkey Mac. We use cottage cheese instead of high fatty American cheese and brown rice noodles for added protein.”

Mandell-Brown’s favorite part of working for Midwest Meal Prep is hearing the input of the customers. “It’s nice to get client feedback after meals have been delivered or see pictures of our food on someone’s social media,” he said. “I’m a chef and I love to cook. This is a great way to mesh that with the health and fitness lifestyle.”

If you want to keep up with what Midwest Meal Prep is doing, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or their website.

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Mama-to-be, considering au naturel? A local expert shares seven savvy tips to decrease discomfort and increase joy in the experience.


St. Elizabeth will help guide moms-to-be through unmedicated births at its Family Birth Place in Edgewood.

Melissa Wills had an epidural during her first pregnancy. But, she opted to deliver her second and third babies without the use of medication.

While she experienced the joys of childbirth with all three of her children, she said that joy was intensified when she chose the natural route.

“With the unmedicated births I experienced greater joy and personal strength,” Wills said. “The bond between my husband and I also grew as he coached me through contractions, pushing, and the fear and doubt I had in myself. In essence, unmedicated birth enables women and their families to have all of the ‘feels’ of the miracle of birth.”

In addition to being a mother who has experienced natural birth, Wills is also a labor and delivery nurse at St. Elizabeth’s Family Birth Place in Edgewood.

Both Wills and certified nurse-midwife Sr. Kay Kramer – also at Edgewood – offer these tips for women considering a natural birth:

Choose a provider who has experience with and will support natural birth.

Be willing to ask your providers about their experience: What is their cesarean section rate? What is their episiotomy rate? How many natural childbirths have they done? What are they willing to do to help you through the birth of your child? Will they let you have intermittent fetal monitoring? Will they let you get up and move? Will you be able to eat? When would they induce you?

“The answers to these questions will assist you in making the decision about which obstetrician or midwife provider will best meet your needs. Also, keep in mind there are multiple providers within a practice with varying opinions. Ensuring everyone is willing to support your vision of birth is within your rights as a patient,” Wills said.

Take care of yourself.

Good prenatal care is important for all pregnancies. Take care of yourself and your baby. Exercise and get proper nutrition throughout your pregnancy to help prepare your body and your baby to experience birth, Wills said.

Understand that labor isn’t a nonstop experience of pain.

Kramer said many women think of labor as constant pain for hours and hours.

“It’s important to understand that, in the space of an hour, most women experience no more than 20 contractions that last one minute,” Kramer said. “So, that’s 20 minutes out of 60 that she might be experiencing pain.”

Wills often reminds her patients that the pain of delivery is only temporary.

Plan to have continuous labor support.

Having a supportive person by your side coaching you through the pain can make a huge difference, said Wills.

Learn about natural options to ease discomfort.

St. Elizabeth’s Family Birth Place recently installed three birthing tubs, Wills said. Many laboring women find comfort in the water of the tubs or in the show to help ease their pain. Wills also encourages her patients to try the birthing balls, squat bars, peanut balls and birthing stools to assist women to find a more comfortable position.

“Ambulating, massaging, breathing techniques, music, a focal point – these all make a difference in the experience of pain,” Kramer said.

“Without medication, you have the advantage of mobility. Being mobile assists the baby in finding its way out, Wills said. “Positioning and movement of the mom help the baby descend into the pelvis and rotate to an optimal position for delivery. Optimal positioning and controlled and coached pushing decreases the incidence of tearing of the perineum, which ultimately decreases healing time and recovery.”

Educate yourself.

Wills suggests reading books such as, Birthing from Within, Birthing without Fear, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, Bradley Method Classes and Hypnobirthing. Find the method you think will work best for you.

Believe in your body.

“I try to help women to understand that their bodies are strong,” Kramer said. “Women have been having babies forever and anesthesia is really a recent development. Be aware of your own strength.”

For more information on natural childbirth options at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, including midwives, visit the Family Birth Place.


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A local food tour takes guests on a tasty trip around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky’s best locally-owned restaurants. Read on for all the delicious details.


Riverside Food Tours is a walking food tour through unique Tri-State neighborhoods.

Sightseeing tours are nothing new, but Covington-based Riverside Food Tours puts a new twist on an old favorite: The walking tour explores the sights and culture of the unique neighborhoods Northern Kentucky and downtown Cincinnati through food, stopping at five locally owned restaurants on each tour.

“We visit various restaurants, sampling signature dishes the chef and owner wish to showcase,” explains Owner and tour guide Laura Noyes, who co-owns Riverside Food Tours with her husband Mike. “We sample a craft beer or glass of wine and always include a sweet or dessert. As we stroll from stop to stop, we share history, photos, travel tips and interesting facts about the neighborhood. Since all the tours are in historic neighborhoods, we learn about the beautiful architecture and the area’s famous residents.”

Tours are about three hours long, run five days a week, and groups typically include twelve or fewer people, including both locals who want to try out several new restaurants at once and visitors from out of town.

Riverside Food Tours was founded in the fall of 2015. Before the founding, Noyes worked in interior design and her husband worked at Procter & Gamble. On a visit to Newport, Rhode Islands, Laura and Mike booked their first food tour. “We loved the concept and wanted to recreate the experience back home,” she says. So they did.

Every tour hosted by Riverside Food Tours is different, but all focus on locally-owned eateries that source their products from local farmers and businesses. On the Madison Avenue tour, guests visit ethnic restaurants and eat authentic food from Israel, Persia, China and Mexico. Riverside Food Tours also visits the Braxton Brewing Company, owned by a local family in Kentucky. The tours provide a wide variety of flavors, and at the end, when the guide asks guests which restaurant was their favorite, they are often told that they were all so good it’s impossible to choose.

“Riverside Food Tours is a unique experience for locals, because it allows them an opportunity to view their city in a whole new light,” Noyes explains. “They visit neighborhoods for the first time, dine at local restaurants, hear the history and enjoy the camaraderie of the group. It’s a perfect afternoon adventure that’s so different from the ordinary routine. It’s also nice for those hosting friends and family from out of town, because we do all the work!”

Cincy Chic’s Director of Operations Stephanie Simon during her tour with Riverside Food Tours.

Riverside Food Tours also hosts groups celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, and showers.

To learn more, visit, and check out this awesome experience Cincy Chic’s Director of Operations Stephanie Simon:

John and I did the Mainstrasse Village Food Tour. Perfect date for a couple with a children! Laura, owner and our tour guide, is SUPER knowledgable. Tour was not just about the food and different bars/restaurants but the history of that area as well! After 3 hours of samplings, you def. leave full! Highly recommended for anyone who is looking for something different to do! We can’t wait to try out the other tours they offer!

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Learn about a local business that began as two friends making therapeutic jewelry at home and blossomed into a successful storefront boutique where you can find all things fabulous, fun and affordable.

Monera Chic Boutique
Monera Chic Boutique is located in Fort Thomas and sells shoes, accessories, clothing, and home decor.

Monera Chic Boutique is nestled in a quaint corner storefront in Fort Thomas, KY. “When we opened the store in 2014, we were the first retail business in this complex,” said Tera Huddleston, co-owner of Monera Chic Boutique.

Initially, Huddleston was inspired to begin making jewelry by her friend and co-owner of Monera Chic Boutique, Monica Bruns-Howard, as a way to keep her mind off of the constant battle she was fighting against colon cancer. Together, they are the heart and soul of the store. There is no Monera without both Monica and Tera, a business that has been named by combining both of its founders’ names. When Huddleston and Bruns-Howard first began creating jewelry, they would host trunk shows from their homes or set up at craft shows to sell their products. Then, as returning clients and friends began to make requests and suggestions for specific items in addition to the jewelry being made, the ladies knew they needed to expand.

The storefront is perfect for Girls Night Out.

Today, you can find something for everyone at their store. From shoes, accessories and clothing to home décor, Monera Chic Boutique offers quite the variety. “We no longer sell and create our own jewelry,” says Huddleston. “But we do still personally select everything in the store, we are the buyers, and you will always find one of us working in the store.” Since opening their business in 2014, they have doubled in size. Hosting fun events, such as themed “Girls Night Out” is one way Monera Chic Boutique has curated a loyal clientele. They offer wine, appetizers and entertainment while you shop and enjoy exclusive sales. “We do not run sales all year so this is a fun way to show our customers, whom are our friends, our appreciation,” says Huddleston.

Home decor items can also be found at Monera Chic Boutique.
Home decor items can also be found at Monera Chic Boutique.

That is one of the great things about Monera Chic Boutique, Huddleston says: you get personal treatment from their staff. In fact, she adds, returning customers are often greeted by name and shown fresh pieces that match their individual style. “When you know your clients as friends, you know who you are shopping for and the things they are going to love,” says Huddleston.

If you are a first time shopper, Huddleston says the staff at Monera Chic Boutique goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and genuinely wants to help you find something that is as unique as you are.

They also post a new look styled by pieces from the boutique almost daily on Facebook and Instagram so you always know what is new in the store. Prices range from $30-100. Another plus of Monera Chic Boutique? “We can both walk here from home,” Huddleston laughs. “It’s perfect for us!” As for the future, they have no plans of expanding. “Everything fell into place,” says Huddleston, “I feel like we are where we were supposed to be all along. I am a believer that everything happens for a reason.” And after two years, Huddleston says she still gets a sense of pride and excitement every time she unlocks the doors, turns on the lights, and opens for business.

Monera Chic Boutique is located at 654 Highland Ave, Unit 29 in Fort Thomas, KY 41075. To learn more, call them at (859) 441-0561 or “like” them on Facebook.

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Three local ladies teamed up to provide stress-free event planning, styling and even a beautiful venue for events and photo shoots. Read on to learn more.

Honey and Co. is run by
Honey and Co. is run by Sarah Pugliese, Lily McEwan, and Amy Hildebrand.

Planning an event – or even finding the right event planner – can be daunting. That’s where Honey and Co. Events and Styling can help, as this team of three local women bring clients’ ideas to life while creating an atmosphere that’s stress-free, creative and fun.

Honey is co-owned by Sarah Pugliese, Lily McEwan, and Amy Hildebrand, “three Cincinnati-based stylists who get our kicks planning parties, styling photo shoots, and offering creative direction,” Pugliese explains. McEwan is involved with clients from the start, while Hildebrand and Pugliese work more behind the scenes and join in on the day of to execute the event. The Honey co-owners make it a point to meet with clients and get to know them before starting their working relationship. Pugliese says, “Once we meet with a client, and those sparks fly… it’s on.”

The Frock is an event space
The Frock is an event space for your events.

Pugliese, McEwan, and Hildebrand originally started Honey as a hobby. “We loved seeing our family members celebrate big life events, and enjoyed being involved with planning and executing,” Pugliese says.

They decided to take things to the next level and turn Honey into a business in 2013. They’ve since worked with hundreds of local clients – consumer and corporate alike – and have received press coverage in outlets such as Cincinnati Magazine, Wedding Row Kentucky, and Out + Outfit.

Services offered by Honey include planning, styling, curating, designing, day-of coordination, partial planning packages, and full planning packages. They plan parties, weddings, and other events. They even offer their own event space, The Frock, on Pike St. in Covington.

Opened in September 2015, The Frock is a studio and event space co-owned by Honey Events, Linger Flowers, and Lyell Photography. The space had been several different bars over 15 years before transforming into The Frock. “Everything about it lent itself to be a space for entertaining,” Pugliese says.

Finding the space was happenstance, and though they knew converting it would be a lot of work, they immediately knew it was a welcome challenge. The three businesses joined together to run the space because “we knew we wanted a shared studio space with businesses that hold aesthetics similar to ours, and were eager for a collaborative environment out of which to work and create,” Pugliese says. “Linger and Lyell were perfect fits for our vision.”

To learn more about Honey or The Frock, visit their website,, or get social with them on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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    Looking for trendy styles at an affordable price? Keep reading to learn more about three local ladies who set off on a mission to make fab fashions easy to buy - online and at fun social parties - at affordable prices.

    Beth Feldmann, Sara Heinrichs, and Wegford
    Beth Feldmann, Sara Heinrichs, and Megan Wegford of Blue Clover.

    Beth Feldmann, Sara Heinrichs, and Megan Wegford all share a similar passion: They wanted to bring affordable and unique fashion to other women in the Tri-State.

    “We started Blue Clover as a side business, as we all three have full-time jobs and families,” says Co-owner Sara Heinrichs. “This was a way for us to have something of our own, do something that we love (shop!), and bring affordable clothing to friends, family, and other women we have met along the way.”

    Blue Clover is an online-based boutique that sells a variety of clothing items.
    Blue Clover is an online-based boutique that sells a variety of clothing items.

    Based out of Northern Kentucky, Blue Clover officially opened for business in March 2016. The online women’s clothing boutique carries reasonably-priced scarves, hats, tops, sweaters, dresses, jackets, and more.

    Based solely online, Blue Clover offers free shipping on all orders. But if you’re hoping to see them in the flesh, you can check them out at several events, as Heinrichs says they love to promote Blue Clover locally.

    “We also attend social parties,” says Heinrichs. “If you are looking to get together with your girlfriends, enjoy some cocktails, and browse some of the latest seasonal trends, we are happy to attend and we’ll bring the clothes to you for a fun night of shopping.”

    Heinrichs says that what’s even better is that if you are the host of the part, you’ll receive special pricing on products Blue Clover brings along with them.

    Products found at Blue Clover come from various brands, and the majority of the brands are perfect for women who are between ages 20 and 50. You’ll find items that are suited for both wearing to the office and even on nights out on the town.

    Prices on products are affordable, as it’s a main part of Blue Clover’s mission. Heinrichs says that prices range from $15 to $70, so there’s something for every budget.

    fall clothing
    Blue Clover also aims to bring trendy fashion at an affordable price.

    The ladies behind Blue Clover say they will continue to be ambitious with their business and keep reach for success. “The primary goal is to continue to grow Blue Clover, by helping people learn more about who we areand learning to love our brand,” says Heinrichs. “However, we have set many goals for ourselves and for Blue Clover, and we hope to have you be a part of our journey.”

    You can check out Blue Clover as several upcoming events, including Fort Thomas Music and Merchants on September 24, Ludlow Bromley Ladies Day Out on September 25, Cincy Chic’s Seasonably Chic Showcase on November 5, Cincy Chic’s Holiday Glam Fashion Show on December 2, and Fort Thomas’ Giving Back Bazaar on December 3.

    Heinrichs says you can also book your own private party to complete your holiday shopping.

    Check out Blue Clover’s website at You can also follow along on Instagram and like them on Facebook.

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    Women’s Initiative of Northern Kentucky is launching its inaugural Women’s Summit with an upcoming event. Read on for all the details.

    The Women's Initiative of Northern Kentucky
    The Women’s Initiative of Northern Kentucky is launching a Women’s Summit on June 29.

    After seven years of helping professional women, the Women’s Initiative of Northern Kentucky is launching its inaugural Women’s Summit. The Women’s Initiative already has successful mentoring events, peer-to-peer roundtables, educational sessions, networking events, and an annual breakfast every January, so, said chair Laura Kroeger, a regional conference “seemed like the logical next step for such a dynamic organization.”

    The Women’s Summit is aimed at female business and volunteer leaders in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. The summit has something for women who are at all stages of their careers, whether they are seeking a change, planning their own business endeavor, or just want to improve themselves and their careers. Kroeger wants to make sure the Summit offers tips that all kinds of professional women can use.

    “So often we get inspired at women’s conferences, but we don’t always leave armed with lots of practical information to implement right away,” she said. “We want to inspire and educate. For many women, I think the Regional Women’s Summit can be a substitution for professional development that they would ordinarily seek elsewhere.”

    Kroeger first thought of the Summit 3 years ago and it has been her baby ever since. After hard work and years of monthly meetings, “our dedicated group of women on the planning committee have made sure this is going to be the perfect women’s conference, from a detailed vetting process for presenters to a national search for a speaker,” Kroeger said. She stressed the committee’s dedication to the Summit and said that even though planning it was time consuming, “it has been a lot of fun to plan something new from the ground up.”

    The Summit’s theme is “It’s Time to Take the Lead,” inspired by a book by keynote speaker Betsy Myers, the first White House Director of Women’s Initiatives and Outreach. Myers has worked with female entrepreneurs at the Small Business Administration, lectured at the Harvard Center for Public Leadership, runs the Center for Women and Business at Bentley University, and regularly addresses Fortune 500 companies on developing female leadership. The breakout sessions revolve around Myers’ seven principles of leadership: authenticity, connection, respect, clarity, collaboration, learning, and courage.

    Sessions based on Myers’ work cover such topics as Perfecting Your Personal Pitch; Confidence and Mastery: How to Maximize Your Own Leadership Development; The Balance of Self-Esteem, Assertiveness and Stress Management; and Developing the Courage to Conquer the Next Level. Another session, led by Dr. Adrianne Frech of the University of Akron, is called Enough With the Mommy Wars: New Findings on Women’s Workplace Participation, Family Formation, and Health.

    The Summit will take place on Wednesday, June 29, at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center near the waterfront in Covington. Registration will begin at 7:30 in the morning, and the keynote session will take place at 8:45. The fee for the first day is $159, with the entire summit costing $179 and a 20% discount for companies registering five or more employees. The fee covers morning and lunch keynotes, four breakout sessions, a continental breakfast, lunch, and the Shore to Shore networking reception.

    Learn more about the Women’s Initiative as well as the Summit by clicking here.

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    Learn about a local photographer who is giving women a healthy dose of confidence by empowering them to do boudoir photo shoots.

    Image: Meredith Calle
    La Bella Glamour & Boudoir Photography aims to empower women and make them feel beautiful.

    For Meredith Calle, Owner of La Bella Glamour & Boudoir Photography, it’s about much more than capturing a flesh-filled photo. It’s about empowerment, she says.

    “Every woman deserves to feel beautiful,” Calle adds. “Having a few hours to pamper and capture beautiful images of my clients is why we enjoy what we do – Empowering women to feel like they’re beautiful from the inside out.”

    Over the past 12 years Calle has been photographing newborn, children, seniors, families, engagement and weddings as the owner of Lifelong Memories Photography. In 2015, she decided to start offering boudoir and glamour photography to her clientele in response to demand through La Bella Glamour & Boudoir Photography. Being a member of Newport, KY-based Studio 821, a collaborative studio for professional photographers, provides the perfect space for photo shoots and meetings for all of these types of photography.


    The early-1900s vintage studio features high ceilings and large windows that pour in natural light. There’s also an assortment of antique and modern furniture pieces, chandeliers, fireplaces, exposed brick and antique barn wood walls – as well as wood floors and rooms with solid white walls and baseboards for more of a sleek modern feel – for a variety of backgrounds for every session. And more options are on the way, Calle says. “Another room is being added and more furniture options to photograph with during sessions,” she explains.

    “La Bella is a fun and relaxed studio in a trustworthy environment where women can be photographed as covered up or as carefree as they wish,” Calle explains. “Wardrobe varies from each client and can include formal dresses, jewelry, heels, or lacy lingerie. Professional makeup is also provided for each session. I work with each client prior to the photo shoot to plan their wardrobe and to decide if they want sexy or glamour images or a mixture of both.”

    Calle says Studio 821 is unlike any other studio in the Cincinnati area. “We play music of our clients’ choice, provide beverages, as well as a professional makeup artist to start off the session with pizzazz,” she says. “Our boudoir sessions are very professional and focused on making you feel and look gorgeous.”

    Like La Bella on Facebook or call 859-331-5379. You can also visit the studio at 821 York Street in Newport.

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    Read about the only boutique in the Tri-State that sells baby items and wedding accessories!


    Cincy Chic: Tell us more about Diamonds & Dimples Chic Boutique!
    Denise Kersting, Owner of Diamonds & Dimples Chic Boutique: Diamonds & Dimples Chic Boutique is a unique shop on historic Fairfield Avenue in Bellevue, Kentucky. We specialize in wedding and baby items as well as home decor and unique Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky-made gifts.

    Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind your business?
    Kersting: Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, with a background in fashion merchandising, I have always dreamed of opening a fashion boutique. In September 2014, I was blessed with the birth of my first granddaughter, Kyleigh, who inspired me to leave the corporate business world and make this dream a reality. Starting as an idea to sell baby and bridal shower gifts, Diamonds & dimples was born and has evolved into what it is today.

    Baby items sold at Diamonds & Dimples Chic Boutique in Bellevue, Kentucky.
    Baby items sold at Diamonds & Dimples Chic Boutique in Bellevue, Kentucky.

    Cincy Chic: Who’s behind Diamonds & Dimples?
    Kersting: I am the sole owner of Diamonds & Dimples with help from my husband, children, and other family and friends along the way. I am a lifelong resident of the Northern Kentucky area, graduating from Xavier University in 1984 with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising and spending 20+ years in the sales and merchandising industry. I married my husband of 36 years in 1984, we have raised 3 children together and now have 1 granddaughter.

    Cincy Chic: When did you launch Diamonds & Dimples?
    Kersting: Diamonds & Dimples Chic Boutique opened on October 27, 2015.

    Cincy Chic: What types of items do you sell in store?
    Kersting: We specialize in baby and wedding items, as well as home decor and gifts. Baby items include clothing with brands such as Mud Pie, BeeMine Sunshine, Tiny Treasures, and others with sizes 0-24 months. We also sell blankets, toys, bows and headbands, books, plush items, bibs, teething rings, and other accessories. Wedding items include flower girl baskets, ring bearer pillows, unity candles, Mr. & Mrs. forks and flutes, garters, and other accessories. Home decor items in-store include picture frames, candles, beer soap, personalized plaques, and other items.


    Cincy Chic: Can you give us price points for items in your store?
    Kersting: I believe in keeping all my prices reasonable – almost all items in the store are priced between $5 and $50 with the majority of items falling in the $10-$20 range.

    Cincy Chic: What makes Diamonds & Dimples unique?
    Kersting: Diamonds & Dimples is the only boutique in Bellevue and surrounding areas dedicated to selling baby and wedding items. Reasonable prices for high quality and one-of-a-kind items is also a unique quality of Diamonds & Dimples. We also support many local companies by carrying their products in store such as: State Threads, Cincinnati Beer Soap, Eida Candle, Twigs, Adoreabows, and other local consignors who create personalized pieces for Diamonds & Dimples customers.

    Cincy Chic: Where is your store located?
    Kersting: You can find us at 402 Fairfield Avenue in Bellevue

    Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for your business?
    Kersting: We are very excited to be launching our website and online storefront and hope to have this completed by the end of June. As the wedding season approaches, Diamonds & Dimples will also be ramping up wedding accessory offers for local brides looking to make their special day unique!

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
    Kersting: For now you can find all information on our Facebook page. Keep an eye out for the website and online store coming soon!

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    See how some local visionaries are turning urban agriculture into an integral part of community economic development, environmental sustainability, social engagement and overall quality of life for the region.

    The team behind Grow the Cov.
    The team behind Grow the Cov.

    The health benefits of eating fresh and healthy food are immense. However, eating healthy isn’t always the most budget-friendly option. That’s why there’s Grow the Cov.

    Grow the Cov is a resource for urban agriculture just across the river in Covington, Kentucky. The organization supports the public’s access to fresh, affordable, healthy foods. It’s a great resource for those who want to eat healthy and learn about the practice of urban agriculture as well as the benefits of leading a healthful and sustainable life.

    “The inspiration behind Grow the Cov comes from Covington being a fresh food dessert,” explains volunteer Lydia Cook. “Our initiative includes supporting the Covington Farmers Market and creating more demand for better access to fresh foods at local markets, grocers and corner stores.”


    In addition to bringing fresh foods to local distributors, Grow the Cov is also focused on bringing awareness to people about their food and its origins. Cook says that serves as part of the organization’s mission in order to help nurture a relationship between the community and their local or regional farmers.

    What makes Grow the Cov even more unique than its dedication to providing education and being a resource for the community is that it’s, for the most part, ran by local supportive residents.

    Cook says that’s lots of new things on the horizon for Grow the Cov. They’ll be offering free soil and fertilizer, obtaining more chickens and goats, starting programs tailored for children and venturing out to the Covington Farmers Market. “There’s more, but surprises are much more fun,” Cook says with a smile.

    You can read content from Grow the Cov on a bi-monthly basis in the River City News or stay tuned in on Grow the Cov’s website. To read a complete partner and contributors list, click here.