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One local lady aims to boost your confidence and energy levels while reducing stress through her new Boot Camp for women.

Kim Hardewig Boot Camp helps you find more balanced and feel less stressed so that you can live a life full of happiness and energy.
Kim Hardewig Boot Camp helps you find more balanced and feel less stressed so that you can live a life full of happiness and energy.

Do something for yourself, because if you don’t take care of you, then you’re not living a full life. This is Kim Hardewig’s advice for a happier, less stressed and more energized you.

Kim Hardewig launched her boot camp in June 2009 as a result of her search for balance in her life. “I figured if I was trying to work, take care of my family and also find time to workout, then others were in the same situation,” says Hardewig. “I began thinking about my own workouts and when I fit them into my schedule. The one time of day that is typically free is before everyone else in my family wakes up.”

It was then that Hardewig decided to rent space at Cardinal Pacelli as a way to earn a little extra income and get back into the workforce. “I’m proud to say that I now do boot camp five days a week and it’s the main source of my income in supporting my three children,” she says. “I always wanted to have my own business and it’s an incredible feeling to be able to do what I love each day.”

“The nice thing about class is that it is early in the morning so you can do it and be back home before the rest of your family is waking up,” Hardewig continues. “A lot of parents feel better about this because they’re not cutting into family time. Other than a bad night of sleep or a sick child there aren’t many things that come up at the time of the day to interfere with your workout so it’s easier to get in a good routine.

Today, Hardwig holds her Boot Camp Monday thru Friday, 5:30-6:15 a.m. – offering a variety of classes and training equipment at a cost of $155 per month. She also offers a two-week Fat Flush program for $150, which includes a meal plan and boot camp aimed at resetting your hunger cues and eliminating certain cravings.

“Boot camp is your time away from the stress and demands of your everyday life,” says Hardewig. “For many of my clients, it is their only time that is strictly for themselves. Everyone who comes is apart of our supportive boot camp family – where regardless of each person’s different goal, we motivate and look out for one another.”

“I keep the class size small so I can give everyone individual attention,” she continues. “We play games and celebrate birthdays and other special events to keep it fun and exciting. It doesn’t feel like an exercise class. It feels like you’re getting together to workout with friends, but the workouts are tough and we make the most of the 45 minutes.”

As for the most rewarding part of her job, Hardewig explains that for her, it’s all about seeing someone totally change their life. “The best feeling in the world is watching someone learn to love themselves,” she says. “Sometimes they just need to find themselves again and realize what they’re capable of. I’m here to guide them and give them a push in the right direction.”

In order to do so, Hardewig’s goal is to continue challenging herself to learn new things and provide her clients with the best workouts possible. “I would love to learn more about my clients and help them better themselves in every aspect of their lives,” says Hardewig.

“Every November, we have ‘Gratitude Month’ and I send out daily challenges,” she continues. “My clients love them and it opens their minds to new experiences. I would like to do more things like that throughout the year because it’s really cool to see clients doing things for others, appreciating and being thankful for the wonderful things in their lives and being more mindful.”

For more details on Kim Hardewig Bootcamp or to sign up, like them on Facebook. You can also e-mail or call (513) 484-9504 for more information.