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One local group is combining the power of flash mobs and random acts of kindness to make a difference for those in need. Read on for more.

Liz Wu, the planner and founder of Random Acts of Kindness, which organizes events like the recent #Kindflash Clothes Drive.

Random acts of kindness aren’t so random for Liz Wu. That’s because she’s the planner and founder behind the “Random Acts of Kindness” group that organizes events such as the recent #Kindflash Clothes Drive.

These clothing drives collect warm winter clothes and accessories for those in need, and then randomly places them around the community through the help of volunteers.

It all started a year ago when Wu says she came across an inspirational message. It prompted her to start a Facebook group to see if anyone would want to join her in helping others in need. “It came together extremely quickly,” she recalls, “and we were able to make a large impact with zero budget and no prior planning.”

Since then, #Kindflash— a flash mob of kindness as Wu describes it— has continued to grow with additional events, as well as an increase in volunteers and donations. “Often, when volunteers are unable to attend in person, they participate by sharing the info and or sending a donation,” she adds.

More than 51 neighborhoods benefitted from the recent #Kindflash event.

In fact, the most recent #Kindflash event, held in Jan. 2016, served more than 51 neighborhoods throughout Greater Cincinnati with 3,784 donations — 2,666 of those being hats, gloves, scarves and socks and the other 1,118 including ear warmers, coats, snacks and more. Wu says her organization is continuing its growth because of the gratifying work they do. ”Every time we hear feedback that a volunteer is continuing to work with a partnering organization, or receive a thank you letter from someone we visited, it is extremely inspiring,” she adds.

They want to keep the growth going, so spread the word, Wu says. “We are looking forward to growing the program and continuing to build new relationships and partnerships in the community,” she explains.

Wu says their volunteers range from all ages, backgrounds and ability levels. “Your activity in the organization is completely up to you and you may be as active as you’d like,” she says.

They’re also looking for donations for their upcoming events, such as a fundraiser for a local youth wheelchair basketball team on March 19. For more information on the event or the organization, visit them on Facebook.