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An Eastside-based airbrush tanning facility created a proprietary and uniquely blended solution for a customized, natural, flawless, and warm glow year-round. Keep reading for all the sunny details.

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In addition to airbrush tanning services, Lady of Sun retail offerings include beauty products, jewelry, and women’s clothing.

Lady of Sun Airbrush Tanning is focused on helping you “be different and be you.” Determined to help others build confidence and embrace their physical differences, this 2,000-square-foot airbrush tanning facility inside the Eastgate Mall offers custom, hand-applied airbrush tans to a variety of customers.

Lady of Sun has a proprietary and uniquely blended solution that offers a spray tan that is always natural, flawless, and never orange,” says Lady of Sun Owner Erin Neace. “The spray tan customizes itself to each individual. When people ask what color they’ll be, we reply with ‘Color Fabulous.’”

Neace says that the salon sees clients of all kinds: Men, women, African American, Caucasian, Asian, Latino, younger, older, and everyone in between.

While helping clients find the beauty in themselves is important to Neace and the team at Lady of Sun, she also wants to help find people find a safer alternative to traditional tanning.

“As the rise of skin cancer continues, and tanning beds become a thing of the past, we want to offer people a safer alternative in a laid back and non-judgemental atmosphere,” she says.

In addition to spray tans, Neace says Lady of Sun offers multiple types of unique body products including bath bombs, an organic beauty bar where clients can make and take their own body exfoliants, body wash, lotions, and body butters.

The business idea behind Lady of Sun aims not to only add color to people, but to also even out skin tones, variances in skin color (including tan lines), and highlighting and contouring clients to give them the appearance of a slimmer and more toned figure.


Prices for an airbrush tan from Lady of Sun starts at $40 for a full body custom tan, but there are several different package options available that provide savings. For those who are looking for even more savings, Neace says they recently launched a membership program that allows customers to join the LOS Club and get even more savings on services and retail products, all while earning free stuff.

Neace says that there’s been substantial growth for Lady of Sun, and the trend doesn’t seem to be changing. “We started our company with just one employee and it has grown to five now,” says Neace. “We will soon be expanding to a new 6,000-square-foot space in 2017.”

They are currently located at 4601 Eastgate Blvd. To learn more about Lady of Sun, visit them at You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.