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Goodbye mascara, hello long natural lashes! Learn about a local lash studio giving its clients some impressive eye-batting results.

Lash Spa Studio of Cincinnati provides eyelash extensions for clients.

They say that eyes are the windows to your soul, and Lash Spa Studio of Cincinnati says they deserve the ultimate window treatment. “We provide high quality service to our clients, making them feel beautiful without the need for mascara everyday,” says owner Ashley Ansley.

Lash Spa Studio provides clients with high quality mink or silk eyelash extensions that far exceed the volume and length that mascara achieves all while maintaining the integrity of your natural lashes. Ansley says “the main difference between the eyelash material is that mink is fur so in certain lighting it doesn’t pick up and reflect light the same way that silk may sometimes.”


Application takes one to two hours depending on a variety of factors and generally you will receive 30 to 60 extensions per eye depending on the number of your natural lashes. Besides the beauty factor is the convenience of eyelash extensions: you can swim and workout without the worry of them falling off and kiss your eyelash curler goodbye. Extensions last anywhere from two to four weeks and Ansley assures that your technician will share tips and tricks which assist in maintaining the longevity of your lashes.

Ansley asserts that what makes Lash Spa Studio stand out is its commitment to the integrity of your natural lashes and the education of their clinicians. “We are always advancing and educating our staff to keep up with the newest trends in lash artistry and to maintain safety.”

Speaking of latest trends, Lash Spa Studio is now offering Russian Volume Lashes, an innovative application technique that creates depth, adds greater volume and texture to your eyelashes. In addition to eyelash extensions, Lash Spa Studio also has a variety of eyebrow related services including waxing and threading as well as makeup and tanning services all designed to frame your new-found lashes.

Before and After photos of a lash extension.
Before and After photos of a lash extension.

Lash Spa Studio is located at 3187 Western Row Road in Maineville. You can book online or call 513-486-3430 to set up an appointment. Ansley says new clients who book a full set of lashes before November 19 receive a 20% discount.

To be in the know about Lash Spa Studio’s latest events and specials, follow them on Facebook. To see before and after shots of recent clients, visit them on Instagram.