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See how one Cincinnati woman turned her passion for fashion into a profession by launching FashionYellow, a multi-faceted wardrobe consulting firm.

Fashion shoot styled by Leah Porter, owner of FashionYellow

After studying at The University of Cincinnati for psychology and early childhood education, dominating mommyhood and working for non-profit companies for more than a decade, Leah Porter is taking a no excuse approach to building her wardrobe consulting company, FashionYellow. But Porter isn’t just a stylist. She says the business is a multi-faceted wardrobe consulting firm for a variety of clientele.

Why the name “FashionYellow”? Porter says it’s because it directly relates to her style aesthetic, as the color yellow is associated with being happy, upbeat, fun and bright – which are the exact words feels best represent her company.

Fashion shoot styled by Leah Porter, owner of FashionYellow
Fashion shoot styled by Leah Porter, owner of FashionYellow

While Porter does special event wardrobe styling for her clients, wardrobe consultations and personal shopping, she specializes in styling for fashion photography.

“Fashion photography is one of my favorite aspects of this business. I love it,” she says. “When planning a photo shoot, I like to thoughtfully plan out the look of the shoot by looking at art to help inspire me and to give me ideas. I love art. I think art and fashion go hand in hand. Then, I actually write everything out that I want to do for the shoot and write out everything that I will need to help me stay organized. It is all a very challenging process, but an even more rewarding one.”

Even though she established her business in 2011, fashion and style have always been passions for Porter. Born and raised in Cincinnati, she credits her fashionable grandmother for a keen sense of style. “My grandmother was always the stylish one. She was ‘the baddest’ grandmother I’ve ever known,” Porter recalls. “She would take me out to thrift stores when I was a young girl to find treasures within racks of vintage clothes. It was how we bonded.”

It was on those shopping trips with her grandmother, that Porter realized it was more than just shopping for her — it was her calling. However, it wasn’t until her grandmother passed in 2008 that Porter decided to turn her passion into a profession.

From that point forward, though, she has been on a mission. Today, Porter is the founder of FashionYellow, balancing being a single mom and philanthropist. “I do most of my styling work on the weekends and during the evening so it is easy to balance the two. And my daughter is so independent she is even a great help to me and my business, telling me advice on how I should style things,” Porter laughs. “She, too, has a tasteful eye for fashion and is considering pursuing it herself.”

Porter is hosting her first pop up shop event August 8 and 9 at Brick OTR from 12-7 p.m. There, she will be showcasing her new t-shirt line, ST(in)YLE. According to Porter, it embraces the idea of freedom, creativity and style all as being components of being “In Style” and it’s a fun play on words. Shirts can be customized including cutting, paint, bleaching, trinkets, etc. or you can purchase with logo as is.

Porter’s styling work has been recently featured in several local and national publications, such as Alpha Fashion Magazine, Frame Magazine and Pinup Alternative Magazine.

To learn more, “like” FashionYellow on Facebook or check out their website.