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    A new boutique in Lebanon is catering to all the curvy ladies who love their fashion. Learn about the newest shop to hit Greater Cincinnati, why business is booming with such a unique niche, and where their newest locations will open next!

    Curve and Cloth is a new boutique that carries women’s sizes 12-24.

    When it comes to fashion, it’s about more than just wearing the latest and greatest trends. It’s also about dressing for your personality, no matter your size.

    At Curve and Cloth, a local, family-owned women’s boutique, offers a style of clothing to fit anyone’s personality.

    “Our sizes range from 12-24 and accommodates all ages,” explains Store Manager Rebecca Hunt. “We also have a wide selection of jewelry, purses, footwear, lotions, and candles.”

    Curve and Cloth was born out of customer requests at its sister store Rose & Remington. Hunt says that customers wanted additional sizes that weren’t readily available in the Rose & Remington stores so the team decided to design a store for fashion forward women who don’t fall into the typical small, medium, and large styles of sizing.

    Curve and Cloth not only wants to dress you for your size but also for your personality.

    “We had a vision of what we wanted to create within the walls of such a store with a unique, trendy, romantic, edgy, classic, bohemian, all within one location, outside the curves of the small, medium, and large size female,” says Hunt.

    According to Hunt, it was important to the team at Rose & Remington to bring a store to Cincinnati that meets the needs and wants of the curvaceous woman. “As with all of our stores, sizing doesn’t matter but happiness does,” she adds.

    Curve and Cloth carries sizes from 12 to 24 and accommodates all ages. In addition to apparel, they also carry jewelry, purses, footwear, lotions, and candles.

    The clothing lines at Curve and Cloth are very similar in style, quality, and flair that you’ll find at Rose & Remington, so anyone from a young professional to an empty nester will find something they love at Curve and Cloth.

    In addition to being a Cincinnati-based store that accommodates to sizes 12-24, Curve and Cloth makes customer service its No. 1 priority. “We love building relationships with our guests,” says Hunt. “Our stylists are awesome at product knowledge, warm and welcoming. We strive to be your No. 1 shopping destination.”

    There’s a lot on the horizon for the Rose & Remington family’s expansion, as the store will be opening a new location in Florence. They also recently opened Burlap & Birch Home Store, which is a few doors down from the Fields Ertel location of Rose & Remington.

    You can check out Curve and Cloth and Rose & Remington at the Holiday Marketing in downtown Cincinnati in November.

    Curve and Cloth is located at 110 South Broadway Street in Lebanon. Store hours are Monday through Saturday from 11am to 6pm and from 12pm to 5pm on Sundays.

    Hunt encourages you to experience Curve and Cloth in person and check out the store.

    To learn more about Curve and Cloth, visit You can also visit them on Facebook and Instagram.


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    Just in time for fall, a new business helps you get rid of yard waste by composting it. See how this family-run business can make your grass and garden a little happier while keeping yard waste out of landfills.

    Ohio Organic Compost breaks down your yard waste to create products can that be put back in the earth.
    Ohio Green Solutions breaks down your yard waste to create products can that be put back in the earth.

    As environmental issues become much more of a factor in our everyday lives, Ohio Green Solutions is hoping to help keep nature and our communities healthy.

    “Our landfills are overflowing – as we all know,” says Ohio Green Solutions Director of Operations Audrey Keyes. “We want to help the community better understand how they can make small changes that will have long term effects.”


    According to Keyes, much of the soil in our state is “dead.” That means that there aren’t any living microbes or living organisms in the ground. As a result, plants are unable to perform at their best, which leads to the use of synthetic chemicals and herbicides to help them grow.

    “When we do this, we end up further polluting our earth,” says Keyes.

    Through Ohio Green Solutions, Keyes says the organic composting facility wants to educate people on how they can use their yard waste and return it back to the earth, which will result in better grass, flowers, and vegetables.

    Returning yard waste to the earth is what Ohio Green Solutions is best at. The composting facility, located 25 miles north of downtown Cincinnati, takes yard waste, including grass clippings, tree branches, leaves, stumps, etc., and turns it into a nutrient dense product that people can use in their yards and gardens.

    “The compost that we make is ‘living,’” says Keyes. “When you add it to your yard and garden, it adds life back where it should be and gardens thrive.”


    Ohio Green Solutions is a rather new idea to Cincinnati, although its original history dates back to the 1970s. Keyes father, Marvin Duren, began composting and gardening organically in the 1970s.

    Ohio Green Solutions officially launched in April 2016, and Keyes joined her father at the business in May. What makes Ohio Green Solutions so unique is that it’s the only Class 2 Compost Facility in the area. “No one else is making and selling this kind of high-quality, nutrient-dense product,” says Keyes. “We work directly with the Ohio EPA as well as Warren County.”

    In addition to taking in yard waste, Keyes says Ohio Green Solutions sells mulches (natural and color-enhanced), Super Soil, garden/potting soil, topsoil, and more. “In the spring we will be offering pine straw mulch and organic fertilizers,” she adds.

    The business is also working on more ideas of what they can offer in the near future, including offering a few of their products in bags.

    Products can be purchased by both homeowners and businesses, Keyes says, adding that their staff is ready to help you out with anything you need and answer any questions you may have.

    Dump fees at Ohio Green Solutions range from $5 to $100, depending on how much you’re dropping off. Keyes says that compost and blends from Ohio Green Solutions start at $15 per yard, but that a more complete list of pricing can be found at

    Keyes says that Ohio Green Solutions hopes to start taking food waste by January 2017. “This will be huge for not only us, but the entire area since we are the only registered and licensed facility around that can recycle food waste,” she says. “The goal is to keep this waste out of the landfills!”

    To learn more about Ohio Green Solutions, click here. You can also follow along on social media by liking them on Facebook, following along on Instagram, and subscribing to their YouTube channel.

    You can also visit Ohio Green Solutions in person at 3268 South U.S. 42 in Lebanon.

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    See how one local woman turned her corporate career into one where she works from home and pursues her passion of fashion with a trendy online boutique.

    As if you weren’t already excited for the weekend, Glad Rags Boutique is giving you another reason to look forward to Friday-eve. With Thursday night “Rag Reveals,” this online boutique releases surprise merchandise on a private Facebook page for users to shop, purchase, and receive items.

    “I noticed the trend of boutique clothing sales not only online on the rise, but using social media as a platform to sell was really taking off,” Glad Rags founder Lauren Barnes says. “I was a corporate trainer and I was looking for a way to work from home and stay with my young son. I decided to do my research and give it a go.”

    Boutique quality items available at the ease of your own home and keyboard is the name of the game for this boutique. Barnes does all of the buying, posting, marketing, packaging, shipping, and preparation for each reveal by herself. For almost three years now, her boutique has offered her the ability to use her entrepreneur skills and spend quality time with her two sons.

    For a run-down of how this online commerce site works, every Thursday night at 8 p.m., Barnes publishes the Rag Reveals for the week. These reveals can vary from eight to 10 items including tops, dresses, sweaters, and accessories. Barnes publishes photos of the item, how much it costs, and the sizes available.

    Glad Rags Boutique offers surprise sales on Thursday nights.
    Glad Rags Boutique offers surprise sales on Thursday nights.

    After the reveal, customers have the next 24 hours to comment on the post with the desired items with the word “sold,” the desired size and their email address for payment. Sales are processed through PayPal, and the consumer has 72 hours to return an item.

    “The Rag Reveal concept is very fun, it’s a one of a kind way to shop for one of a kind items,” Barnes says. “Shipping is always free, and I pride myself on my customer service. I have an easy return policy and love to see my Glad Rags Gals enjoying their pieces. It makes me happy to see them happy!” Barnes says items ship quickly, and feedback on her site says that items are typically received two days after purchase. Barnes says customers return reveal after reveal to shop items on the group sale page.

    “There are several events where you can shop the Glad Rags racks if you miss the online Rag Reveal,” Barnes says. “I am at Market in the Park the first Saturday of each month through October from 10-4pm! It is held at Warren County Armco Park at the Jones Pavilion Grounds. I also do festivals in downtown Lebanon like Feast and Fall-y and The Christmas Parade.”

    For more information, visit

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    The local mother-daughter team behind a successful fashion boutique in Lebanon recently opened a home decor store and will soon launch an event center.

    Rose & Remington Home offers home decor items in addition to its fashion boutique in Lebanon.
    Rose & Remington Home offers home decor items in addition to its fashion boutique in Lebanon.

    It’s been almost two years since Rose & Remington opened in Lebanon. In that short time, the clothing boutique grew at an exponential rate and found that customers were searching for more than just apparel.

    To help meet client demand, Rose & Remington mother-daughter duo Dee Alexander and Kristin Ponchot, decided to open Rose & Remington Home in March 2015. Located in the lower level of Rose & Remington in Lebanon, the home store offers an eclectic mix of home decor and custom-built furniture.

    At Rose & Remington Home, Ponchot and her mother hope to create a whimsy feel for customers while providing a variety of home decor options to choose from.

    “We have a fantastic array of chandelier that you can take home with you that day – no special ordering required,” says Ponchot.

    With affordable prices, you’ll find something to fit just about any budget at Rose & Remington Home. “Our price points are very affordable,” says Ponchot. “Especially our custom built furniture, which is reclaimed from local barns and buildings.”

    Some of the custom offerings from Rose & Remington Home include coffee tables, benches, hutches, mantels and mirrors.

    In addition to the custom furniture, Ponchot says that Rose & Remington Home brings in new home decor items on a daily basis to help keep the store’s inventory fresh. “We also have a huge selection of florals, tons of great pillows and plenty of other home decor including lighted signs that were made right here in the U.S.,” says Ponchot.

    The growing business ventures for mother and daughter have even led them to open up a coffee shop next door to Rose & Remington. “People grab a cup of locally roasted ‘joe then come straight over to browse,” says Ponchot. “We’re also planning to open an event center across the street in a historical building that will be completely furnished by Rose & Remington Home.”

    As if that weren’t enough, Ponchot says the future is looking even brighter.

    “Rose & Remington Home as a lot on the horizon, actually,” she says. “We’ll be growing into a larger space and adding design services.”

    For the last year, Ponchot and Alexander have been planning the new venue for the creative workshop parties and classes. “The place is right across from the Main Street stores and will be available to host your events as well, including birthdays, anniversaries and meetings,” says Ponchot. “We will have package options for you to choose from to make your event planning easy, decorated Rose & Remington style.”

    Ponchot says she and her mother are more than excited to get started and plan to launch grand opening information in the next few months.

    You can learn more about Rose & Remington Home, as well as Rose & Remington, at Don’t forget to like Rose & Remington Home on Facebook.

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    Learn about the local entrepreneur who opened a soap shop in Lebanon where the products she sells and makes on-site are, quite literally, plum natural.

    The Plum Natural Soap Company offers several products that
    The Plum Natural Soap Company offers several products that are handmade on-site by Mary Beal and her husband Del.

    Starting a business can seem intimidating, but that didn’t stop Mary Beal from pursuing her goal of having her own natural soap shop. Diving into entrepreneurship takes courage, determination and passion. Plum Natural Soap Company was built to expand Mary Beal’s experience with owning her own business as well as build self-esteem and share what she knows with others.

    Starting her business in Lebanon, Ohio, two years ago this December, Plum Natural Soap Company has moved to a new home on 20 N. Broadway next to Lebanon Citizens National Bank. The name of the company originated from when Mary Beal and her husband, Del Beal, were sitting at the computer with LegalZoom kicking possible names around. Finally, Del said, “It’s natural soap, just plum natural,” and it was then that the name was formed.

    Sharing her knowledge is not something she only does at the soap shop, but also at her full-time job. When she’s not running her shop, Mary Beal works as a supervisor at Sallie Mae and helps students with their student loan issues. Dividing her time between her business, full-time job and family, she and her husband have taught themselves how to make their soap on-site. Even when the soap didn’t turn out to be the color they wanted, they kept trying and donated the extra soap to the shelters.

    The Plum Natural Soap Company team at their location in Lebanon.

    Since the soap is made by Mary and Del Beal on-site, customers can actually see the soap being made and the ingredients they use. The soaps are designed using the latest technology and real ingredients. Computer programs are used to help design the soap, while real fruits and natural items are in the soap. For example, they use the real avocado while other soaps typically use the oil from it.

    Even with making over 150 soaps, customers don’t need to worry if they have sensitive skin or allergies. Mary Beal herself is sensitive to allergens, so customers can rest assured that they can use Plum Natural Soaps too! Their most popular soaps are Man Soap, Pine Tar, Sea Weed and Avacado. Their salt bars are also a well-liked item due to their exfoliating nature. They offer a wide variety of soaps for all holidays as well. With the autumn season in full swing, they have pumpkin and leaf shaped soap and also make pumpkin bath bombs and lotions. They also noticed that the Pumpkin Spice soap is popular year round, and the men love it.

    As for starting a business, Del Beal offers some simple advice, “Set high standards and keep them there. Never put something on the shelf that you don’t feel 100 percent about. If you’re not happy with the results, scrap it.”

    To learn more about Plum Natural Soap Company, LLC, visit their Facebook page.