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Motivated by her own struggle with weight and depression, one local woman opened a wellness club and bar to support healthier lifestyles.


Do you need help developing a healthy eating lifestyle? “Legacy Nutrition is a nutrition club,” Ann Flanigan, owner of Legacy Nutrition Cincinnati. “It’s a bar that serves meal replacement shakes, energizing teas and a variety of other health products.”

The inspiration for the business started two years ago when Flanigan received an invitation to Epic Nutrition on Foley Road in Delhi. “At the time, I was struggling with depression and anxiety. Scott and Christina, the owners, welcomed me with a shake, tea and an understanding,” she says. “They didn’t pass judgment, just offered friendship and a few simple suggestions on some lifestyle changes, starting with my nutrition. Skip forward to the present and I’m much happier and 30 pounds lighter.”

The name of the company came from people sitting around a table. “Friends and I were sitting at Epic, talking about different names for a club,” Flanigan says. “One said it would be nice to find a name that would leave a legacy.” Legacy opened their door to their first customer on August 3, 2017. “Currently, I am the only employee, but I do have help from my mentors and friends at Epic Nutrition, along with my husband, Sean and two boys, Timmy (17) and Nick (13).”

Legacy Nutrition offers a variety of healthy meal replacement shakes. “It’s a club for people trying to make positive changes in their life,” Flanigan says. “It’s a support system, it’s a healthy, positive hangout.” Legacy Nutrition’s mindset about how they define success is, “leave happier and feel better than when you first walked in,” she says.

Legacy Nutrition serves meal replacement shakes and other nutritious foods.

“A healthy lifestyle includes good nutrition along with physical activity and stress management,” she says. “I personally feel being happy is the ultimate goal and a healthy lifestyle can look different to each individual.“

Flanigan feels like her business is important for the community of Cincinnati. “I feel Legacy offers people an alternative to fast food,” she says. “It’s a place to meet other people also looking for healthy alternatives.”

Flanigan loves what she does and loves seeing people smile and laugh. “I get a huge kick out of seeing neighbors, classmates, friends, etc. being surprised by each other, sometimes by people they have not seen for years,” she says. “It’s exciting, often like a family reunion.”

Legacy Nutrition is located at 6701 Ruwes Oak Drive, Suite 13, Cincinnati, Ohio 45238. To learn more, follow along on Facebook.