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Local makeup artist and British import creates romantic wedding looks that rivals the softness and beauty of an English garden.

English Rose Beauty
English Rose Makeup Artistry provides on-site professional makeup services for all occasions.

English Rose Makeup Artistry is an on-site professional makeup service for all ages and occasions that specializes in romantic bridal looks, perfected by Temptu airbrush makeup.

Temptu is a high end brand of makeup that focuses on airbrush products and according to them is widely used amongst Hollywood insiders and is responsible for some of the red carpets most iconic looks.

Owner of English Rose Makeup Artistry, Helen Tropiejko, says she chose Temptu because it works particularly well in the humidity of wedding season. “The benefit of any airbrush foundation is staying power” Tropiejko explains. “I like to apply a fine mist over a layer of thin foundation applied with a brush. Thin layers always outlast one thick layer.”

According to Tropiejko, she is often sought out for her soft and romantic style of bridal makeup but she also offers makeup sessions for photoshoots and beauty sessions as well. Tropiejko also offers makeup lessons to assist clients in perfecting their everyday makeup application.

English Rose Makeup Artistry specializes in romantic makeup looks including bridal makeup.
English Rose Makeup Artistry specializes in romantic makeup looks including bridal makeup.

When it comes to bridal, Tropiejko offers the trial session at her home studio and is on location for the big day. She acknowledges the choices for bridal makeup looks can be overwhelming so she is always ready to consult and customize with her client. It’s all about finding the right look for you, she says.

“There are so many beautiful looks and it totally depends on the individual and feel of the event,” Tropiejko adds, “but I love to leave her looking like herself only enhanced, glowing and radiant,.”

Tropiejko moved to the States 10 years ago with her husband and brought her love of makeup with her. “For as long as I can remember I have always loved makeup, from playing dress up with my mums, to finally being allowed to wear it for parties,” Tropiejko says. “I love the colors, textures and makeup’s ability to enhance your beauty and mood.”

She started her career like many makeup artists, practicing with family and friends but things quickly grew from there. Soon Tropiejko was being asked to do weddings and photoshoots. While she was confident in her skills it wasn’t until she moved to the States that she decided to go pro.

English Rose Makeup Artistry was launched in 2013 and Tropiejko’s approach is all about customization. “Every individual is different and I want to enhance their natural beauty but make sure they still feel like themselves but glamorous. All while having a fabulous time,” she says.

To learn more about English Rose Makeup Artistry you can visit them on Facebook. For booking inquires contact Tropiejko at or reach her by phone (859) 620-8783. Her website will be launching in early 2017.

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A local salon and medi-spa is now offering hands-on makeup and skincare classes in their exclusive beauty bar so you can create a look that's always on point. Click for all the details!

SOTO Beauty Blvd offers makeup classes to help you get the look you want.

SOTO Beauty Blvd features a range of customized, hands-on makeup classes so you can perfect your daily routine and re-create the makeup looks you’re lusting after.

It’s the brainchild of Kim Blair, Co-Owner of SOTO Salon and Medi-Spa and Jaime Brooks author, makeup artist, and wellness educator.

“The real value is having a trained makeup artist helping to address cosmetic challenges as well as education on product use,” Brooks says.

For those of you looking to streamline your morning routine or interested in creating the perfect natural look, Beauty Basics is it. Interested in enhancing your best features and camouflaging the imperfections to bring out the beautiful in your skin? 40+ Fabulous is where it’s at.

On the other end of the spectrum, Brooks says Teen Makeover is one of their most popular classes and is being offered this fall. It tackles acne head on. Learn about which products can wreak havoc on your skin, essential skincare basics and how to treat and hide skin imperfections.

Check out Advanced Glam to create the perfect smoky eye, pouty lip, and killer brows when you’re looking for that “wow factor.”

You can also make this a group effort, and get the girls together for Girls Night Out. Relax while learning super glam tips and tricks. It’s whatever your squad wants, as this class is completely customizable.

EYE Got This, teaches you to confidently construct your brows, rock false lashes, practice liquid pencil, powder gel, and eyeliner techniques. While Highlight/Contour & Blending covers contouring for a flawless look.

Blair and Brooks originally bonded over their mutual commitment to wellness, this led them to create a complimentary Cancer Wellness Class for SOTO Beauty Blvd which addresses the myriad of skin and make-up challenges people face while going through treatment. “It is our gift to the women in our community at a time when feeling beautiful isn’t always at the forefront,” Brooks says.

Another commitment SOTO Beauty Blvd makes is to brand neutral education. “We have the freedom to be honest about products and recommend different lines in all price ranges. It makes a huge difference when the educator isn’t hoping for a sale based off a specific product line. That is what sets us apart from department stores and other beauty businesses, it’s all about the quality of the content,” Brooks says.

Class prices start at $60 for a group lesson and fluctuates depending on if a hair styling session is included. Private consultations and group events are also available. Brooks says their most popular class currently is the one on one sessions with a makeup artist.

SOTO Beauty Blvd is located at 900b Adams Crossing 45202. Learn more about makeup classes here and stay up to date with specials and events on Facebook.

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See how one makeup artist duo is following their passion with two businesses to beautify, educate and style women and kids.

Jami Shell and Jessica Manis, Founders and Owners of J&J Beauty.

Jami Shell and Jessica Manis met in 2004 working as makeup artists. Both have since grown from young girls and artists into developed and passionate business owners, best friends, wives, and mothers.

Not in that order, the joke. In fact, launching the “passion project” of J&J Beauty together came out of wanting to pursue personal passions and maintain individual identities outside of their mother and wife roles.

As part owners of the Cincinnati based company, EyeDo Makeup and Hair, Shell and Manis built a solid name for themselves in the wedding industry. Shell and Manis perform on location makeup and hair styling, with more than 20 years of experience, the two also work as consultants, providing training classes for women to explore and learn how to apply what’s in their makeup bag. They also allow the class to experiment with new products, adding not only to their makeup bags, but their self-confidence.

In an effort to separate the world of weddings and fashion, they opened J&J Beauty Cosmetics as an outlet to creatively express who they are through styling services and editorial work. “Although bridal work is a lot of fun, it is not the end all for this dynamic duo,” they say on their website, adding that the last few years have taken them on a whole new journey.

From editorial hair and makeup to developing their own cosmetic line, the two have been quite busy. Shell and Manis say that they use their hair/makeup services and training classes to bounce ideas off of the women. “We as makeup artist have a completely different view than a consumer would…it allows us to look at things differently,” says Shell, adding that they want to provide the best quality and experience for their customers, and this feedback allows them to do just that.

The hard work is starting to pay off, as they’re earning national accolades and opportunities. Shell and Manis say they are working on a celebrity wedding in July and a possible New York Fashion Week appearance. “It’s like unknown waters…because you’re always pushing yourself and making yourself better,” says Shell. “The day that you stop worrying about being a better artists, is the day that you should just sit your brushes down and do something else.”

To learn more, contact J&J Beauty at (937) 371-5212 or or click here to visit their website.

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Learn the lash-batting details about what makes these on-location makeup artists unique and how they help Cincinnati brides look and feel their best.

Blend Artistry Ohio helps brides look their best on their big day.
Blend Artistry Ohio helps brides look their best on their big day.

Brides have a lot of options when it comes to planning a wedding, but looking their best isn’t optional.

That’s why Kelly Bretcher, co-owner and makeup artist, helped to launch Blend Artistry Ohio. “It is a special honor to work with brides because they put so much trust and faith in you as an artist to make them look their best,” she says, adding that they try to make their services as easy, expansive and personalized as possible for busy brides to be.

Blend Artistry Ohio “is a team of on-location professional makeup artists, hair stylists and airbrush tanning technicians. We travel to our clients for their events or on their special day to make them look and feel their best,” Bretcher says. “Every look is custom; Quality and client satisfaction are our top priorities. Our personal beauty philosophy is a focus on each individual client, and enhancing their beauty.”

Co-owners Kelly Bretcher and Megan Kramer always had a passion for makeup; both of them had worked for prestige cosmetic lines as well as doing freelance makeup artistry before deciding to start their own bridal venture together. “We celebrated our two year anniversary this [past] January,” Bretcher says.
Blend Artistry offers a range of on-site services for brides. “We provide makeup applications including airbrush foundation, individual and strip false eyelashes, hair styling, and airbrush spray tans.” Bretcher says. “Additionally, we offer trial runs for makeup and hair, as well as lessons to help them create an everyday look to wear after their wedding.”

In the two years since Blend Artistry launched, Bretcher says she and her team have shared many meaningful experiences with their brides. “There is a special energy on the day of a wedding. As an artist, it is a privilege to work with a bride on one of the happiest days of her life,” Bretcher adds. “Everyone gets exited to see their friend or family member transform into a beautiful bride. We take the trust they have in our team very seriously.” In addition, she says, “It is also incredibly rewarding to see the professional photos of my work. I feel lucky and blessed that most of my clients are referrals from previous weddings.”

In a competitive bridal industry, Blend Artistry takes pride on what makes them stand apart. “Our team makes us unique. We have incredibly talented artists that have diverse backgrounds and education. We all pursue careers during the week that give us the freedom to focus on weddings and events on the weekends,” She continues. “Something else unique to us is that we do not require a minimum number of applications or styles; we want everyone to have the convenience of on-location artists regardless of their party size.”

Blend Artistry also expands their services beyond the bridal industry. “We provide makeup, hair and airbrush tanning services to any client looking for on-location convenience,” she explains. “We have been involved in magazine, maternity and engagement photo shoots, and we are also starting to offer technique workshops in addition to the private makeup lessons we offer in-home.”

Regarding upcoming bridal makeup trends, Bretcher says, “In the last couple of years there has been a surge in requests for airbrush foundation, false lashes, and contour and highlight. More recently there has been a demand for matte lips and defined brows. Bridal parties are also starting to embrace a bold lip.” For the spring season, she adds, “We are looking forward to bright lips, glowing skin, and flushed cheeks.”

Blend Artistry Ohio was recently chosen as a 2016 pick for The Knot Best of Weddings. To learn more, visit

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A local makeup artist is combining her love for makeup and mojitos to give local ladies a fun night in while learning new makeup techniques from an expert.

Makeup & Mojitos
Friends can enjoy a new twist on girls’ night with Makeup & Mojitos, a party that lets you celebrate your friendship while learning new beauty tricks.

Tequana Colvin loves helping women look and feel their best. “We truly believe that every women should know the basics of beauty for herself,” she says. “In reality, no one can afford to hire an artist everyday, [so] having the skill to maintain your everyday appearance-enhancing skills is important.”

That’s why Colvin founded FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry (FFMUA) two years ago after a decade of experience. “[I have been] practicing and studying the art and cosmetic trends for 10 years,” she says. “After years of being pushed and encouraged by friends and family members, I decided to pursue the craft on a larger scale.”

Since then, Colvin has been building her brand through a broad array of events. “FFMUA has participated in a vast amount of makeup-focused work including fashion shows, special events and many weddings,” she says. “We [have also] worked with the Cincinnati Black Theater on stage productions.”

While Colvin is based here in the Tri-State, she’s following opportunities from coast to coast. “FFMUA has traveled from Cincinnati, to LA, to New York City, and proudly participated in Couture Fashion Week 2015 in New York City,” she explains.

FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry started out giving instruction, lessons and DIY info to the everyday woman, and has given a series of classes on different aspects of cosmetic application. The newest addition to FFMUA’s offerings is the Makeup & Mojitos Party.

Colvin applying makeup to a client. She is the owner of FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry.

“The Makeup & Mojitos Party is a fun way to spice up a ladies night in. It [gives] you a reason to celebrate with your close friends, family, or co-workers while learning beauty [tips] in the privacy of your own environment,” she says. “FFMUA comes out to your home or office to teach a beauty lesson. The guests provide pot-luck style refreshments and mojitos and Flawless Face brings the [expertise]. Collectively you have Makeup & Mojitos!”

The Makeup & Mojitos Party is entirely customizable and can be thrown for a variety of groups and prices. “[Clients] can choose from a Two Topic Learning Session, a Basic Beauty Session, or a Full Face Beauty Lesson,” she explains. The parties all specialize in different focuses ranging from contouring and highlighting to brow enhancement and eyeshadow placement.

Colvin emphasizes the importance of bonding opportunities such as Makeup & Mojitos, and says, “The uniqueness about this party is the reason it gives ladies an opportunity to bond. It’s a beauty-focused gathering and regardless of ones’ walk of life, this is something any woman would enjoy doing,” she says. “This party allows individuals that may never normally [spend time] together to celebrate [through] their shared interest in enhancing their own personal beauty routine.”

Colvin says the makeup lessons are applicable to all age ranges, as she tailors each lesson to reflect age-appropriate techniques. To learn more, “like” FFMUA on Facebook. To book a Makeup & Mojitos party, call Colvin at (513) 213-2309.

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Learn more about Cincy Bridal Beauty and the sister duo behind it to see how they make brides wow on their wedding day with toxin-free, eco-friendly beauty products.

Andrea and Ashley Lauren of Cincy Bridal Beauty.
(l-r) Andrea and Ashley Lauren of Cincy Bridal Beauty

Andrea and Ashley Lauren love brides. That’s why they want to make them look beautiful while also keeping the products they use free of toxins and dangerous chemicals.

The dynamic duo behind Cincy Bridal Beauty are long-time professional makeup artists, and also own Cincy Style Bar and Alba Organic Beauty Studio in Hyde Park — all of which use toxin-free, eco-friendly products. That’s what set them up for success when they launched Cincy Bridal Beauty, a team of professional makeup and hair artists that provide both in-studio and on-location wedding day preparations for brides.

When asked what inspired them to launch this business, they said it was a love of brides and a vision of being able to offer them “stress-free, affordable wedding day preparation.”

Cincy Bridal Beauty provides full-service, on-location and in-studio wedding makeup and hairstyling services. “We also offer a full range of pre-wedding bridal beauty preparation services from haircuts, color, facials, nails, airbrush tanning, waxing and massages,” says Andrea.

Yes, that means even in the months leading up to a bride’s big day, Cincy Bridal Beauty can help. They even offer makeup classes for those who want to change up their makeup techniques, or have a fun activity for a bachelorette party, Andrea says.

Something else that makes Cincy Bridal Beauty unique is that it they offer brides a full countdown to the wedding day beauty preparation experience. “We take brides from a consultation through a 6-month timeline of head-to-toe gorgeous,” Andrea explains. “Through this process, brides become ‘part of the family,’ which makes us all super invested in their wedding day happiness.”

Cincy Bridal Beauty also offers a private Bridal Suite for in-studio brides. They’re located on the line of Oakley and Hyde Park at 2882 Wasson Road in Cincinnati.

To learn more about Cincy Bridal Beauty, visit

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A local makeup expert now offers makeup classes to teach you all the latest application techniques, all while having fun with friends!

Tequana Colvin, Founder of FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry.

After a consistent amount of encouragement from her friends and family, Tequana Colvin was inspired to begin FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry here in Cincinnati to do other peoples’ makeup as flawlessly as she did her own. There were many people who asked Colvin to teach a class if she didn’t want to do their makeup.

On August 24th, 2013, she created her own makeup classes titling them “The Flawless Face Affair.” Even after all the seats sold out, people continued to come and requested to stand. This experience excited Colvin. She saw her future in the makeup industry and pursued FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry.

As a teenager, Colvin became intrigued by makeup around the ninth grade, the year she was permitted to wear it. She wore makeup every day, teaching herself and gathering many different products to use. She has also traveled and taken makeup classes by celebrity makeup artists like Alexandra Butler of Atlanta, Georgia, as well as Georgia and Drini of Los Angeles, California. Colvin uses a variety of high-end makeup brands like M•A•C and NARS Cosmetics, OCC (a vegan and cruelty-free line) and Dose of Colors. She also incorporates your everyday Covergirl, NYX and E.L.F. Cosmetics, showing how creative she can be with mixing brands.

Colvin gains a lot of her inspiration from other makeup artists online, the television and social media, especially Instagram. Although she has a vast amount of talent and inspiration that allows her to fulfill requests for full makeup transformations in other cities, Colvin says that Cincinnati clients often request very natural and simple looks.

Colvin describes her best and “most fulfilling experience” as a makeup artist when she did the makeup of her first MTV reality show celebrity. However, Colvin also has amazing experiences when she works with women who have cancer. They want her to help transform them after all they have gone through and how their self-esteem has been destroyed from the cancer treatments causing hair and tooth loss as well as weight loss or gain.

“I cry after they see themselves and feel beautiful again,” says Colvin. Colvin has taken her talents in makeup artistry, whether they are simple or transformational, and shares them with others through her classes. “The Flawless Face Affair” classes are a way to gather together, expand your makeup application skill and take it to the next level.

“My class is more of a social experience,” explains Colvin.

One class can range from covering two topics about makeup application to a private full face three hour lesson. You can go out with your friends for a fun time of bonding, learning and making new friends, or you can take your time and have a personal experience.

As for others who are new and just starting to look into becoming a makeup artist or break into the makeup industry, Colvin suggests practicing endless times on others.

“Doing makeup on yourself and on other [are] two different stages,” says Colvin. “It takes lots of practice.”
To learn more about FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry and their classes, check out their Facebook page.

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Learn about the local makeup artist who’s passing along her best tips and tricks (for day and night!) through in-depth makeup lessons.

Photo by Michael Bambino

The art of makeup is one that some people excel at from an early age. Summer Holmes, founder of A Touch of Summer Makeup Artistry, is one of those people.

Holmes has loved makeup for as long as she can remember. Growing up and playing with makeup turned into a lifelong passion and career – one that still excites her to this day. “I’ve been fascinated with makeup since I was a teenager. I’ve been pursuing my makeup career my entire life and get so excited every time I get the opportunity to brighten someone’s day,” she says.

A Touch of Summer Makeup Artistry has been in business since 2007 and Holmes couldn’t be more proud of how her company has evolved over the years. Makeup is so much more than something people use during their daily lives—it brings out the most beautiful aspects in a person to make them feel more confident. Holmes strives to make everyone feel gorgeous. She states, “What inspires me is makeup and my passion for making women look and feel beautiful.” When she steps back and sees a woman glowing because of her makeup, that’s when Holmes feels the most successful. “The most rewarding aspect of my job is making my clients look as good as they should feel,” she says.

Photo by Michael Bambino
Photo by Michael Bambino


Holmes has pursued makeup artistry her whole life, which gives her a competitive and unique edge to other makeup artists. She has had the opportunity to learn different techniques over many years, allowing her to become a fantastic makeup artist. “What makes my company very unique is my advanced training, experience in esthetics, and makeup artistry. I’ve dedicated my entire life to the beauty industry for almost 20 years. I understand the fundamentals of corrective skincare and the perfect makeup application,” she claims. Holmes graduated from Ohio University with an associate degree in Business Management and then went on to earn her Managing Cosmetology license from Aveda Fredrick’s Institute in Cincinnati. After that, she earned her Advanced Training Certification in Makeup Artistry from Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts. One thing is for sure—she is extremely qualified and experienced in her field.

Between her years of experience, there is nothing Holmes can’t handle. She does makeup for all occasions, including bridal parties, beauty pageants, boudoir photo shoots, prom pictures, etc.—just to name a few! Because she offers services for so many events, Holmes is always prepared for any client that comes her way. Finding the perfect match for all skin colors and types is no problem for Holmes as she states, “I assess every clients’ skin first to determine what products are best suited for all skin types.” She also uses any makeup on the market—high-end and drug store combined.

Aside from simply doing someone’s makeup, Holmes also offers in-depth makeup lessons. “My makeup lessons are very interactive. We will start off with a daytime look and then transform into a look that’s more dramatic. I will explain product usage and recommend proper brushes for a flawless application,” she states. So often women walk away from having their makeup done only to wish they could do the same looks on a daily basis. Holmes understands that desire and makes it a possibility as she teaches her tips and tricks during lessons. She provides makeup lessons for individuals or for groups and in a location the client prefers.

To see Holmes in action, you can find her at the Afterhours Show with A Bride’s Mafia on November 11, 2015, at Cincinnati Music Hall from 6-9pm. Visit her website for more information on services and booking.

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Need beautified for a big day in your future, but don’t want to break the bank? Get all the beautiful details about Rollers & Rouge, a local on-site hair and makeup service.

060815BEAUTYAnyone can have the hair and makeup of their dreams for a special occasion. All it takes is some Rollers & Rouge.

Natalie Thomas and her sister launched Rollers & Rouge together in 2012. Then, in 2014, Thomas became the sole proprietor of the business. With a strong background in cosmetology, and nearly two decades of salon experience prior to launching the business, she was ready to take the wheel at Rollers & Rouge.

Today, Thomas’ team consists of two other makeup artists and a hair stylist. Services are primarily offered on-site which makes it convenient for clients and reduces overhead for the business. And those savings are passed along to clients, Thomas says, as a lower price point is the biggest difference between her and other businesses. According to Thomas, her main goal is to do her best “to work with everyone and to make things as affordable and attainable as possible.”10006403_680457658679192_261215662_n

This year, Thomas is on schedule to have quite a busy year. “My goal is for 75 weddings this year,” Thomas says. In the future, she adds, she’d like to begin offering services for destination weddings. But for now, she enjoys that her job and business provide her with a flexible schedule and the ability to be a stay-at-home-mom primarily during the week.

Her favorite part of the business is that she is an integral part of making a woman feel beautiful on one of the most important days of her life.

Thomas specializes in Dinair, an alcohol-based airbrushed makeup application process. The product is rub, water, and tear proof, and lasts 12-24 hours. Thomas says Rollers & Rouge offers complimentary consultations, which can be done over the phone, in person or via email.

For more information about Rollers & Rouge, visit

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Our fashion columnist survived Beauty Basic Training to bring back these tips for finishing your look with the right hairstyle and makeup.

Our fashion columnist, Megan Stacey, shares tips on how to perfect your makeup and hairstyle.

Have any of you ever experienced a bad hair day? Or bags under your eyes that are far from designer? Lately with a very active lifestyle, while styling outfits is second nature, beauty basics are complex, Enter Zephyr Blowout Salon to save the day! When I heard about their Beauty Basic Training event, I knew it was just the refresh this mama needed to brush up the rest of my look. Here are a few lessons learned.

Set What You Want to Get
The team at Zephyr was super helpful and patient with a novice like me. During this fun tutorial, I learned that to achieve the Victoria Secret model curls that I desire, it takes technique. They taught me the best way to curl my hair including making sure it is completely dry. I mean absolutely, 100% no moisture and then setting as well as spraying the curls. This experience taught me to give styling another try and not settle for the same plain Jane look every day. I enjoyed practicing at home all the lessons learned.


Like any artist, you need the right tools to achieve your desired results. The ladies at Zephyr helped me figured out how to select and use the right styling tools.
Here are a few tips I learned:
• Use giant Velcro curlers to add volume at your crown.
• When you use a teasing comb, brush down then away.
• Avoid bobby pins when setting curls because it will leave a kink.

Makeup a Reason to Treat Yourself
Along with a hair tutorial, I also received makeup training by Trish McEvoy’s Nordstrom stylists. If you have never done this, visit their makeup counter to experiment with different colors and techniques. Your makeup can serve as a compliment to your features and personal style. Adding a little smoky shadow to your eye can transition a look from daytime to evening. Using a little concealer under your eyes can make you look 10 years younger. And adding color to your lip, brightens your face and accentuates your smile.

Overall, I thrived in Beauty Basic training and am so grateful to Zephyr for providing the 101 version for me. Visit their chic blowout bar in Oakley to find the right do to compliment your personal style.