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Step back in time as we chat with the owner of a barber shop who’s been grooming local guys for the past five decades.


Mariemont Barber Shop offers old fashioned barbor shop visits.

Designed with tradition in mind, Mariemount Barber Shop, located at 6880 Wooster Pike, is offering some guy time the old fashion way. Renato Salzano, shop owner since 1975, has been cutting hair for 50 years. It’s safe to say he has seen it all in the hair care world.

With his brother being a barber, Salzano was able to tap into barber school easily. “It was totally by accident even though I would have found it on my own later on,” Salzano explained. “I graduated from high school in ’65 and everyone was leaving home early to go to California. I was going to go but I came from a traditional Italian family and couldn’t. My parents told me to go down and talk to the barber college. I wasn’t going to go, I did it to make my parents happy, but then I found out how much freedom I would have in this line of business. Salzano says after a few pictures, a physical and an eager salesman helping him out, he was on his way to his first day of barber school. “I love it and I can’t imagine doing anything else.” says Salzano.

Renato Salzano, Owner of the Mariemont Barber Shop

While Salzano says his experiences have taken him through every good and bad hair day a handful of times, he still keeps his techniques as traditional as they come. From straight razor cuts to traditional after shaves, Mariemount Barber Shop is making sure their customers get a classic finish. “We offer traditional cuts as well as beard trims and shaves,” Salzano explains. “We use bay rum, which is the oldest after shave that you can use; a tradition going way back when. Even though there are lots of different versions of it now, I like to stick to bay rum since we use a straight razor and disturb the skin a bit. Once you put the bay rum over the freshly shaved pores, it closes them and soothes it making them feel more relaxed.”

Mariemount Barber Shop is in the realm of a select few barber shops that still specialize in straight razor cuts with hot towels for relaxation and a scalp massage to top it off.  Even with a close-knit shop of four barbers including Salzano, he says they know people are more traditional now and they like to keep it that way. “We pride ourselves on doing guys stuff,” Salzano says. “We have a new beard oil by Suavecito that has been aged in whiskey barrels that gives off a whiskey aroma.”

If you’re looking to keep your beard in check when you’re out of reach of a good ol’ fashioned barber shop, Salzano recommends using a clipper, a shampoo that is PH balanced, a good beard oil and a brissel brush. However, if you’re in the market for a barber shop, Mariemount Barber Shop offers a businessman special that includes a cut and shave for $40, a clipper beard trim for $5 and a beard shape for $12.

“The great workers, Brian, Eugene, Tim and I have a ton of fun here,” Salanzo says. “We entertain everyone all day long and I couldn’t ever imagine not being in the barber shop scene.”

To book an appointment or to find out more about Mariemount Barber Shop, visit their website here.

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As a local candle making company celebrates over 170 years in business, we chat with them about what lights their flame. Read on for more!

Cincy Chic: What is Candle-lite?
Cynthia Speight, Senior Marketing Manager at Candle-lite Company: Candle-lite, a Cincinnati born company, is a world leader in the home fragrance category; creating and marketing high quality candle and fragrance products available at Kroger, Meijer, Rite Aid etc. Our headquarters are based in Blue Ash and  our manufacturing and distribution are located in Leesburg, OH.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the Candle-lite Company?
Speight: The legacy of quality, value, service and innovation that were established by our founder, Thomas Emery in 1840,  hold true today.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the company?
Speight: In 2016, Candle-lite Company merged with PartyLite, the world’s leading home décor and fragrance direct selling company, to create Luminex Home Décor & Fragrance Company under CEO Calvin Johnston. Candle-lite, through this partnership, now has the opportunity to reach more consumers and fragrance enthusiasts than any other company through the strong brand recognition and connections of both businesses.

Cincy Chic: When did the company launch?
Speight: Candle-lite began in 1840 as the Emery Lard Oil and Candle Company established by Thomas Emery.  It was a family owned business until 1952 when the candle company was sold, the named changed to Candle-lite and manufacturing moved to Leesburg Ohio. The company  has been in continuous operation since 1840, making Candle-lite the longest operating candle maker in America.  The original foundry’s walls were unearthed during The Banks construction.

Cincy Chic: What makes Candle-lite unique?
Speight: Candle-lite is unique in that we focus our attention on the future of our business while at the same time we are passionate about our heritage. We celebrated our 175th anniversary in 2015!

Robust Innovation – Including one of the first to mass – produce candles to leading the Industry in advancements ensuring the safety of candles

Consumer Insights – in 2016 we listened to 8452 consumer voices through focus groups.  (We do recruit local fragrance enthusiasts to provide insight on fragrances and product concepts!)

Tenured employees with a dedicated work ethic that are experienced and care about the tradition of candle making

Cincy Chic: What types of products can we find from Candle-lite? 
Speight: Candles and fragrance products that complement home décor while providing a quality fragrance experience. Our candle products include filled glass, votives, tea lights and pillars. Our scents are sourced from premiere international fragrance houses. Our home décor and fragrance products are sold in major food, drug, and mass retailers under the Candle-lite Company and Essential Elements brands.  

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon in 2017?
Speight: Absolutely! Our newest products provide a mess free, clean and natural way to fragrance a space. Essential Elements Scent Bursts warmer refills are made of natural paper infused with essential oils and pure fragrance. Essential Elements Scent Sticks are also natural paper infused with essential oils designed  to set in a holder and deliver fragrance for over 30 days.  Both can be found at your local Kroger, Meijer and Rite Aid stores.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
Speight: Visit our website at We’re also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Busy schedule keeping you from a healthy routine? Learn about a new Barre3 studio offering online and late-night classes.

Barre3 recently opened a new fitness studio in Mariemont.
Barre3 recently opened a new fitness studio in Mariemont.

In an effort to bring fitness opportunities to additional parts of the Tri-State, Barre3 recently opened a studio in Mariemont on Oct. 3.

But what is Barre3, you might ask? According to Corporate Communications Lead Michelle Jahnke, “Barre3 mixes athleticism, grace, and the latest innovations designed to balance the body.”

The concept of Barre3 was inspired by ballet barre, yoga, and Pilates. “Our instructors guide you through a specific sequence of movements that tone and lengthen all major muscle groups, rev your heart rate, and strengthen your body,” says Jahnke.

The Barre3 studio in Mariemont is owned by Karey Matteucci, who says that bringing a Barre3 to Mariemont was a no brainer.

“My husband and I both grew up in a neighborhood about 10 minutes away from our studio,” she explains. “I started my Barre3 journey while living in California. As a new mom in a new city I instantly fell in love with not only the classes but the community the studio built as a client and then as an instructor! I knew that I had to bring this amazing whole body program back to my hometown. I can’t wait for this adventure with the Mariemont community. My passion is teaching and connecting with clients beyond the barre. I am excited to share my passion and barre3 with the local Cincinnati community and inspire others to find their own internal mantra and appreciate their own beauty from within.”

While the idea of attending a class like Barre3 everyday sounds like a good idea, it isn’t always something that can fit into the schedule of a working mom.

But, thanks to their on-site signature childcare classes, Barre3 Mariemont has flexible class times that begin as early as 6 a.m. and go as late at 7 p.m. “This allows us to encourage every client, male or female, to make their Barre3 workout their own,” adds Matteucci.

To help with the craziness of a busy schedule and lifestyle, Barre3 is offering online classes in addition to their in-studio classes.

Matteucci says the online workouts are highly efficient and adaptable to those of any fitness level. “It includes a new workout posted every Monday combined with a discussion forum that gives you access to the instructor featured in the video, who acts as a guide for that week,” she says.

Matteucci adds that additional information regarding the online classes can be found here.

Matteucci says that although the studio just opened, they’re already planning to debut a new program in January, which is something you’ll have to stay tuned for.

The Mariemont studio is located at 7449 Wooster Pike in Cincinnati. To learn more about the studio and the classes offered, click here.

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We chat with the owner of a Mariemont-based gift shop who will soon be closing its doors to launch an exciting new adventure. Read on to learn more.

Lolli's is a Mariemount-based business that sells home accessories and gifts.
Lolli’s is a Mariemont-based business that sells home accessories and gifts.

They say when one door closes, another one opens. That couldn’t be more true for Leah Osgood, owner of Lolli’s.

Opened in February 2012, Lolli’s has served as a favorite for those searching for the perfect eclectic mix of modern and vintage gifts and accessories.

“Lolli’s collects every-evolving finds to fulfill all of your needs,” says Osgood. “You will find gifts and accessories that create lasting impressions.”

Perhaps one of the most unique parts of Lolli’s is the name. “Lolli is someone I aspire to be – someone who has classic style with just a bit of an edge,” says Osgood. “A woman who takes comfort in the traditional but is not afraid to twist it into something that is unique her own.”

Candles are one of the many items carried by Lolli's.
Candles are one of the many items carried by Lolli’s.

Whether it’s homemade candles, a hammock swing, or even a handmade bracelet, there are a variety of items available at Lolli’s.

While Osgood’s own style is still evolving, she said she’s always envisions “Lolli” to be a woman who embraces the joys that define who she is – children, grandchild, her significant other, family, and friends – while feeling blessed by the simple things in life.”

While she’s has enjoyed her time running Lolli’s, Osgood says that she will soon be venturing on to new opportunities. She plans to close the store on August 19, which still gives you time to get in there and find accessories, gifts and home goods before she shuts her doors.

When asked about the new opportunities she’ll be pursuing, she says, “This year, we began new efforts stop the stigma and start the conversation about mental illness by creating 1N5 where we will educate and share stories – our stories and yours.”

Pick up something for your home before Lolli's closes its doors August 19.
Pick up something for your home before Lolli’s closes its doors August 19.

According to Osgood, these efforts include increasing awareness and education about mental health at local Cincinnati schools and universities such as Cincinnati State and Technical College, Northern Kentucky University, the University of Cincinnati, The Summit Country Day School, Mariemont High School, and Turpin High School.

Lolli’s is located at 6814 Wooster Pike in Mariemont, where you can visit them before the store closes on August 19. Hours are Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Learn about the monogram and embroidery shop, opening its Mariemont doors in February, that’s a dream come true for one local lady.

Jules&Bing! Monogram and Embroidery will soon be opening in The Shops at Mariemont Strand.

What’s in a name? To Julena Bingaman, much more than meets the eye. “Every monogram tells a story,” Bingaman explained. It was this personal sentiment that led her to the idea of opening her own monogram and embroidery shop.

Growing up in Texas, Bingaman’s life was always colorfully embroidered. “I still remember my first monogram,” she recalls. “I’ve wanted to have my own brand since I was 9!”

Bingaman has done it all. After working in the corporate and direct marketing worlds and then staying home with her three children, she decided it was time for a new chapter. “What do I have to lose?” Bingaman says, adding that she saw a void in her community, and decided to fill it herself.

Mariemont was convenient since she and her family had lived in the village for four years, but it also happened to be the perfect place to open her own business. “I was charmed by Mariemont and how quaint it is, and there are lots of families here,” she said. Families with new babies to shower and weddings to attend, that is. The perfect clientele to help share their stories with embroidery.

According to Bingaman, it’s always the right time and the right place for that personal touch. “People are always looking to refresh their house or their wardrobe,” she says. “A monogram is an embellishment that is affordable but can change the look of a room or an outfit.”

The store, which will be called Jules&Bing! Monograms&Embroidery, will offer full service embroidery and personalized monogramming. Patrons can bring in their own items to embellish but also have the option of purchasing special and seasonal items in-store. Bingaman wanted to create a customer-centered experience that catered to anyone’s personal needs. “I have an unusual name, and my kids have four names, so I was tired of [embroidery shops] telling me no.” Bingaman looks forward to expanding the creative horizons of a monogram, and said, “It doesn’t all have to be perfect…I’m happy to do traditional [designs] but I know everyone’s style is a little different. There’s so much you can do!”

Most of all, Bingaman is excited about collaborating with and supporting other local, small businesses. “I was raised by two entrepreneurs who took a grass-roots approach. I still very much have rose-colored glasses about mom and pop shops,” she said. “We have a strong community in Mariemont but also great neighboring communities such as Madeira, Indian Hills and Mt. Adams.” Bingaman is enthusiastic to begin working with customers. “I’m most excited to be back face-to-face with the client and to provide that true customer service,” she said, “I’m so excited to hear their stories. Building relationships with those clients will be memory making.”

Jules&Bing! Monograms&Embroidery is located at 6846 Wooster Pike, off West Street, in the newly built shopping center called “The Shops at Mariemont Strand.” Their website,, will also be up in mid-February with more information on hours and services.