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Learn about a Cincinnati startup that uses Nutrigenomics (yes, we explain what that is, too) to create an individualized nutrition plan just for you.


Do you want to experience a health startup that can help you anywhere in the Cincinnati and Dayton? My Nutrition and Me LLC is a startup, whose home is in Cincinnati. “We are flexible to meet the client’s appointment needs anywhere in the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton areas,” Karolin Saweres, Founder and CEO of My Nutrition and Me. “We also use chat platforms over video conference, phone or through email.”  Saweres is the sole employee of the startup and meets with people of all ages.

Saweres strongly believes in having a diet that is personalized. “I partner with the client to develop a personalized nutritional plan that will enable them to achieve a healthy balanced diet, optimize their nutritional status and prevent, delay, and manage diseases and conditions,” she says. “Our mission is to empower an individual to reach their wellness goals through evidence-based food and nutrition science.”

There are a variety of different services that are offered at My Nutrition and Me. These services are one-on-one consultations, weight management (individual or group classes), nutrition seminars/presentations, grocery store tours, cooking demonstrations, meal plans and recipes. “Our services also include non-invasive genetic testing to provide comprehensive, reliable, genomic information with the ultimate goal of improving health through personalized nutrition,” she explains.

My Nutrition and Me is important for the community. “Generalized diets don’t work. Individuals respond differently to food intake. Personalized nutrition coaching and education is key to achieving individual goals,” Saweres says. “We implement evidence-based practice, along with professional judgment, in order to achieve optimum nutrition and wellness outcomes.”

Karolin Saweres, Founder and CEO of My Nutrition & Me

The startup is unique because it involves a new scientific discipline called Nutrigenomics, which “uses modern genomics technology to study the relationship between genes, nutrition, and health. It has long been apparent that some people respond differently from others to certain foods,” she says. “For example, individuals with lactose intolerance experience gastrointestinal discomfort after consuming certain dairy products, while other individuals can consume dairy with no problems. Nutrigenomics allows us to understand how our genes affect the way we respond to the foods, beverages, and supplements we consume.”

In 2017, Saweres is going to be sharing more health tips, more blogging, and more recipes using fresh ingredients, a monthly newsletter, and there’s a new Weight Management class coming in the Fall of 2017.

If you want to keep up with what My Nutrition and Me is doing, check out their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Two local fitness and supplement gurus are bringing a new type of product to the market. Learn about the company that’s aiming to change the skepticism surrounding supplements in the fitness industry.

Power Blendz Nutrition
Power Blendz Nutrition is a line of lifestyle products and guides to help you improve your health.

Ready to take your health (and life) to the next level? Whether you think fitness and nutrition is for you, it is, and that’s where Power Blendz Nutrition comes in.

“Power Blendz Nutrition is a new lifestyle line of products and guides that is the culmination of over two decades of formulating quality supplements for the fitness industry,” explains Power Blendz Nutrition co-founder Chris Hack.

Jim Riggs and Hack were inspired to launch Power Blendz Nutrition after encountering a plethora of “nutrition brands” that were more skeptical than realistic. “Consumers need a supplement brand that they can trust and turn to for information and advice,” says Hack.

The lack of trust has resulted in an era of skepticism for the supplement industry, an era that Hack and Riggs hope they can turn around. “Power Blendz assurance exceeds industry standards to always meet label claims and provide meaningful products with proper ratios and doses,” he adds.

Power Blendz, which launched in July 2016, offers products from several categories including:

  • Essential Nutrition: Products that everyone can benefit from and are “essential” to the human diet.
  • Performance Nutrition: Products for those individuals who are looking to get the most out of their exercise routines.
  • Health Lifestyle and Nutrition Books: These books are an evolving series of easy-to-follow guides to help with adopting a lifestyle change through diet, exercise, and proper supplementation.
  • Smoothie Bundles: Coming soon, these will be smoothie bundle packages and recipes for people to make goal-specific smoothies at home or on-the-go.

Hack says that Power Blendz is a unique product that this duo prides itself on. He explains before the company would put its name on a product, they had to ask themselves one simple question: “Is this something we would recommend to our friends and family, including our own children?”

As individuals who come from fitness and nutrition backgrounds, Hack and Riggs have been in the supplement industry since 1994. They’re passionate about what they do, including providing products and services that will truly make a difference in people’s lives and help in achieving their goals.

As far as the future of Power Blendz Nutrition, Hack says that the remainder of 2016 and into 2017 will focus on getting Power Blendz Nutrition established in the marketplace. “We plan to continue using our experience and all of the materials that we have developed over the years and put this into a format that we can share with our customers,” he adds.

To learn more about Power Blendz, visit

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    A passion for fitness and nutrition inspired The City Skinny, a blog launched by a local lady who travels the world to gain new perspectives on health and well-being. Read on for more about The City Skinny and its upcoming Fit Day and out of town retreat.


    Following a career as a personal trainer for 10 years, Emily Crosby Morgan’s schedule went through a dramatic change after her husband Steve went back into the music business as a singer with the a cappella group Straight No Chaser.

    In the time leading up to her husband’s re-entrance into the music world, Crosby Morgan had an in-home training business, but placed it on pause to travel with her soulmate.

    “I still felt the need to work in this exciting industry, so I found another capacity to go along with the new flow of our life,” she explains. “Now, I tag along with him whenever I can. It’s interesting to see the different fitness trends, or lack thereof, around the world.”

    There’s a lot that Crosby Morgan gets to see while she travels, but there’s also a lot she sees in Cincinnati. To focus on the fitness and nutrition inspiration she finds in these places she launched a blog called The City Skinny.

    Crosby Morgan says that she’s always craved travel, and now that she gets to, she loves the new perspectives it provides. “I find it so important for my own personal growth to learn about and respect other cultures,” she says. “The superficial matters less, and appreciation kicks in. I also love meeting new people and I have such an appreciation for people who stay positive and put good energy out there, which is so crucial in the fitness industry. If your trainer or coach is a positive influence who motivates you to work harder and eat better, you’ll see success.”

    This journey of seeing the world and meeting new people that she can learn from is what ultimately inspired The City Skinny. Crosby Morgan writes most of the posts herself, but her husband occasionally guest blogs and is her right-hand man, offering up ideas for content.

    Crosby Morgan also gets to work with her friend, NYC-based Marcy McIlvaine who helps out with photography. There’s also web designer Alison Connor helps with technical questions and local photographer Daniel Smyth.

    “The people behind the stories and articles, who are the backbone of The City Skinny, are the trainers, studio owners, yoga instructors and nutrition professionals,” says Crosby Morgan. “The city of Cincinnati is blessed with an inspiring and growing fitness community. I couldn’t do it without these people!”

    Over on The City Skinny, you’ll find that Crosby Morgan highlights just about anything that has to do with fitness and nutrition. She talks about new fitness experiences, such as her husband’s try at aerial yoga in New Orleans, or other experiences she found in a city or country. Crosby Morgan also writes straightforward exercise posts.

    “I am all about shining a light on good people doing good things in the fitness world,” she says. “For a number of years, the idea has simply been to go to the gym more days than not and call that a win. But people are bored with the old formula, and many people have found that this doesn’t motivate them or produce real change in their bodies.”

    Instead, we’re finding innovative trainers who are doing great things for clients, and as a result Crosby Morgan’s goal is to show people all the possibilities that are available when it comes to fitness.

    For example, many find it intimidating in many ways to try out a new class at the gym. To help ease their discomfort about it, Crosby Morgan aims to help people feel comfortable and have more information, like what to expect in the class, before they even walk through the door.

    Crosby Morgan’s other passionate subject, nutrition, can be a difficult one for readers to grasp. “There is so much information out there these days that it’s hard to know what’s right,” she explains.

    How important is it to eat organic? Are certain foods more important to eat organic than others? What ingredients or chemicals should I be wary of when I see them listed on foods at the grocery store? These are all questions that Crosby Morgan often talks about on The City Skinny for multiple reasons. “There are few things that can make a bigger difference to our bodies than the food we eat and I like to cite others so my readers can see that I am always on the side of science,” she says.

    Crosby Morgan says that we are at an interesting time in food history where we’re seeing the effects that big agriculture and pesticides have had on the human populace for the last 50-100 years. “It’s vital that we consider these things going forward for ourselves and for our children,” she explains. “This is something about which I am always reading, and I feel it is a duty to share with others.”

    Through her blog, Crosby Morgan hopes that readers find something with which they can connect: a community of like-minded people, a safe and reputable source where they can get sound advice or even just a daily dose of inspiration. She wants the fitness enthusiast to learn about a new gym or exercise they’d like to try out, or the person who has been contemplating beginning a fitness routine finds the inspiration to begin their journey.

    “But above all, I strive to be a positive force in life and I want my blog to focus on other positive people and opportunities,” she says. “We shouldn’t have to be on this journey of wellness alone!”

    There are some big things on the horizon for The City Skinny. Crosby Morgan says she’s currently planning a Fit Day for May. “The City Skinny Fit Day is a mini, day-long fitness retreat,” she explains. “There was nothing like this before in Cincinnati so I tried to put together what I thought would be the ideal day for the fitness lover.”

    Participants will go through 4 or 5 top-notch fitness experiences. There will be transportation, breakfast, coffee, a catered lunch, healthy local snacks and a “healthier happier hour.” She says they’ll also do raffles at the end and will be giving away a gift bag for everyone.

    “It’s a blast! The studios work together to make sure the attendees get a balanced experience,” says Crosby Morgan. “It’s not easy by any means, but we strive to keep it fun and enjoyable for everyone.”

    Also coming up are out of town retreats. Crosby Morgan says there is a fitness/yoga retreat in Bloomington, Indiana, about 2.5 hours from Cincinnati. The retreat will include breakfast and yoga/meditation in the courtyard of a bed and breakfast followed by a workout, lunch, choices of activity like stand up paddleboarding and hiking and free nights to explore the college town. “I am incredibly excited,” she says. “And this year is packed with many other fitness/nutrition/wellness experiences where I am teaming up with some really special co-hosts.”

    You can subscribe to The City Skinny or learn more about Fit Day and out of town retreats at You can also follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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    Read on as our nutrition expert offers six tips to give you a crop top-worthy flat stomach that looks as good as it feels.

    Crop Top, available at

    Some things in life just aren’t fair. You could be following a stellar workout regimen and a spot-on perfect nutrition plan, but still end up being at war with your body, feeling bloated, full, pushed, and gassy. The technical term: blah! This cruel experience has the ability to unravel all your efforts and give your self-confidence a blow. Fortunately, there are several smart strategies you can use to minimize these discomforting, sometimes embarrassing, symptoms so you can feel trim and light again.

    1. Put Your Nutrition Under the Microscope
    Cookie-cutter diet plans could be the main culprit because these plans are often not tailored to your current weight, activity level, your lifestyle, and preferences. Perhaps your carb cycling may be over-exaggerated, your proteins might be through the roof, or fat intake is well below your body demands, just to name a few. Use the common sense approach and if there is too much of a particular food in your daily nutrition and you feel lousy after the fact, replace it with something else. What works for someone else might not work for you. This is why I’m a huge advocate for dietary logging. Having that objective data at your fingertips allows you to pinpoint specific foods that could be affecting your GI system instead of making a guess and neglecting entire food groups.

    2. Take Stock of Your Fiber Intake
    Fibrous foods (mostly veggies, fruits, nuts, and legumes) often cop the blame, yet fiber is extremely crucial to maintaining essential gut health and bowel regulation. If you’re eating too little or too much fiber, to a degree where it extends below or past the recommended daily allowance (RDA) amount of 25-35 grams, then you could suffer through an outbreak of symptoms. Beans, grains, and legumes are an excellent source of B vitamins, selenium, and potassium, but recent evidence also suggests they are fiber sources to be avoided if you want to alleviate bloat. Despite being whole foods, rather than to avoid them completely (unless an allergy exists), try eating them in smaller doses/portions. Once again, the more objective you are with your daily intake, the better you know what to manipulate if symptoms arise. Experiment for two weeks and note how you feel without the potential antagonistic food item. Did your symptoms improve, worsen, or not change? Slowly and one thing at a time rotate/substitute different foods and keep a diary of your experience.

    3. Cycle Your Carbs Wisely
    Carb cycling is an excellent tool to fight flab because it can positively influence one’s metabolism, but this can come at a cost. The yo-yoing between high- and moderate-carbs could be well beyond your body demands, which could leave you feeling sluggish, bloated, and lethargic. A common example is someone who has already been eating 200g of carbs and then suddenly doubles it to 400g the next day without slowly building it up. Your body isn’t accustomed to that regimen, so a more gradual approach would be recommended to alleviate that GI load. More carbs are metabolically and anabolically stimulating, but you can reach a point where simply feel the lethargy of insulin fluctuations. Sometimes fat may need to be a little higher, but that’s another discussion. Granted the idea of carb cycling is to stimulate your metabolism and can be useful for social events, eating such a large volume of carbs, especially if your workout routine doesn’t require you to, can cause more chaos and lead to that pot-belly feeling.

    4. Protein Problems
    If you can’t relate to any of the previous points, your problem might be your protein intake. Protein takes the longest to breakdown in the body, which increases metabolism and keeps one fuller longer. It is broken down into amino acids in the stomach, and if it doesn’t breakdown completely it will have a tendency to ferment and putrefy. Yummy! To ease this occurrence, try eating your proteins first in order for the stomach to digest them first rather than with any subsequent foods. Since protein takes time to digest and assimilate, just as complex/fibrous carbs do, both can further aggravate GI distress since absorption is slowed down even further. Ultimately the food item causes creates more fermentation in the stomach, leading to increased symptoms of bloating, flatulence, or indigestion. Another simple tip is to rotate your protein powders because you might be intolerant to a particular type.

    5. Weak Muscles
    If you’ve been neglecting your core then this could be a factor. Research in the New Zealand Medical Journal found that individuals who have gained weight and have weak abdominal muscles tend to suffer more from visible bloating than those with stronger cores. The likely hypothesis to explain this is a stronger core acts like a corset holding the bloating inside, which forces excess gas to follow its natural path. Stick to training that core of yours a couple times a week!

    6. Watch Your Sweet Tooth
    That mid-afternoon candy bar might seem innocuous, but it could be playing a huge role in your bloating. Research in Clinical Nutrition found that 72% of people who suffer from abdominal bloating, and too much gas, had a problem digesting certain sugars. The common offending agents were lactose, fructose, and sorbitol. In the same way you can mindfully include or limit refined/processed carbs, it is important to see how you feel after a pre-workout dose of sugar to make sure it’s not a major cause of any GI discomfort.

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      Busy schedules and hectic lives don’t always have to result in unhealthy habits. See how one single mother of two turned her mother’s illness into an opportunity to inspire others to stay fit.

      Amy Smith, founder of Game On Fitness
      Amy Smith, founder of Game On Fitness
      Amy Smith wanted to bring a wellness studio to Cincinnati that provides fitness classes and personal training with energetic trainers, nutrition assistance with licensed dietitians, and kids’ fitness programs and on-site babysitting with teachers and nannies – all while also being affordable.

      Smith did all of this when she launched Game On Fitness after 22 years in the fitness industry. She says that fitness has been a passion of hers since she was a teenager, but it took life changing events along the way to help her achieve her dream.

      “My mother was diagnosed with Primary Peritoneal Cancer in 2012 and I felt completely helpless,” explains Smith. “I decided to use my passion of fitness and love for my mother to raise money for cancer research. I started a cancer foundation called Strengthening HOPE.”

      Smith also produced a fitness DVD and donated all the proceeds to cancer research, adding that the DVD had such a massive response that Bonnie Matthews from the Dr. Oz Show awarded her national recognition.

      All of this work with cancer research helped Smith gain a large following. It was at that moment that she knew it was her chance to reach more people and help them live healthier, happier lives.

      The single mother of two was venturing out on her own in life for the first time. When she was developing her business plan for what would become Game On Fitness, she says that she knew that exercise and fitness was a huge challenge for busy parents like herself. She questioned how she would own a business and care for her children — both full-time jobs on their own — and wondered how other single parents do it all, too.

      Fast forward to June 23, 2014, which Smith says was the scariest and most amazing day of her life. “There was a moment on June 23 where I turned around and wept,” she says. “My place was packed and my family was happy. My dream became a reality.”

      At Game On Fitness there are more than 22 group fitness classes held every week. There’s a class called “Little Black Dress,” which focuses on a woman’s body and the areas most of like to tone. There’s also A Better Barre with cardio-infused Ballet Barre exercises. Other classes at Game On Fitness include Yoga Burn, Club Cardio Kick (Kick Boxing) and several boot camps.

      While you typically see women at group fitness classes, Smith says men and even children attend them too. The classes are taken by people who diversify the classes with their athletic abilities. Smith adds there are beginners and trained athletes participating in group fitness classes.

      Game On Fitness also offers TRX training, Early AM Boot Camp, kids summer dance and speed and agility classes.

      The best part about the fitness classes offered at Game On Fitness? No membership is needed to participate, Smith says. You can take a drop-in class for $10 or sign up for the Unlimited Monthly autopay for $55 per month. There is separate pricing for TRX, nutrition, personal training and the kids programs.

      To learn more, visit, check out Game On Fitness’ free app at Mind Body Connect, or call 513-592-0355.

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      From nutrition and weight loss to aesthetics and medispa services, see how one local gynecologist is offering a wide variety of services to be a one-stop-shop for women’s health needs.


      Dr. Amy Brenner
      Dr. Amy Brenner

      From childbirth to menopause, hormone malfunctions to weight gain, being a woman can be a bumpy ride – but it doesn’t have to be.

      At Dr. Brenner and Associates, overall women’s healthcare is treated with an integrative and functional approach through gynecological care, bio-identical hormones, scientifically developed skin care, weight loss and wellness solutions and minimally-invasive surgical options.

      “At our practice, we seek for the root cause of conditions that many women experiences such as heavy bleeding, hormone imbalance, weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, etc.,” explains Dr. Amy Brenner, the physician at Dr. Brenner and Associates. “We are proud to be a one-stop shop for women’s care.”

      Brenner says that she’s always been interested in healthcare and surgery, adding that women’s care and child-bearing has always been easy to relate to as a woman. She is certified in both obstetrics and gynecology but currently focuses on women’s care that mirrors the stage that she’s currently in in life.

      “I, too, experience the symptoms that seem to start as soon as you turn 40,” she says. “I didn’t want to accept life-intruding symptoms as the norm and I certainly don’t want that for my patients either.”

      She’s continually inspired to continue the work she does when women she’s treated come back to her office and tell her how they no longer feel tired, have their libido back, lost weight and can keep up with their children.

      “Whether it be about our providers, in-office procedures, bio-identical hormones, weight loss and wellness or our medispa, we truly have options for the needs of all women,” says Brenner. “Our staff is also extremely knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions you may have.”

      Dr. Brenner and Associates is located at 6413 Thornberry Court in Mason, off the Tylersville Road exit on Interstate 75. To learn more, visit, call 513-770-0787 or “like” the practice on Facebook.

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      Our resident nutritionist explains how your hair and diet are very similar. See why she suggests getting expert advice and not giving up after a bad food (or hair!) day.

      033015NUTRITIONLet’s talk about hair!

      I recently chopped a whopping nine inches off my usual do. I had been growing it out, thinking that I’d be doing cool stuff with it, but in reality I feel very limited with my skills in the hair department. I recently got married, so having long hair was nice when someone else was in charge of the results, but that’s about it. My good intentions ended up in a ratty bun or ponytail most of the time.

      With my dramatically shorter hair cut, folks have have been asking if it is “so much easier to manage.” For me, no! I have been learning what makes a good quality hair dryer and how to hold it, what products are used when and why, and what in the heck to do with my bangs.

      While it seems that most folks learned how to manage their hair in their teen years, I’m a bit behind the curve. I wish I had had an older sister to show me the ropes, or that I had cared more when I was younger!

      This experience of trying something new and struggling a bit has been a great reminder for me to know what it is like for my clients working hard to make changes to their eating and exercise habits. What seems second nature to me can be very overwhelming to my clients. I often use the analogy of learning some other skill or sport with learning to eat well for my clients: “pretend you’re learning to play the piano or learning to ballroom dance. You are learning a bit at a time and building from there.”

      The good news is that perfection is never the goal. Health and wellness is about what you do most of the time, not one meal or dessert. It is common for folks to strive for perfection when making wellness goals, but that really isn’t sustainable or realistic. Even though I am a Registered Dietitian, I indulge in cookies and pizza sometimes, just not all the time. I work with my clients to balance the treats in life with their health goals.

      As I am learning how to better manage my hair, I remind myself that most days are not perfect. It will probably never look the same as when the talented hair dresser styled it, but I’m getting better (and faster) each time I try. Progress, not perfection!
      Ready to work on your health goals? Cincy Chic readers get their first follow-up appointment for free. Offer expires April 17th, 2015.

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      Learn about a local lady’s personal coaching practice, First Day Wellness, that’s helping clients get healthier and happier.

      Kate Messer Photography 2014
      Niki Pappas, founder of First Day Wellness


      Wanting to get healthy is one thing. Actually doing it is another. That’s why Niki Pappas launched her business, First Day Wellness. She works with clients to increase their self-awareness and self-compassion to help them live the healthy life they’ve always desired.

      “I provide information that will help them move forward, and I support them with warmth and empathy,” explains Pappas. “Together, we develop strategies they can practice to improve their eating, increase their activity and internalize a healthy mindset.”

      Pappas launched First Day Wellness in early 2011, when she was a student in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coaching program. In college and graduate school, she studied psychology and has always loved studying and interacting with people.

      “In turned this interest into a 20-year career in Marketing Research, which was challenging and rewarding,” she says. “Over time, though, I realized I wanted to work one-on-one with people on their most important issues – those of health and happiness.”

      She adds that she was lucky to be able to change her career path and move into the coaching field. This change also allowed her to improve her ability to take better care of not only her clients but also herself and her loved ones.

      Currently, Pappas offers a 12-week program that includes four one-on-one sessions in person or over the phone as well as ongoing email interaction and support between sessions. “The process begins with an initial complimentary consultation when a client shares his or her background and health-related goals and challenges, and we start digging in to increase understanding and develop a couple of initial strategies – small changes that the client can experiment with, that will add up to big results,” Pappas explains.

      The 12-week program is $500, but you’ll notice significant weight loss, reduction in cravings and an improved relationship with food as well as better sleep, reduced stress and increased mindfulness and balance overall.

      On top of the work she does with clients, Pappas is currently exploring partnerships with companies offering adjacent services to their employees or clients, and she has several company presentations scheduled.

      “I enjoy doing lunch and learn talks on health-related topics that are relevant for different organizational or employee groups,” she adds.

      To learn more about Pappas and First Day Wellness, visit as well as her blog at