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Last night, I hosted a virtual party with Miss Em’s  and it was AWESOME! I decided to make it a fundraiser for my friend Lindsay who’s trying to generate enough funds to do IVF and start a family (Miss Em’s will donate 15% of your sales to a charity!). So, a ton of my friends and Lindsay’s friends joined in to shop for a cause! It was really fun AND easy! 🙂

In a few days, I’ll do a follow up blog with a video that I took last night, to show you how the party worked and also recap how much we raised for Lindsay! But seeing so many of my friends buy different items at the party last night, and knowing their personal style/how they would style them, inspired me to put together this post!

My friend Lindsay is very sporty… a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. My friend Candy is very classic and corporate… a suit or LBD everyday kind of gal. And then my friend Jessica is in between as a teacher… a business casual kind of gal. So I picked out five Miss Em’s pieces and styled them how each of my three friends would wear them to give you an idea of the versatility!

  1. The Gold Bar Cluster Necklace and Earring Set ($20) — I added the Natural Fabric & Leatherette Bracelet ($14) for the “teacher” look


2. Neon Multi-Color Necklace & Earring Set ($20)


3. Coral Seed Bead Necklace & Earring Set ($22) — I added the Natural Fabric & Leatherette Bracelet ($14) for the “teacher” look


4. Long Matte Necklace & Earring Set ($18) — I added the “Be Brave” Cuff Bracelet ($13) to the “teacher” look


5. Silver Flower Necklace & Earring Set ($22)


Check out to see these and LOTS more “look for less” pieces. Click here to contact them to set up a virtual party to earn credits to shop on her site for free (or give 15% of your sales to a charity like I did). Or, if you prefer to shop in person, Miss Em’s is having a Holiday Bazaar event Nov. 5-6 at the Anderson Senior Center.

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    Looking for trendy styles at an affordable price? Keep reading to learn more about three local ladies who set off on a mission to make fab fashions easy to buy - online and at fun social parties - at affordable prices.

    Beth Feldmann, Sara Heinrichs, and Wegford
    Beth Feldmann, Sara Heinrichs, and Megan Wegford of Blue Clover.

    Beth Feldmann, Sara Heinrichs, and Megan Wegford all share a similar passion: They wanted to bring affordable and unique fashion to other women in the Tri-State.

    “We started Blue Clover as a side business, as we all three have full-time jobs and families,” says Co-owner Sara Heinrichs. “This was a way for us to have something of our own, do something that we love (shop!), and bring affordable clothing to friends, family, and other women we have met along the way.”

    Blue Clover is an online-based boutique that sells a variety of clothing items.
    Blue Clover is an online-based boutique that sells a variety of clothing items.

    Based out of Northern Kentucky, Blue Clover officially opened for business in March 2016. The online women’s clothing boutique carries reasonably-priced scarves, hats, tops, sweaters, dresses, jackets, and more.

    Based solely online, Blue Clover offers free shipping on all orders. But if you’re hoping to see them in the flesh, you can check them out at several events, as Heinrichs says they love to promote Blue Clover locally.

    “We also attend social parties,” says Heinrichs. “If you are looking to get together with your girlfriends, enjoy some cocktails, and browse some of the latest seasonal trends, we are happy to attend and we’ll bring the clothes to you for a fun night of shopping.”

    Heinrichs says that what’s even better is that if you are the host of the part, you’ll receive special pricing on products Blue Clover brings along with them.

    Products found at Blue Clover come from various brands, and the majority of the brands are perfect for women who are between ages 20 and 50. You’ll find items that are suited for both wearing to the office and even on nights out on the town.

    Prices on products are affordable, as it’s a main part of Blue Clover’s mission. Heinrichs says that prices range from $15 to $70, so there’s something for every budget.

    fall clothing
    Blue Clover also aims to bring trendy fashion at an affordable price.

    The ladies behind Blue Clover say they will continue to be ambitious with their business and keep reach for success. “The primary goal is to continue to grow Blue Clover, by helping people learn more about who we areand learning to love our brand,” says Heinrichs. “However, we have set many goals for ourselves and for Blue Clover, and we hope to have you be a part of our journey.”

    You can check out Blue Clover as several upcoming events, including Fort Thomas Music and Merchants on September 24, Ludlow Bromley Ladies Day Out on September 25, Cincy Chic’s Seasonably Chic Showcase on November 5, Cincy Chic’s Holiday Glam Fashion Show on December 2, and Fort Thomas’ Giving Back Bazaar on December 3.

    Heinrichs says you can also book your own private party to complete your holiday shopping.

    Check out Blue Clover’s website at You can also follow along on Instagram and like them on Facebook.

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    There’s a new designer in town that isn’t baaa-shful about style, creating accessories for the mini fashionista in your family. Click for all the details.

    Little Lamb Boutique
    Little Lamb Boutique sells accessories for little girls. 

    The Little Lamb Boutique isn’t sheepish about style.

    Mary Baute recently launched the business, which offers a variety of accessories for little girls, from a personal passion of dressing up her daughter. “I started making bows when my daughter was born in September,” she says. “I got so many compliments on them, and thought I should sell them since I enjoy making them so much.”

    When Baute realized she had something unique to offer, she jumped on the chance to become her own boss. And what began as a simple craft project to dress up special moments, turned into a full-fledged online business.

    One of the items available from Little
    One of the items available from Little Lamb Boutique.

    “I have always wanted to run my own business,” Baute says. “It was a no-brainer once I started only working part-time to stay home with my little girl. It’s something I hope she will learn from as she grows up.”

    Baute’s creations come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and she also does made to order pieces for any specific needs you may have. With a love for Cincinnati, it’s no surprise that her best selling bows and headbands so far have been the Cincinnati Reds and Cincinnati Bengals themed items. “The public response has been great and it’s fun supporting our home teams,” Baute says.

    Bows and headbands posted on The Little Lamb Boutique Facebook page can be purchased as is, or serve for inspiration for different creations. Baute typically works with custom creations from customers and their littles.

    “I find inspiration through my daughter, and her bright and fun personality,” Baute says. “When she was born she was very feminine and sweet. Her personality has really shown through as she has grown up, and she is now more spunky & fun.”

    Order by commenting on Facebook and receive an invoice via PayPal.
    Order by commenting on Facebook and receive an invoice via PayPal.

    To purchase an item, you can comment on the Facebook photo of the bow or headband you’re interested in, and be sent a PayPal invoice for the sale. For custom creations, simple comment on the page or send Baute a Facebook message.

    While she knows firsthand how special it is to see her own daughter in her creations, what her customers have to say is so important to her. “I have many favorite parts about selling my bows and clips,” Baute says, “But my favorite is the messages I receive after customers dress their girls in them. I usually get a photo or two and it brings me joy.”

    To purchase accessories for your little one or a friend, visit Little Lamb Boutique on Facebook or call (513) 526-9951.

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    See how one local woman turned her corporate career into one where she works from home and pursues her passion of fashion with a trendy online boutique.

    As if you weren’t already excited for the weekend, Glad Rags Boutique is giving you another reason to look forward to Friday-eve. With Thursday night “Rag Reveals,” this online boutique releases surprise merchandise on a private Facebook page for users to shop, purchase, and receive items.

    “I noticed the trend of boutique clothing sales not only online on the rise, but using social media as a platform to sell was really taking off,” Glad Rags founder Lauren Barnes says. “I was a corporate trainer and I was looking for a way to work from home and stay with my young son. I decided to do my research and give it a go.”

    Boutique quality items available at the ease of your own home and keyboard is the name of the game for this boutique. Barnes does all of the buying, posting, marketing, packaging, shipping, and preparation for each reveal by herself. For almost three years now, her boutique has offered her the ability to use her entrepreneur skills and spend quality time with her two sons.

    For a run-down of how this online commerce site works, every Thursday night at 8 p.m., Barnes publishes the Rag Reveals for the week. These reveals can vary from eight to 10 items including tops, dresses, sweaters, and accessories. Barnes publishes photos of the item, how much it costs, and the sizes available.

    Glad Rags Boutique offers surprise sales on Thursday nights.
    Glad Rags Boutique offers surprise sales on Thursday nights.

    After the reveal, customers have the next 24 hours to comment on the post with the desired items with the word “sold,” the desired size and their email address for payment. Sales are processed through PayPal, and the consumer has 72 hours to return an item.

    “The Rag Reveal concept is very fun, it’s a one of a kind way to shop for one of a kind items,” Barnes says. “Shipping is always free, and I pride myself on my customer service. I have an easy return policy and love to see my Glad Rags Gals enjoying their pieces. It makes me happy to see them happy!” Barnes says items ship quickly, and feedback on her site says that items are typically received two days after purchase. Barnes says customers return reveal after reveal to shop items on the group sale page.

    “There are several events where you can shop the Glad Rags racks if you miss the online Rag Reveal,” Barnes says. “I am at Market in the Park the first Saturday of each month through October from 10-4pm! It is held at Warren County Armco Park at the Jones Pavilion Grounds. I also do festivals in downtown Lebanon like Feast and Fall-y and The Christmas Parade.”

    For more information, visit

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    Learn about a local woman who turned her fashion dreams into a stylish reality that brings personalized posh designs to you.

    Fashion House
    Fashion House is an online-based boutique based in Greater Cincinnati.

    We all have dreams that we long to pursue. Nakkiya Groomes, however, was tired of waiting for them to materialize on their own.

    “Fashion House was started February this year solely because I became tired of running away from what I was really good at, which is fashion,” says Groomes. Fashion House is an online clothing boutique based in the Greater Cincinnati area. She adds, “My goal is to get women out of their comfort zone.”

    Groomes has always had a natural draw to the fashion industry. She forayed into this world several years ago by opening a clothing boutique and nail salon, Charmz Fashion and Nail Boutique, but the cost of upkeep became too much. She explains, “The reality was that the overhead was ridiculously high, and I was just keeping up with the Joneses and making money to pay rent.”

    Groomes dove into caring for her three children as a single mom and focused on working for necessity. “I began playing it too safe and forgot all about my dream of becoming a successful business owner.”

    That is, until she had a close call with her health. Groomes went in for an early mammogram, as breast cancer runs heavily in her family. “I thought it was going to be an in and out procedure,” Groomes recalls, “Sure enough, they found a lump and immediately suggested it to be cut out.” After a successful surgery, doctors told her that the mass should have, and very well could have, been malignant.

    “From that moment on, I regained my confidence and figured that life was too short to not go after what you want.” Groomes gave new life to her fashion business, but in an altered form, as Fashion House is online and in-home by private appointment. This flexibility gives her the freedom to bring style to local women in many different ways.

    Shoppers can view and purchase items on the Fashion House Facebook page and through their online store, by calling their phone line, or by scheduling a private fitting and styling session. Another fun way to experience Fashion House is by hosting a Dresses and Drinks party. Groomes explains, “The host provides the drinks and [we] provide the clothing, games, and a sexy fitness routine to keep up the confidence with your new look.”

    Groomes hopes her business can help ladies experience fashion in a new and personalized way. She says, “The unique part about Fashion House is that it’s literally a Fashion House… I took one of the rooms in my house and converted it into a small boutique so that local customers could still have the convenience of getting style and fitted in person.”

    Fashion House is created for women who, “are the fashion-forward thinkers, the ones who think out of the box, and who love to turn heads when they walk into a room,” says Groomes, “Our customers are classy, sexy, demanding, and chic.” She adds, “My personal fashion philosophy is to dress to impress yourself. If you’re feeling and looing good, that confidence exudes from within and rubs off in a positive way to the people you come across.”

    Looking forward, Groomes hopes to take Fashion House mobile by introducing the Fashion House Fashion Truck. Regarding spring trends, Groomes says, “I’m absolutely crazy over the cape trends, asymmetrical skirts, and high-low. These trends are edgy yet classy at the same time.”

    On April 8, Fashion House will have a pop-up shop at Cincy Chic’s annual Night in White event. They will also be hosting their first Drinks and Dresses event at Classy Divas Charm School on April 17.

    To learn more about Fashion House or to shop, visit them on Facebook or at To learn more about Night in White or to purchase tickets, click here.

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    Learn more about the fashionista friends and owners of Fancy’d Footwear, Darielle and Amery, who teamed up as the pair behind a new local footwear-focused business.

    Fancy’d (In Her Shoes) Footwear is a new, online women’s shoe boutique in Cincinnati.

    Marilyn Monroe said ”Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” and that’s the inspiration behind Fancy’d Footwear, a new footwear-focused business based in Cincinnati.

    Fancy’d (In Her Shoes) Footwear, a new women’s shoe boutique, based in Cincinnati and retailing online, offers a selection that ranges from everyday to elegant in the style of stilettos to boots based on seasonal demand. Friends, Amery Williams and Darielle Daniels, created the concept as a way in which to bring quality, chic and affordable shoes to their friends in fashion.

    As owners Williams and Daniels both share the same passion for fashion and shoes. “We are obsessed with shoes,” says Daniels. “We wanted to share our passions with those who LOVE shoes and fashion as well. We enjoy seeing our customers smile when we can make their visions come to reality.”

    “We understand that women love their shoes so it’s rewarding to see that our passions have transformed into our own business,” Daniels continues. “At Fancy’d, we aim to ensure that the customer feels at home in their closet while looking for the right shoe for the day or night’s events,” says Daniels.

    Set up as an online boutique, Fancy’d has the vision in mind of customer service. “As the customer comes to visit the storefront or website, Fancy’d will cater to the customer’s needs and wants based on their vision of the ideal shoe, while providing fashion forward tips to enhance an outfit,” says Daniels. “Fancy’d Consultation can also assist clientele with making their visions and dreams come to reality.”

    Aside from affordable pricing, Daniels expresses that their ability to still maintain high quality shoes is what truly sets Fancy’d Footwear apart from other retail shoe stores. “We also offer sales promotions on a monthly basis as well as our Fancy’d styling consultation,” she says.

    Since launching on December 1, Fancy’d has already reached huge milestones – partnering with major footwear designers like Chinese Laundry, Steve Madden and Schulz – but they certainly have many more to come.

    When looking to the future, Fancy’d has many visions and dreams for growth. “Our five year plan is to open a local storefront as well as design our own footwear line,” says Daniels. “Fancy’d will continue with our mission to offer our customers quality, name brand shoes in an assortment of sizes and styles to accommodate the chic everyday heel lover.”

    To learn more about Fancy’d Footwear, visit With questions, contact the team directly at For updates on the latest fashion trends, upcoming Fancy’d promotions or shout-outs, subscribe to be on the “Be Fancy’d” list.