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Bringing a style influenced but the fashion and music scene in Atlanta, learn about a mens fashion boutique in OTR carrying select eye-catching pieces.


Ragg Addict specializes in bringing men’s street wear to Cincinnati.

Ragg Addict is a company that specializes in “the flyest, hottest trends in men’s street wear.” What does that include exactly? A wide variety of trendy pieces including men’s shirts, pants, jackets, shorts, hoodies, backpacks, and hats, according to owner Arielle Nelson.

Nelson says she personally uses cutting edge designs and eye catching prints to stand out, and she wants the same for her customer. Celebrating its fourth year, the storefront is located in Over-The-Rhine, and since day one she’s had one mission: carry the hottest, edgiest looks for men.

When asked what inspired the company, Nelson says, “Just being in the fashion/styling and music scene in Atlanta helped play a big part in the direction I chose to go.”

Transplanted to Cincinnati, the different pieces are inspired from Atlanta and various cities she has been to or places that hold meaning to her. The patterns created are more than colors and prints – they are an attitude and edge and demand your attention, she says.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Ragg Addict is that it’s solely a store front – no website, and no online orders – which is unique in today’s digital world. According to Nelson, most customers come from word of mouth, social media, or walk in visits to the storefront. Without a website itself, Instagram is the main way their merchandise reaches customers via the internet. Nelson says she also uses this medium to gauge reaction to her products in real-time, keeping her line fresh.

This way of marketing is meant to tell a story and be unique for each customer, Nelson says, adding that she wants her customers to feel something from her merchandise. “Shopping at Ragg Addict is meant to be an experience: the clothes, the lifestyle,” she explains. “I want people to feel great about what they’re wearing and how they felt while they were shopping.”

Ragg Addict is located at 1416 Main Street in Over the Rhine. To learn more, follow them on Instagram, like them on Facebook, call at (513) 817-9091, email them at or visit them in store.

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From the Queen City to the streets of Los Angeles, one local boutique owner is giving Cincinnati men a place to shop unique pieces from a variety of brands. Read on for more.


Righno is a men’s store that features brands from all over and sells apparel, skin care, shoes, books, and more.

Cincy Chic: Tell us more about Righno!
Corey Bee, President and Executive Buyer at Righno Boutique: Righno is a contemporary men’s shop. We host brands from all over and sell everything from apparel to skin care, shoes, books, and even plants.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the shop?
Bee: The inspiration behind Righno is one’s lifestyle. It’s about being able to shop and complete not only your wardrobe but your lifestyle as well. We are also huge on good vibes and just sharing the good energy that we all need.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the business?
Bee: Honestly, without our staff we would be nothing, but I serve as our president and executive buyer. However, you won’t find much on me as I like the company to speak for itself. We are a brand so the face of Righno is Righno.

Cincy Chic: When did you launch Righno?
Bee: Righno officially launched in 2012. Our first store opened in 2014 as a pop-up in Indianapolis, Indiana. Then we did two pop-ups in Columbus. We’re currently only located in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. We love it here and we are open seven days a week!

Cincy Chic: What types of apparel can readers find at the store?
Bee: We sell a mixture of apparel. Tops, bottoms, jackets. We are more of the casual vibe, however. We like to be comfortable all the time!

Cincy Chic: What are typical price points at Righno?
Bee: We have a pretty awesome price range, so everyone can afford something. Tops are from $18 to $100, bottoms are $46 to $175 (including pants and shorts), socks and underwear for $10-$28, skincare from $5-$58, and shoes from $20-$80.

Cincy Chic: What makes Righno unique?
Bee: We specialize in exclusive items. Rather it’s from a known brand or not. We will not get the products offered to the major stores. We also keep that true boutique vibe, so when something is gone, it’s gone. That way you know it’s unlikely that someone you see will be wearing the same outfit as you.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for 2017?
Bee: In 2017 we hope to be opening our Los Angeles store! That’s been the dream since we started and we have been viewing a lot of spaces and found a few. We will be doing a walk-through of spaces this July. I’m also going to be opening up a new salad bar concept here in Over-the-Rhine, and it’ll be located on Main Street.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along with the Righno brand?
Bee: Readers can learn more about Righno on our website and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Sustainable, ethical, small-batch, USA-made products. That’s what a new local shop is all about. Keep reading to learn more.


Deerhaus Decor opened its doors six months ago and provides a location for local artists and manufacturers sell goods.

Deerhaus Decor is not your typical boutique. New to Cincinnati just six months ago, the shop’s purpose is to provide a brick and mortar location for local artists and manufacturers to sell goods. Inspired by a passion for sustainability and ethicality, the shop’s owners noticed a desire for a boutique like theirs in the area. “We wanted to be part of this growing city. We went to Findlay Market and got 300 surveys answered about what people wanted to see in the area, which were small-batch, USA-made products,”  says shop owner Sonja Thams. And with that, Deerhaus Decor was born.

For the minds behind the boutique, consumer education is key. The shop refers to itself as a transparent boutique retailer, meaning it promotes communication with shoppers about who created the product, where it came from, and what materials it is made of. The shop’s products fall under the categories apparel, furniture, bath and body, jewelry and paper goods.

Most of these products are manufactured in the USA, however consumers can stumble upon globally-sourced items as well. “If our products are not manufactured here in the US, they are from manufacturers in countries we have personally traveled to. We make sure all these products are handmade, ethical and small-batch,” said Thams.

A family business, Deerhaus Decor is owned by Sonja Thams and her boyfriend Benjamin Deering. Thams’ passion lies in the design aspect of the store. She graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design and received a degree in interior architecture and design. Deering recently graduated with a degree in entrepreneurial economics from the College of Wooster. With collaboration between design and entrepreneurship, the team combined their visions to create Deerhaus Decor.

On top of retail, the boutique offers by-appointment interior design. In a studio located at the side entrance of the building, Thams offers freelance interior design and textile design. “We are only six months old, but we’d love to see this grow. While we’re still working on the current shop, it’d be fun to have a maker-space to foster local artists in the future,” said Thams.

Check out the unique boutique for yourself at 135 West Elder Street in Cincinnati in Ohio’s Historic Findlay Market. To learn more, visit


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Read on to learn about a new space in Over-The-Rhine where entrepreneurs can test out their business ideas with a brick-and-mortar storefront.

Brick Pop-Up Shops
Mortar’s Brick Pop-Up Shops in OTR gives entrepreneurs a space to grow their businesses.

Are you an entrepreneur seeking a space to grow your business? Mortar’s Brick OTR is a 400 – square foot pop up shop located at 1327 Vine Street in Cincinnati’s Over–the–Rhine neighborhood. “We’re going to be opening another location in 2017! We’re currently scouting locations and taking proposals from additional neighborhoods,” says Allen Woods, Founding Partner and Chief Vision Caster of Mortar. It gives entrepreneurs in the community a chance to thrive. Brick Pop Up Shops started two years ago with the grand opening being Black Friday of 2014.


The mission of Brick OTR is to exist in the redeveloping neighborhoods, so the company uses terms that pertain to development or construction. “Brick represents the growth and development of physical locations,” says Woods. “Mortar represents what holds everything together – for us that is the people who actually live within a community.”

Brick wanted to develop a space for entrepreneurs who can’t find a proper spot to conduct their retail businesses on a temporary basis. It is Woods’s job to establish the creative agenda of Mortar, as well as deciding long – term plans for the company. “What we’ve found is that though Brick works great for retail, it’s also really flexible and works well for art gallery shows, product demos, workshops and other concepts – we even have an innovative virtual reality experience coming up in 2017,” he says.
Brick OTR provides entrepreneurs a testing site for their business plans. The space also provides a variety of necessities in order to run a business, such as a cash drawer and receipt printer, lighting, electricity, heat and air conditioning, remote controlled ceiling fans, WIFI, tables, hangers, garment racks, shelving and more. Along with these amenities, Mortar also has the ability to provide the entrepreneurs with their own workers to help them.

There are four pricing options for people who want to rent out Mortar’s space. The pricing includes: partial week rental (Monday to Wednesday) for $175, weekend rental (Friday to Sunday) for $300, entire week rental (Monday to Sunday) for $450, and the entire month is the best value (starts on a selected date and ends on the same date of the following month) for $1200.

If you are interested in booking your own pop up shop dates, check out, to look at the prices and availability, as well as an application to reserve a spot for your business. If you want to keep up with what Brick OTR is doing on social media, follow @BrickPopUpShops on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Learn about an OTR motorcycle store creating a unique motorcycle gear and lifestyle experience that’ll get your engine revving.

Photo by Matt Boylson at Fuel Coffee Cincinnati.

Cincy Chic: Tell us more about Piston Society!
Tim Burke, Owner of Piston Society: We are purveyors of quality, urban, and adventure motorcycle gear hand-selected to keep you looking good on and off of the bike. Piston Society is a place where motorcyclists can buy or rent a motorcycle, select gear, and find motorcycle art for their walls.

Cincy Chic: What inspired you to launch a business like Piston Society?
Burke: For years I was seeking out uniquely styled helmets, gloves, jackets and buying them from far-flung boutiques. Nobody locally was selling the styles and brands my friends and I enjoy. So I opened the shop to provide a boutique motorcycle lifestyle experience that you can’t get from the larger shops out on the beltway. We try to only sell products you can’t find elsewhere in town and give motorcyclists a more fashion-forward option for gear.

Cincy Chic: Can you tell us more about your background?
Burke: I’m the owner of Piston Society but also is the founder of the local motorcycle club: The Cincinnati Café Racers. Over the years, my club volunteers and I have produced everything from basic rides and bike nights to larger shows such as the Garage Brewed moto show, being held on January 28 at Rhinegeist Brewery, which may be the largest motorcycle show in the region. A Cincinnati native, I has a love of Cincinnati history, antiques, art, and vintage motorcycles. I produced East Price Hill’s first historic home tour back in 1995 and have renovated over a half dozen homes throughout the years. I am also known locally in the technology world where I have an IT background and own Electronic Art, an interactive agency celebrating 15 years in January.


Cincy Chic: When did you officially launch Piston Society?
Burke: We began working on it over a year ago and announced it at the Garage Brewed show in February 2016. The store had its grand opening on April 1, 2016 – no joke!

Cincy Chic: Where is Piston Society located?
Burke: We are located in the historic Over The Rhine district of downtown Cincinnati across from Taft’s Ale House and a half-block from Washington Park at 1428 Race Street. We love having Race Street as part of our address.

Cincy Chic: What makes Piston Society unique?
Burke: We curate the goods that we offer from local artists and small artisan craftsmen from around the country as well as unique brands that are lesser known in the motorcycle world. We are also the only place in Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, Dayton, or Indianapolis that gives customers the option to rent a motorcycle. It’s a small part of our business at the moment but I see it growing over the next few years, primarily with out-of-town visitors.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Piston Society?
Burke: Yes, we have just become Zero Electric motorcycle dealers here in Cincinnati. The first of its kind in Cincinnati and yes, the irony is not lost on us that the first brand we are selling has no pistons. But the unique motorcycle experience from Zero Electric is more than environmentally friendly and cost effective – it’s a blast to ride! It’s the same as a traditional motorcycle and yet different in many ways.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more about Piston Society?
Burke: They can visit our web site at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. But stopping in for a visit while in OTR is the best way to experience what it’s like to be part of the Piston Society.

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    From dreary to dreamy, Over-the-Rhine is now one of Cincinnati’s most desired neighborhoods. We chat with the OTR Chamber to learn about some of the newest (and soon-to-open) shops in the neighborhood and the special ways they’re celebrating the holidays this year.

    Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood boasts a recent renovation and plenty of new businesses for Cincinnatians.
    Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood boasts a recent renovation and plenty of new businesses for Cincinnatians.

    Over-the-Rhine has quickly become one of Cincinnati’s most popular neighborhoods. It’s undergone a major transformation over the last several years to becoming a hotspot for young professionals, families, and new businesses alike.

    Emilie Johnson, President of the OTR Chamber, says that in the last 12 months, they’ve welcomed a total of 45 new businesses to Over-the-Rhine. From wine bars to jewelry shops and fashion boutiques, there’s a little bit of everything in OTR, she says.

    “Warm up with a glass of wine at Skeleton Root, an OTR urban winery, shop at Lane & Kate/Two Little Buds for jewelry or pick up a beautiful, handmade wreath and even make your own bouquet of cut flowers, find that perfect gift for the chef in your or take a cooking class with a friend at Artichoke, or book at table at Please,” says Johnson.

    To help businesses continue to grow and expand, the Over-the-Rhine Chamber has an Innovation Challenge. This challenge, says Johnson, encourages business owners to submit a one-page application, or a one-minute video, to explain their vision for changing their business, whether it be an expansion using equipment or promotions, enhancing the customer experience, or another idea a business would like to launch.

    With the video and application fee, the Chamber can then select, and providing funding to, the selected businesses to help them grow.

    There are also other challenges, programs, and initiatives that the OTR Chamber puts together to help bring more businesses to the neighborhood.

    bgv_ad_2The new year will be the 10th year for the Business First Grant, the Chamber’s signature program. Over the last decade, the program has allowed the Chamber to grant out more than $425,000 to 29 businesses.

    To enter for the next deadline, be sure to submit information by December 6.

    When asked about what makes her the most excited about the growth and change in Over-the-Rhine, Johnson says it’s the continued support the businesses receive from each other.

    “While the neighborhood continues to grow with new small businesses, there is a very small-town feel, and the small business owners are supportive of each other and work hard toward the same end,” she says. “There is so much potential and more work to be done!”

    If you’d like to check out what Over-the-Rhine has to offer before the holidays arrive, check out OTR aGlow, which the Chamber is co-hosting with Chris Glass.

    On Thursday, December 8, the event will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Park + Vine. The event will include a meandering through the streets of Over-the-Rhine while the storefronts are lit up with creative displays for the holiday season.

    “We’ll gather at dusk inside Park + Vine and then head out to explore the architecture and sights of the historic area,” says Johnson. To RSVP for the event, click here.

    To learn more about new businesses, events, and programs in Over-the-Rhine, visit

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    Learn about a new, high-end intimates boutique in OTR with everything you need to feel feminine and fashionable.

    Vintage Kimonos sold at Swoon Intimates.

    Swoon is a new intimates boutique in OTR that began with the idea that simple, high-quality underwear and basics should be available all in one place. “Swoon exists to offer Cincinnati a way to express its sensuality,” says Swoon Owner Melissa Lieb. “We want every woman to feel empowered and beautiful.”

    Helping people find pieces that fit their bodies, reflect their personalities and give them confidence is a rewarding aspect of owning Swoon. “There are times when a customer may enter with the assumption that our size offering doesn’t include them but with a little encouragement and selective suggestions they find something complementary,” says Lieb.

    Items from the Miss Crofton collection.

    In relation to other intimates shops, Swoon focuses on soft styles of undergarments which means no underwires, no whale bone, and no cup sizes. According to Lieb, “The shift towards soft bras is, in our eyes, a beneficial one. Complimenting, rather than contorting, our breast shape is a shift towards self-acceptance and re-defining beauty standards that’s long overdue.”

    The boutique also strives to provide brands that are exclusively represented in the Midwest at Swoon so there is no overlap of products with other local competitors. The labels chosen to be featured in the boutique take a thoughtful and progressive approach to design and construction: production is smaller-scale and sustainable, and each piece is made to be worn season after season making them good for your body and the planet!

    Swoon seeks out independent, female owned brands with an eye for playful modern style. Pansy’s line of organic, domestic cotton pieces offers three simple silhouettes: a bralette, a bikini and a high-waisted panty, all of which are effortlessly sexy and come in a rich range of timeless colors. Baserange offers a more sleek variety of basics made from organic bamboo jersey. Soft as knit silk, bamboo jersey has a wider range of benefits from being anti-microbial to being naturally deodorizing. Both brands are best-sellers and organic which is beneficial to our absorbent bodies – the fewer chemicals used in the production of the undergarments the better! Lieb’s preferred line is Marika Vera: with a nod to S&M styling, once you slip into one of the strappy sets she says you instantly feel like a boss.

    Items from the Baserange Collection.

    To complement the array of intimates, Swoon also offers a selection of vintage silk kimonos. If you’ve never worn a kimono, we suggest you give it a try. “In the bedroom or on the street as outerwear, the winged sleeves of kimonos make you feel like an angel floating through a dream,” says Lieb. In addition, plant based body care, soaps and candles round out Swoon’s offerings to assist you in creating a thoroughly sensual bedroom experience.

    Choosing OTR as the location for Swoon was a “no-brainer” says Lieb. Joining with a community of small businesses and like-minded individuals who are working collectively to revitalize the city and create a shopping district has fit seamlessly with the mission of the boutique. “We are planning a few charity events including a bra drive for the Free The Girls Foundation and hope to donate a portion of holiday sales to organizations supporting women and minorities,” says Lieb.

    Swoon is located at 1421 Vine St. in OTR. To learn more, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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    This isn’t your typical flower shop. See what inspired the local lady behind this blossoming business to open her European-influenced concept in the heart of OTR.

    Gia and the Blooms
    Gia and the Blooms is an OTR-based flower shop that offers different arrangements everyday.

    Yuliya Bui grew up in a small European town close to the outdoors, and she saw cute flower shops on every corner. When she didn’t find anything like that in Cincinnati, she decided to create one. “I spent a lot of time outdoors so taking care of plants and arranging flowers and branches feels very natural to me,” Bui says. When the right space with the right lighting opened up in Over-the-Rhine, Gia and the Blooms was born.

    Gia and the Blooms is not your average flower shop, though. It doesn’t sell typical flower shop staples such as carnations or baby’s breath, or goodies such as chocolate, teddy bears, or fruit baskets. Instead, Bui and her crew of two full-time flower designers and a part-time driver comes up with a single new flower arrangement every day and offer that in three different sizes.

    “We ask our customers to trust us with the flower selection when we offer one daily arrangement, and it’s been working out great,” says Bui, who worked as a user interface designer for three and a half years before starting Gia and the Blooms. “The element of surprise is definitely there,” Bui says.

    All bouquets are made fresh every day, wrapped in burlap, and accompanied by a free handwritten note. The shop also offers a selection of other plants, pottery, and Brooklyn Candle Studio’s candles. Bui also touts that the office is in one of OTR’s “historical gems” and says that “old buildings geeks” will enjoy the ambience of the shop.

    Bui makes sure the prices are the best in town. Next-day delivery is free, and same-day delivery is $10. Small bouquets are $35, medium bouquets are $55, and large bouquets are $75. Part of the proceeds are donated to the SPCA, where Bui adopted her beloved dog Gia, “the best thing ever” and the namesake of her shop. Gia and the Blooms started selling floral arrangements on the website in February 2016, and found their brick and mortar location in OTR in early May 2016.

    Bui is happy with the way things are. “I am so fortunate to have the best people on my team who have been doing amazing-amazing work and I’m confident that we can take on a project of any size at this point,” she says. “The goal for us is to continue doing high quality creative work, enjoy interactions with our customers, choose quality over quantity, have lots of fun on the way and not screw up.”

    Gia and the Blooms is located at 114 E. 13th. st. Cincinnati, OH 45201. To learn more, visit

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    We chat with the visionary behind the salon that opened in OTR before the revitalization began. Learn about the inspiration behind the concept and what’s next on their hair-perfecting horizons.

    Jim Broft Salon Central
    Jim Broft Salon Central offers high-end, quality services in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.

    Jim Brofft Salon Central serves Cincinnati’s stylish professionals seeking high-end services in an open, yet minimalist setting. Owner, Jim Brofft after developing his craft with Paragon and Saks Fifth Avenue ventured out on his own. He opened Salon Central’s doors in 2009, bringing over 25 years of experience with him.

    Brofft explained that while looking for the space that would become Salon Central he recognized that “Over-the-Rhine (OTR) was on the tip of a major renaissance. I wanted to be on the ground floor of that exciting movement,” he says.

    Salon Central located in the American Building, an art Art Deco masterpiece in the booming Gateway Quarter of OTR, is a gleaming example of the growth that Downtown Cincinnati is experiencing.

    Whether you’re looking for an update on your current style or a complete makeover Salon Central is designed to deliver the wow factor every appointment. “We can take a client as far out on a limb as he or she would like to go or stay in their comfort zone,” Brofft says.


    It’s the consistent results that keep people coming back. “We strike a balance between cutting-edge techniques and up-to-the-minute smart trends with the needs and desires of our clients,” Brofft says.

    A big part of the reason that Salon Central is able to deliver great hair, each appointment is the handpicked staff. “The stylists are talented professionals who grow every day in their careers,” Brofft says. A key part of that growth is continuing education and it seems like the stylists at Central Salon take it pretty seriously. Brofft told us one of his stylists just went to New York City for a multi-day training to sharpen her cutting skills.

    Brofft is artistic as he is business savvy. A trend he didn’t get swept up in was continuous expansion. “It’s tempting to expand, but often it’s more challenging to keep doing what you do and not lose focus. Meeting the needs of our clients always comes first,” he says.

    Since rolling out online booking and expanding their hours setting up an appointment with your favorite stylist is easier than ever.

    Jim Brofft Salon Central is located at 305 East Central Parkway in Downtown Cincinnati. To learn more, visit them at or like them on Facebook.

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    Check out an OTR-based multicultural, multipurpose boutique that’s helping people experience culture, businesses and events in new ways.

    Sweet Sistah Splash gives local Cincinnatians a chance to explore a different culture and shop items from around the world.
    Sweet Sistah Splash gives local Cincinnatians a chance to explore different cultures and shop items from around the world.

    Are you living in the Cincinnati area and want to experience different cultures? Sweet Sistah Splash, located on Sycamore Street in Over-The-Rhine, has a variety of classes, programs,events, and sells items that represent different parts of the world.

    The name of the shop says that they “support women of all businesses, women of color,” says Nzingha Byrd, co-owner of Sweet Sistah Splash. The “sistah” part indicates an ethnic spin, and the “splash” portion of the business has to do with collaboration. “Splash indicates what I do, what she does, coming together, and splashing all over the city, whether it has to do with the programs, different artists and consigners that are on our shelves,” says Byrd. The mission of the business is to empower community and cultural education.

    bgv_ad_2Sweet Sistah splash serves as a multicultural, multipurpose boutique. The storefront serves as a consignment shop, where Native American medicine bags and dream catchers, Japanese and Asian-inspired bags, artwork from Jamaica, and a lot of African art, books, attire, and jewelry are sold. Also, local artists are given the opportunity to make money by selling their items in their shop.

    It’s also a bookstore where there are books about African experiences and culture, such as health, nonfiction, fiction, relationships, and even a few cookbooks. The shop also opens their doors for community events like a cupcake social, book releases, etc. Additionally, the store hosts regular programs in their space, such as Naughty Networking, where they invite companies like Pure Romance to come in, Belly Dancing, Movie Club With a Purpose, Rhyme A Reason, Open Mic Nights, and Yoga. Yoga, along with a meditation circle, is a part of Sweet Sistah Sundays, which is Byrd’s favorite program. The program is special to Byrd because it started in her living room a couple of years ago with two of her best friends. After a sleepover one night, the three of them decided to meditate, pray together, do some yoga, and then had some breakfast together.

    They decided to keep the tradition, and they started to invite other “sistahs” into the space, and it still goes on to this day. “We are always trying to meet the needs of the community through programs and really figure out what the people want and bring it,” says Byrd.

    Sweet Sistah Splash is a unique business for the Over-The-Rhine community. It is a personal brand that came naturally from Byrd and her team. Her business promotes individuality of everyone who comes into the space, and believes that nobody is the same. “The programs that we have are a direct representation of who we are as individuals. The programs don’t have a blueprint, a curriculum, or what type of event that we have in our space,” says Byrd. “All of the events that we have, they grow really organically from our heart, from our souls, so everything that we do is fresh and new, nobody else is doing it.”

    There is never a typical day at Sweet Sistah Splash because it is based on the program happening. Byrd’s favorite thing about working for the business is the diversity offered through their programs. “It’s cool that we can have events that can really be beneficial and inspiring to the entire Cincinnati community, whether we are focusing on children, healthy relationships, health and wellness, or women that are entering into menopausal age,“ she says. “We cover so many different things in our space and it’s always exciting to see what comes into the space next.”

    Sweet Sistah Splash is located at 1218 Sycamore St. in OTR. To learn more, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also contact Byrd directly at: 513-332-1575.