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Miami University is hosting a full-on Fashion Week packed full of events and giveaways. Read on as we chat with the director to see what's to come, and get an exclusive preview.


Miami University Fashion Week is organized by the Miami University Club of Fashion and Design (MUCFD)

Attention fashionistas! The 6th annual Miami University Fashion Week is almost here, and it’s packed full fashionable fun.

Steele Fitzwater, public relations and marketing director for Miami University Fashion and Design, says this year’s Miami University Fashion Week will be filled with different types of events throughout the week showcasing different experts and aspects of the industry.

Then, it all culminates for the big fashion show at the end of the week, on April 8. “Everything with the show, is done by the students,” Fitzwater says. “All of the models are students, all of the designers are students, and everything is set up and taken down by students.”

Miami University Fashion Week will kick off on April 3, starting with a promotional day. With this being the first day, students set up booths around campus, and promote the fashion show, and all the events that will be taking place that week. “We set up booths around a couple of the large student areas around campus, and we have merchandise to handout from our organization,” says Fitzwater. “Things like laptop stickers, pens, and water bottles are some things that we hand out to get the word out. We also have a donation of 500 Kind Bar’s from the Kind Corporation, that we will be handing out on April 3.”

Then, April 4 is Fashion Fest. “This is actually the first year we are doing Fashion Fest,” says Fitzwater. “Usually the day after our first promo day, is another large-scale promo day, and a mini fashion show where a few of our models will walk down the streets of Oxford. But what we wanted to do this year, was engage a larger part of our student body. We plan to have a few booths set up in areas with a lot of student traffic, with small events at each booth.”

All students involved with Fashion Week are invited to attend a night out from 7-9 p.m. on April 5. While this is an exclusive event, the students who are invited are encouraged to bring their friends. “I think this is a benefit for our members,” says Fitzwater. “They have this time where they can come out with their friends, and there will be drink specials. We want our members to be fond of each other, and this gives them time to get to know each other, almost like a sorority and fraternity ordeal.”

April 6 and 7 gear up for the big show on April 8. April 6 is set aside for Executive Guest Speaker night, where a fashion forward professional will make an appearance. As for April 7, the day before the big show, the Fashion Week members will be busy with the cup sale fundraiser. The cup sale fundraiser will be held at Brick Street Bar from 12-4 p.m. to help raise money for next year’s fashion show, and a possible scholarship program.

“This year, we’re able to give back more than we ever have before,” explains Fitzwater. “We want to be able to give out one to two small scholarships every year. Maybe they won’t be but $500 to two new fashion students, but we want to have a chance to give back to our members, and our University because we can now. As for the cups, the cups are on sale for $5 and when you purchase a cup, you’re eligible for discounted drinks in the cups. We normally sell 50-100 cups, and since we are making decent money from the cup sale, we want to be able to save a good chunk of that, and set it aside for two $500 scholarships for next school year, that we can give out to fashion students.”

While Fashion Week stays busy with all the events, and excitement build up, the big day for the fashion show is April 8, in Millett Assembly Hall, located at 500 E Sycamore St. in Oxford. While organizers will be at the show at 8 a.m. to set everything up, doors don’t open to the public until 5:30 p.m. There will be a trunk club in attendance before the show, with vendors such as Adidas, and Vineyard Vines, who will be selling items at a discounted price. “The show is open to everyone,” says Fitzwater. “Most VIP tickets are reserved for faculty, donors, and family members of designers and models, but each year we tend to have a few VIP tickets go on sale for the public that are interested. Only those with VIP tickets have access to the VIP toast event before the show, which starts at 6:30 p.m.”

To end the week, and celebrate all the hard work and dedication put into the show, there will be an after party, hosted at Brick Street Bar. “We will have a section blocked off at the bar, and at the show,” explains Fitzwater. “You will receive a wrist band that will get you into Brick Street, past the general admission line.”

Tickets are available online for $12. To learn more, or purchase tickets, click here.