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Learn about an upcoming event that mixes the city’s best drinks with fun fundraising activities to raise funds to support local families.


April 23 through 29 is National Infertility Awareness Week, and Parental Hope is celebrating in style with their biggest fundraiser, Journey to Parenthood: A Cocktail Expedition to Battle Infertility, on April 29.

As the title suggests, guests will be treated to five tastings of designer cocktails from around the world (designed by Molly Wellmann of Wellmann Brands), two drink tickets, tasty food, a souvenir cocktail glass, and the opportunity to bid on and win great raffle prizes. There will also be beer from 50 West Brewery and wine, as well as mocktails and other nonalcoholic beverages.

“The highlight of the event will be the IVF Raffle, where one couple battling infertility will win a full round of IVF plus medication that has been generously donated by the Institute for Reproductive Health,” says Jennifer Bross, cofounder and board member of Parental Hope. Only 200 tickets will be sold, for $100 per ticket; prices will be raised to $125 starting April 15.

Parental Hope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about infertility and providing emotional and financial support to couples undergoing treatment. Parental Hope helps couples by educating the community through events, social media, and traditional media to erase the stigma around infertility, organizing support groups for couples undergoing infertility, and awarding couples one of two types of grants – the IVF Grant, which covers one full round of IVF, and the FET Grant, which covers one frozen embryo transfer.

Parental Hope was founded by Bross and her husband David after they reflected on the trials and triumphs of their struggle to conceive, which took upward turns when they found out that their health insurance covered infertility treatments and later when they discovered that they were expecting twins. “We could not help but feel fortunate and blessed that we were not only pregnant, but also that we did not have to bear the financial burden of infertility due to my employer providing health insurance the covered the entire cost our IVF and other infertility treatments,” Bross says. “During that conversation, we decided we wanted to give back… by volunteering with an existing nonprofit that helps those battling infertility.” They realized that there was a limited number of such groups, and none fulfilled the Brosses’ needs, so in January 2016, Parental Hope was born.

According to the most recent National Survey of Family Growth conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, one in eight couples struggles with some form of infertility, approximately 6.1% of all women under the age of 44 and 13.5% of all married and childless women under the age of 44 are infertile, and approximately 6.9 million (or 11.9%) of all women receive some form of infertility treatment in their lifetime. Despite this, only eight states require an employer to cover the cost of infertility treatment in their health insurance plans. As a result, for the vast majority of all infertility sufferers, this adds a heavy financial burden to the emotional toll. Parental Hope is here to help.

“We want those currently battling infertility to know they are not alone and that there is a community of people who have either overcome infertility or are battling the same issue they are facing,” Bross says. “However, in order to meet our mission, we have to fundraise and Journey to Parenthood is our biggest fundraiser.  All proceeds from the event will be used to support our mission of raising infertility awareness and providing emotional and financial support to couples batting infertility.”

The event will take place from 7 to 11 pm at the Centennial Barn in Cincinnati. General admission tickets cost $50, but will increase to $60 after April 15. Tickets may be purchased at

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Turning their infertility struggles into stepping stones for others, one area couple founded one of the only fertility financial support organizations in the country. Read on for more.


Infertility is difficult. Paying for fertility treatments just adds insult to injury.

It’s a struggle that many face, and it’s one that’s all too familiar for David and Jennifer Bross. That’s why they founded Parental Hope, Inc., a 501 c3 non profit dedicated to providing financial support to people battling infertility by providing grants for treatment at the Institute for Reproductive Health, in Cincinnati.

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) estimates the average price of an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle in the U.S. to be $12,400. They also report that 1 in 8 couples (or 12% of married women) have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. However, these fertility treatments are rarely covered by insurance.

Parental Hope is one of the only fertility financial support organizations in the country. As a couple that struggled with infertility, David and Jennifer supported each other through three rounds of IVF. Their twins were born January of 2015.

David and Jennifer Bross, Founders of Parental Hope.
David and Jennifer Bross, Founders of Parental Hope.
“We want to give back to others who aren’t as fortunate as us to have our IVF covered,” says David. 85 percent of all fertility patients are self-pay and only eight states mandate that medical insurance cover fertility treatments.

Parental Hope seeks to spread awareness of infertility, help be an emotional support to families, in addition to being a financial support through their Parental Hope Family Grant. The grant will help to cover the cost of one round of IVF treatment for a selected family. “We want to be an organization who really impacts a family’s life,” says David.

The application deadline is Sep. 1. The Board of Directors will consider an applicant’s (and co-applicant’s) financial situation, their infertility medical diagnosis, their essay and interview. The amount of grants available is based upon the financial strength of Parental Hope year-to-year.

Parental Hope has an exclusive partnership with the Institute for Reproductive Health, to support their mission to help alleviate the financial stress of IVF by awarding selected families the Parental Hope Family Grant.

“Never give up hope,” Jennifer says. “Have the hope that one day you will have a family.” She advises couples to lean on each other, and if you’re comfortable enough, tell others what you’re going through, because you are not alone. David says that if others know what you’re struggling with, they may not be so insensitive. 

Each Applicant must meet the following requirements for the grant:

● Applicant must have a diagnosis that meets the definition of infertility according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.
● Applicant (and co-applicant) must be citizens of the United States.
● Applicants must be uninsured for fertility treatments, including, but not limited to, IVF.
● All Applicants must agree to receive treatment at the Institute of Reproductive Health in Cincinnati, Ohio.
● Grant award shall be contingent on a satisfactory criminal background check and credit check.
● Grant finalists will be expected to participate in an interview with representatives of Parental Hope.
● Applicant must submit a $50 non-refundable application fee. Payment shall be in the form of personal check or money order and made payable to Parental Hope, Inc. Application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and shall be considered a donation.

In addition to founding Parental Hope Inc., David and Jennifer also donated two embryos to a couple in need. The couple will be welcoming their new child later this summer. 

Parental Hope Inc. will continue to do small fundraisers year-round to help support the grant and hopefully create more in the future. For more information on the grant process, to volunteer or to donate, visit