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See how being put on bed rest 24 weeks into her pregnancy inspired one local lady to focus on herself and launch a new lifestyle website that celebrates all the ups and downs of parenthood.

Danielle Foulk, Founder and CEO of B|blissful, a lifestyle website dedicated to the journey of parenthood.
Danielle Foulk, Founder and CEO of B|blissful, a lifestyle website dedicated to the journey of parenthood.

A 3-month hospital stay for preterm labor helped to put things into perspective for Danielle Foulk. She found that she was less distracted by what was going on around her and began to reflect more on the life she was living as well as the twins growing inside her.

“My time on bed red was challenging, to say the least, but my reflections helped me to realize that instead of being angry or resentful, I could find my own bliss from these experiences,” explains Foulk.

It wasn’t an easy path to motherhood for Foulk, who is now the mother of 4-year-old twins. She struggled with infertility, and conquered it, and delivered two healthy babies at 35 weeks. It was then that she learned the first lesson of parenthood – to enjoy your own journey as a parent.

“This first lesson inspired me to start a mission to help parents see that being blissful isn’t about living society’s ideal way of life,” she says. “It’s about accepting and cherishing the unique life that we have been gifted as parents.”

That mission became B|blissful, a Cincinnati lifestyle website that embraces the peaks and pits of parenting by empowering parents to reflect on and appreciate what they are experiencing in their everyday lives.

The website is run by Foulk, who is the founder and CEO of B|blissful. The 30-year-old was born and raised in the suburbs of Cincinnati, graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Early Childhood Education. The mother of twins is also a full-time kindergarten teacher, runner, model, and enjoys coffee, wine, and anything that’s made right here in the Tri-State.


Since launching the website in March 2015, Foulk has also decided to take a step back from teaching in order to spend more quality time with her family, a fun new adventure she’s ready to go on.

Through her lifestyle website, Foulk says that she wants to help parents find their bliss among the chaos and hardships of parenting and everyday life. “I want them to stop comparing themselves to others and just B who they are, because the journey of parents is different for everyone,” adds Foulk.

Aside from helping others with the journey of parenthood, Foulk also wants to help make B|blissful unique on its own. She says that today’s emphasis on social media puts an immense amount of pressure on parents to be “perfect.”

“Perfection as a parent is an unattainable goal, so B|blissful is about parents being real,” she says. “It is not about telling parents how to parent. Rather, it is a place for parents to come and build a community around finding bliss in moments that would otherwise be perceived as struggles or challenges.”

Because part of her mission is to spread positivity beyond the internet and into people’s everyday lives, Foulk recently launched B|boutique. It will feature inspiration T-shirts, tanks, and accessories that are comfortable, affordable, and most importantly, chic. She says the online store will open at the end of May.

In addition to the opening of her online store, Foulk also has a B|strong: May + Healthy Living group on Facebook. “This group was formed to support those who are looking to improve some aspect of their life in a positive way,” she says. There are downloads, advice, and motivation to help group members keep going.

Additionally, Foulk is announcing B|blissful’s first B|you celebrity columnist. The column is for guest writers who love and appreciate the peaks and pits of their parenting adventures and want to share their experiences and lessons from parenthood with the B|blissful community. You can request an application to become a guest writer by emailing

To learn more about B|blissful, visit You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Watch as our Editor In Chic Amy Scalia shares her personal message about child safety

About a year into being a mom, I joked that I could write a book about all the things mom-to-be books don’t tell you. That was before my daughter could walk, so now I feel like I could fill an entire library!

Here’s one of my biggest lessons learned, and I hope sharing my story helps you, too…

Like I said, I read all those mommy-to-be books, and I thought I had my house prepped for Lola’s arrival. But once she took those first steps, everything changed. She was all the sudden getting into things I never dreamed she could reach or open yet.

Thank GOODNESS, right after she started getting mobile, I saw a commercial that was my “a-ha” moment. The commercial was about everyday dangers in a home, and one of them were laundry pacs. At first, I thought “well, duh, who would just leave those sitting out in front of a baby?” And then I realized that I was essentially doing just that.

My laundry room door was closed, but Lola can now open doors. If she did, all my products – including laundry pacs – were on a shelf she could probably reach, and the container was opened because it was easier to not have to fuss with opening it each time I needed one. Holy. Cow.

I realized I had to make that room safe if she ever did get in there (which you know she eventually would). So, I made a promise to myself to always keep all my laundry and cleaning products up and closed from that point forward. But, of course, with style. I took to Pinterest to find some cute DIY shelving that keeps everything out of reach for her but still within reach for me to grab-and-go when I need it.

I feel a MILLION times better with that little afternoon shelving project, and now, I want to spread the word so other parents can do the same. When it comes to laundry pacs, keep them up and keep them closed to keep your kiddos safe!

Watch the PSAs below I recently did on Star64 with an Injury Prevention Specialist from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and then please share this page with parents, grandparents, caretakers, and anyone with little ones at home! Click here to learn more great safety tips.

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From a parent-run consignment boutique to bilingual storytime with kids, see how this local center is bringing parents - and families - together.

The Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center is a play cafe that offers programs for adults and children.
The Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center is a play cafe that offers programs for adults and children.

Cincy Chic: What is the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center?
Sharon Said, Co-founder of the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center: The Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center (CFEC), located in a cozy Victorian house, offers more than 20 parent-child enrichment classes, weekly playgroups, story times and a breastfeeding resource center. Parents can browse our consignment boutique or socialize before and after classes while enjoying locally-made refreshments in our play cafe, while their children enjoy our open play spaces (indoors and out). Enter the center – feel the love!

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the center?
Said: Parents of young children can feel isolated and frustrated, whether they’re a new mom or dad learning how to parent, or simply looking to connect with other parents at the same stage of parenting as they are. The CFEC offers a wide range of support in the form of parenting workshops, parent/child enrichment classes and fun family events. The center is housed in a beautiful Victorian home, creating a cozy, warm atmosphere. The center’s goal is to promote community, friendships and parenting encouragement, support and empowerment.

Cincy Chic: When did the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center open?
Said: The CFEC opened in July 2008.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the center?
Said: I, along with Renate Wuebker, founded the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center.

Cincy Chic: What types of programs, events and workshops do you offer families in Cincinnati?
Said: The center offers weekly parenting workshops, weekly bilingual story times, over 20 parent/child enrichment classes from birth through age 5, a breastfeeding resource center, new parent support groups, bilingual playgroups, a parent-run consignment boutique, birthday parties and a play cafe.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for the center?
Said: We just opened a breastfeeding resource center run by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant!

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more about the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center?
Said: Check out