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A local artist’s exhibit is highlighting the many talents of Cincinnati photographers. Keep reading for all the picture-perfect details.

Ann Segal, Video Still from Conversations with Photographers/Under One Roof: From Bauhaus to Our House. Courtesy of the artist

Cincy Chic: Can you tell us more about Foto Focus and your exhibit Under One Roof: From Bauhaus to Our House?
Ann Segal, Artist behind Under One Roof: Under One Roof: From Bauhaus to Our House is a 25 minute video produced by myself about Anita Douthat and Cal Kowal, two local photographers who also happen to be married to each other. The exhibit is part of a series of videos about Cincinnati photographers that I created called Conversations With Photographers which premiered at Fotofocus 2014 at The Gallery Project. My interviews explore the photographers’ introduction and choice to pursue photography, educational background, photographic process, artistic inspiration, and stories from their lives and careers.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind your exhibit?
Segal: The main inspiration behind Under One Roof: From Bauhaus to Our House was my participation in the Fotofocus 2012 exhibit called Photographers by Photographers at XU’s AB Cohen gallery in which 60 Cincinnati photographers drew names out of a hat and created portraits of each other. Having been a photographer for thirty years, I’m fascinated by the creative process and particularly how photographers navigate creative careers.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the exhibit?
Segal: I am the producer of Under One Roof: From Bauhaus to Our House and Scott Ginn and myself co-edited the video. Creative consulting by Jerry Malsh and Una Kariim.

Cincy Chic: When and where can readers find the exhibit?
Segal: Under One Roof/From Bauhaus to Our House will premiere Saturday, October 1, 2016, 2-4pm at Xavier University’s AB Cohen Center, 1658 Herald Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45207 and run through October 28, 2016. Gallery hours are Monday-Friday 10am-4pm.

Cincy Chic: What makes Foto Focus 2016 as well as your exhibit unique?
Segal: Foto Focus is a unique event because it showcases internationally known photographers as well as local photographers, and thus broadens the audience for the later.

Cincy Chic: How can readers check out Foto Focus 2016 and Under One Roof.
Segal: Readers can participate by coming to the opening and/or visiting the AB Cohen Center during regular gallery hours to view the video. Feedback to is much appreciated. Teachers might want to purchase the video to show to students.

In addition to the video, you can also see framed works by Anita Douthat and Cal Kowal at the AB Cohen Center. For additional information, contact Segal at For a sneak peek of Segal’s video, click here. To get a sneak peek of Cal’s video, click here.

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A local photographer finds her inspiration in helping clients see the beauty in themselves. Read on for more on PhotoJenic Photography and the small town native with big dreams.

PhotoJenic Photography offers a variety of lifestyle photo sessions.

Cincy Chic: Tell us more about PhotoJenic Photography!
Jennifer Jones, Owner of PhotoJenic Photography: PhotoJenic is a Photography business based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Designed for the relaxed, I offer relaxed and customized sessions for all of life’s special moments.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind your photography business?
Jones: My inspiration comes from helping my clients see the beauty in themselves, which is one of the most rewarding benefits I get from being a photographer. Or when I capture a child’s smile and the parents are so excited that they have a great portrait of their child. I always strive to create artwork through portraits, every aspect of the image is taken into consideration.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
Jones: It’s just me, owner and photographer. I’m a small town native with a big heart and even bigger dreams.

Jennifer Jones, Owner of PhotoJenic Photography
Jennifer Jones, Owner of PhotoJenic Photography

Cincy Chic: What types of photography sessions do you offer clients?
Jones: Family, Children, Newborn, Maternity, Seniors, Engagement/Couples, and Weddings.

Cincy Chic: Can you give us price points for sessions?
Jones: A classic hour session costs $150. During certain times of the year I offer mini sessions, which are only 20-30 minutes. I offer the option to book an in-person viewing and ordering appointment. These are helpful if you like assistance making decisions or want to design a gallery wall for your home. My expert opinion will make this process much easier for you! I offer high quality prints, products and packages. My wedding packages start at $900 for your basic 4 hour wedding coverage.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for PhotoJenic Photography?
Jones: I just recently moved into a shared studio space with some other photographers so that’s been exciting and new!

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
Jones: Visit You can also like my Facebook page, send an email to or call/text me at 614-395-4132!

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We chat with owner Ty Daniels to learn more about his photography group that’s dedicated to photography and retouching to give clients picture-perfect results. founder Ty Daniels founder Ty Daniels

“You make the moments, we make them memories.” That’s the motto behind, an independent photography and photo retouch group.

According to founder Ty Daniels, the photography group specializes in weddings, events, fashion shows, corporate headshots, product and vendor photos, family portraits and many other special memories. “ was created to give photographers and retouchers a creative outlet by collaboration instead of competing, to create unique digital art that is both esthetically pleasing to the customer and gratifying to the artist as well,” explains Daniels, who brings 10 years of photography experience to the group.

Daniels launched in June 2009 when he opened the doors to photographers and editors with a variety of experience levels in the Louisville area, where the business is headquartered.

Photo by
Photo by

However, Daniels adds, despite his founding roots in Louisville, caters to customers anywhere in the world. “If you can book us, we can make it there,” he says.

One of Daniels’ greatest joys in owning the photography company has been the access it gives him. “I have been allowed in places that I never would have imagined I could go just to capture a special moment,” he says. “I take pride in my company and is diversity. I am grateful that I can provide opportunities for others and most of all that I can make a customer’s important moment last forever.”

Prices from depend on the time and travel involved. Daniels says the lower end starts at $150 and goes up to $3,500 on the higher end. However, he adds, the average customer spends between $300 and $700.

Daniels says there are some exciting upcoming projects at He’s working on getting a book published featuring works that are “nude and natural,” cataloging very tasteful artistic nude portraiture taken in low light of everyday people being comfortable in their own skin.

Daniels is also working on what he calls “the family tree.” Where he photographs a year book of every living member in his family from near and far to leave a digital footprint of the Daniels/Hatcher family that start in Cincinnati and goes as far as Frankfurt, Germany.

For more information on, click here. email or call the studio Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. at 502-510-1450.

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Behind their 8,200 square foot urban façade, things happen at Arrasmith & Associates that defy belief – and they have the photos to prove it.

Arrasmith & Associates Photography


Located at 1050 East McMillan Street in East Walnut Hills near Eden Park, this 1912 Italianate style utilities building provides the canvas for producing the iconic imagery that Arrasmith & Associates has been creating for more than two decades.

Tony Arrasmith
Tony Arrasmith

Arrasmith & Associates is a Cincinnati-based commercial photography studio, specializing in highly conceptual imagery for advertising. As a full-service photo studio, principle owners Tony Arrasmith and his business partner Sarah O’Dell work to build and produce imagery. It is the usage of a fine background that aids in their ability to truly produce strong visually contemporary imagery.

“I concept the imagery, build the sets, shoot the photography and do all of the post-production work,” says Arrasmith. “Sarah is the business mind – she handles all of the client contacts, production, scheduling shoots and billing. This was our business model that we began in 1987 and it’s still working today. We’re still the same partnership that we were when we started.”

Sarah O’Dell
Sarah O’Dell

The importance of a strong image remains the same today, however, the approach to producing is a night and day difference from almost 30 years ago according to Arrasmith. “We have gone from analogue (film) to completely digital capture and photo illustration,” says Arrasmith. “As a result, deadlines have gone from days to hours because of the ability to instantly capture this imagery”.

“Thirty years ago there was no such thing as stock photography or the ability to download any imagery from a third party – a client needed an image,” Arrasmith continues. “Today that market has narrowed. You need to specialize and have a unique vision.”

At Arrasmith & Associates they do all of their own post-production – allowing them the flexibility to refine all of their imagery to the clients and meet fast paced advertising needs. “Besides the aforementioned response regarding our love for what we do, our passion is not only our profession, but our hobby,” says Arrasmith. “Many creatives have the talent to succeed, but the partnership between Sarah and myself is what separates us from other studios.”

Arrasmith also points out that nailing a concept for a client is what makes it all worthwhile. “What I love most about what I do is nailing a concept for a client and going the extra mile then seeing the response when they see the final image,” says Arrasmith. “I also love when I have a photo shoot and everything just works – when the talent is awesome and the subject is totally engaged.”

As for the impact that Arrasmith wants to have on Cincinnati, he hopes that years from now someone in advertising looks back on their body of work and it stands out as a style and vision on its own. “I want to continue making strong conceptual imagery and eventually transition into more video,” he says.

To learn more about Arrasmith & Associates Photography, visit or check out their blog at