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A new business partnership merges talents of two award-winning photographers, one from Cincinnati and the other from Dayton. See what this dynamic duo brings to the local art scene.

Bambino International offers photography for weddings, private art, and newborn, family, and couture senior sessions.

With decades of experience, Bambino International continues to set the photography bar even higher for themselves than ever before. Dubbed one of the Queen City’s best photography businesses, Bambino International has made itself known as a collaboration of photography divisions with Cincinnati’s best artists.

“With a style that is truly unmatched, Bambino International offers weddings, private art, and newborn, family, and couture senior photography at the absolute highest level,” explains Studio Manager Michelle Jackson.

A new division will bring Bambino Photography to the Dayton area in addition to their services in Cincinnati.

The studio offers a pure photojournalist edge, and, according to Jackson, it is the studio’s mission to never interfere and to be non-intrusive while documenting the story of their clients.

As artists, Jackson says Bambino International is always finding inspiration throughout many avenues, and the business is constantly evolving.

“Our passion drives us,” she says. “We find inspiration through our daily conversations, our families, and each and every person that walks into our gallery, they are all our inspiration.”

Through that inspiration and passion to continually evolve, the team is constantly looking for elements that most people don’t recognize. “We are motivated and committed to creating and upholding a cutting edge approach unique to this industry,” says Jackson.

The team at Bambino International is comprised of a team that creates the platform for the company’s success. Michael Bambino and Michelle Jackson are the partners behind Bambino International. Bambino is the director of photography with more than 20 years of experience who has also helped to train and mold some of the city’s best photographer. “Michael came from a fine art background, and never imagined he’d be one of the top artists in the wedding industry,” says Jackson.

Bambino International will soon host its first-ever art gala.

Then there’s Jackson, partner and director of photography and studio operations, who grew up photographing weddings with her father at an early age. “After graduating with a degree in photography, I opened my own studio in 2007 and have since become one of Dayton’s most sought-after photographers,” she says.

Bambino and Jackson met just over two years ago, in what they say was a chance meeting. “After a couple of hours of back and forth talking on style and philosophy, we knew the next step was to work together,” she says. “After blending our styles and seeing the results, we knew the next move was to create a partnership. I was a leader in Dayton, Michael was a leader in Cincinnati, it was the perfect fit.”

Together, the new partnership will bring forth their photography expertise to an even bigger region.

There are big things on the horizon for Bambino International, including a new division of the company. Jackson adds that the team is thrilled for their new partnership and the announcement of Little Bambino in addition to a second location opening in Dayton.

“We look forward to giving our future and past brides a lifetime experience by allowing us to document all of their greatest moments,” she says.

Additionally, Bambino International will be hosting its first ever art gala to showcase the many one-of-a-kind pieces of their Queen City and International Art, with the direction of Kirk Rhein who will head the private art division.

To learn more about Bambino International, visit or You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram. To speak with the team directly, call 513-282-9774 or email

Editors note: this is a special advertising supplement, paid for by Bambino International.

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The Cincinnati Art Museum is welcoming three new curators. Our art guru sat down with each to learn more about them and their big plans for the future.


The Cincinnati Art Museum has appointed Ainsley M. Cameron as Curator of South Asian Art, Islamic Art, and Antiquities; Peter Jonathan Bell as Associate Curator of European Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings; and Nathaniel M. Stein as Associate Curator of Photography.

“Ainsley, Peter and Nathaniel are exciting scholars who are making significant contributions to their respective fields of study,” said Cameron Kitchin, the museum’s Louis and Louise Dieterle Nippert Director. “I am pleased to welcome them to the museum and to Cincinnati, where they will join a collaborative curatorial practice and interpretation team. In concert with our comprehensive strategic plan, the growth of our curators’ research, exhibitions, collections and teaching benefits the entire community.”

Ainsley Cameron, Curator of South Asian Art, Islamic Art and Antiquities at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Ainsley M. Cameron, Curator of South Asian Art, Islamic Art and Antiquities

Dr. Ainsley Cameron is the Cincinnati Art Museum’s new Curator of South Asian Art, Islamic Art and Antiquities. In this position, she will oversee acquisitions and collections from South Asia (a geographic region that includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka), Nepal and the Himalayan region, as well as Iran and Afghanistan. Through lectures, exhibitions and scholarly publications, Cameron will further research on the museum’s permanent collection, as well as liaise with the community with public programming and teaching. Cameron was most recently the Ira Brind and Stacey Spector Assistant Curator of South Asian Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Cameron’s exhibition and catalogue project at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA), Drawn from Courtly India: The Conley Harris and Howard Truelove Collection, provided an in-depth foray into the drawing practice at the courts of north India. She was also the curator-in-charge of digital initiatives in the reinstallation and reinterpretation of the PMA’s South Asian art galleries, which opened in October 2016. Previous curatorial appointments included roles at the British Library, the British Museum, and the Victoria & Albert Museum, making Cameron familiar with a wide range of South Asia’s artistic production, especially from the 16th century onwards.

Cameron completed her doctorate at the University of Oxford in 2010. She also holds an MA from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, and a BA in Archaeology and History from the University of Toronto.

“This is an opportunity to redefine CAM’s engagement with these collections on a regional, national and international scale, a process I am excited to participate in. I look forward to working with my new colleagues to explore the intricacies of the collection, the institution and this beautiful city,” Cameron said. She begins in Cincinnati in early May.

Peter Bell, Associate Curator of European Paintings, Sculpture, and Drawings at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Peter Jonathan Bell, Associate Curator of European Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings

As Associate Curator of European Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings at the Cincinnati Art Museum, Peter Bell will be responsible for the stewardship and development of the museum’s extensive holdings of European paintings, sculpture and all works on paper excluding prints and photographs. In this role he will lecture and write on art history, curate European art exhibitions and permanent collection galleries, and engage with the community through museum programs and by managing the museum’s Friends of European Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings group.

Bell comes to Cincinnati from the Metropolitan Museum of Art where he is Assistant Curator in the department of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts. There he has been responsible for Italian and Spanish sculpture, ceramics and glass, and European medals. He has researched and presented these collections, augmented them through acquisition and collaborated on conservation projects.

At the Met he co-curated the exhibitions Antonio Canova: The Seven Last Works (2014) and Tullio Lombardo’s Adam: A Masterpiece Restored (2015), and recently curated Renaissance Maiolica: Painted Pottery for Shelf and Table (2016–2017). He was lead curator for the design, construction and permanent installation of the Met’s Venetian Sculpture Gallery (2015).

Bell is a fellow of the American Academy in Rome. He received his undergraduate degree from Oberlin College in Ohio and a master’s degree from the Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London. He is expected to complete his doctorate from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, this spring.

“I am thrilled to join the Cincinnati Art Museum and contribute to its impressive record of scholarship, acquisitions and exhibitions. It is particularly exciting to come to this august institution at a time of new growth in exhibitions and programming, and expanding public access and visitor engagement. CAM boasts one of the great collections of European art in the Midwest, one that is known and admired across the world. I look forward to advocating for these paintings, sculptures and drawings—artworks that can be as vital and relevant for Cincinnati today as they were in Europe 500 years ago—and to deepening our understanding of the important traditions they represent.” Bell starts at the end of May.

Nathaniel Stein, Associate Curator of Photography at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Nathaniel M. Stein, Associate Curator of Photography

In his role at the Cincinnati Art Museum, Dr. Nathaniel Stein will be responsible for the stewardship, interpretation, and development of the museum’s extensive holdings of photographs. He will curate photography exhibitions, conduct and publish research on works of art in the museum’s permanent collection, engage the community with innovative programming, lead acquisitions and manage the museum’s Friends of Photography group.

Stein comes to Cincinnati from an appointment as the Horace W. Goldsmith Fellow in Photography at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In Philadelphia he organized exhibitions and wrote on internationally established figures Wolfgang Tillmans and Rineke Dijkstra, emerging African-American and Jamaican artists Andre Bradley and Paul Anthony Smith, and contemporary photographers working in or about South Asia, among many other projects. While his curatorial focus is on contemporary photography, Stein has a deep background in the earlier history of the medium. His doctoral dissertation dealt with photography in 19th-century India.

Stein holds a master’s degree and doctorate in the History of Art and Architecture from Brown University and a bachelor’s degree in the History of Art from Wesleyan University. Prior to his position at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, he held fellowships, lectured, performed curatorial roles, and taught the history of photography at institutions including the Yale Center for British Art, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, and the Rhode Island School of Design.

“I’m thrilled that my family has been invited to join the CAM family, and for the opportunity to get to know Cincinnati’s dynamic photography community,” said Stein. “The museum’s photography program already reflects a history of dedicated curators, collectors and supporters. We’re in a strong position now to continue to honor the core traditions of the medium while also thinking openly and creatively about how to engage with a wider world. I think we can seize the moment, and I’m looking forward to getting started.” He will join the museum in late April.

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Learn about a local photographer who is giving women a healthy dose of confidence by empowering them to do boudoir photo shoots.

Image: Meredith Calle
La Bella Glamour & Boudoir Photography aims to empower women and make them feel beautiful.

For Meredith Calle, Owner of La Bella Glamour & Boudoir Photography, it’s about much more than capturing a flesh-filled photo. It’s about empowerment, she says.

“Every woman deserves to feel beautiful,” Calle adds. “Having a few hours to pamper and capture beautiful images of my clients is why we enjoy what we do – Empowering women to feel like they’re beautiful from the inside out.”

Over the past 12 years Calle has been photographing newborn, children, seniors, families, engagement and weddings as the owner of Lifelong Memories Photography. In 2015, she decided to start offering boudoir and glamour photography to her clientele in response to demand through La Bella Glamour & Boudoir Photography. Being a member of Newport, KY-based Studio 821, a collaborative studio for professional photographers, provides the perfect space for photo shoots and meetings for all of these types of photography.


The early-1900s vintage studio features high ceilings and large windows that pour in natural light. There’s also an assortment of antique and modern furniture pieces, chandeliers, fireplaces, exposed brick and antique barn wood walls – as well as wood floors and rooms with solid white walls and baseboards for more of a sleek modern feel – for a variety of backgrounds for every session. And more options are on the way, Calle says. “Another room is being added and more furniture options to photograph with during sessions,” she explains.

“La Bella is a fun and relaxed studio in a trustworthy environment where women can be photographed as covered up or as carefree as they wish,” Calle explains. “Wardrobe varies from each client and can include formal dresses, jewelry, heels, or lacy lingerie. Professional makeup is also provided for each session. I work with each client prior to the photo shoot to plan their wardrobe and to decide if they want sexy or glamour images or a mixture of both.”

Calle says Studio 821 is unlike any other studio in the Cincinnati area. “We play music of our clients’ choice, provide beverages, as well as a professional makeup artist to start off the session with pizzazz,” she says. “Our boudoir sessions are very professional and focused on making you feel and look gorgeous.”

Like La Bella on Facebook or call 859-331-5379. You can also visit the studio at 821 York Street in Newport.

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Born and raised in Russia, this artist at heart and photographer by trade explains how she tells each client’s unique story through their personalized photography sessions.

Glossy Pixels Photography
Elena Bakhurin, Owner of Glossy Pixels Photography.

Elena Bakhurin was born an artist.

For Bakhurin, her passion for art started when she was just a child. “I immediately fell in love with art in sixth grade when my mom brought me to Art School for the first time back in Russia, where I was born and raised,” she says.

“Moving to the U.S. was like a dream come true – with all the available varieties of art supplies and mediums you can only think of in the arts and crafts stores,” Bakhurin continues. “Oil painting and simple charcoal drawings enabled me to lose myself outside of reality for hours.

Bakhurin’s passions took a turn in 2010 when she met a friend who was a professional photographer. “She let me play with her old digital Canon and I couldn’t put that camera away for days,” she says. “I could not stop taking pictures of everything and everyone around me, realizing that making art in its digital version gives you mobility, speed and much less of a mess than oil or acrylic.”

When starting out as a hobbyist in 2010, people knew Bakhurin as LenaPhotographer – having done volunteer projects, fashion shows, free photo sessions for friends, hours of online classes and learning how to do photography. “I used to spend hours looking through fashion magazine pages, soaking in the beauty of photography, the play of the lights and shades,” says Bakhurin, who is now the owner and lead photographer at Glossy Pixels Photography.


While she still enjoys occasional drawing, Bakhurin emphasizes that her primary focus is fashion photography, pageant/beauty headshots and simple portraiture. “I love how I feel at the moment of taking photos,” she says. “Behind the lens of my camera is my happy place – my comfort zone. The most rewarding part of being a photographer, to me, is when my camera helps me make new friends!”

By the end of 2015, Bakhurin decided to officially open her business. “It seemed like all of the great, catchy names and domains were already taken,” Bakhurin explains. “After endless head scratching and sleepless nights, I came up with the name Glossy Pixels. I like the way it rolls off the tongue.” Since opening, Bakhurin has had the honor of being chosen as a finalist in a worldwide photography contest and has been published in Perspective Fashion Magazine as well as Surreal Beauty Teen Magazine. A couple of her photos were also chosen for a showcase on the big screen in Times Square.

“Anyone can be a photographer,” Bakhurin explains. “The most important thing is to have a true passion and willingness to not only learn, but use your imagination to keep your work unique from one client to another.”
As for pricing, Glossy Pixels ensures affordable professional photography to their clients – customizing any photo package individually, depending on the client’s needs.

In looking to the new year, Bakhurin has her sights set on making Glossy Pixels Photography much better than LenaPhotographer was. “There is always room to grow,” she says. “I consider 2016 to be filled with new photography challenge projects. Pushing myself to try new things or to seek out new subjects sounds like an exciting plan for my newly opened business.”

To view Bakhurin’s work and to follow her on her journey, visit, or

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We chat with owner Ty Daniels to learn more about his photography group that’s dedicated to photography and retouching to give clients picture-perfect results. founder Ty Daniels founder Ty Daniels

“You make the moments, we make them memories.” That’s the motto behind, an independent photography and photo retouch group.

According to founder Ty Daniels, the photography group specializes in weddings, events, fashion shows, corporate headshots, product and vendor photos, family portraits and many other special memories. “ was created to give photographers and retouchers a creative outlet by collaboration instead of competing, to create unique digital art that is both esthetically pleasing to the customer and gratifying to the artist as well,” explains Daniels, who brings 10 years of photography experience to the group.

Daniels launched in June 2009 when he opened the doors to photographers and editors with a variety of experience levels in the Louisville area, where the business is headquartered.

Photo by
Photo by

However, Daniels adds, despite his founding roots in Louisville, caters to customers anywhere in the world. “If you can book us, we can make it there,” he says.

One of Daniels’ greatest joys in owning the photography company has been the access it gives him. “I have been allowed in places that I never would have imagined I could go just to capture a special moment,” he says. “I take pride in my company and is diversity. I am grateful that I can provide opportunities for others and most of all that I can make a customer’s important moment last forever.”

Prices from depend on the time and travel involved. Daniels says the lower end starts at $150 and goes up to $3,500 on the higher end. However, he adds, the average customer spends between $300 and $700.

Daniels says there are some exciting upcoming projects at He’s working on getting a book published featuring works that are “nude and natural,” cataloging very tasteful artistic nude portraiture taken in low light of everyday people being comfortable in their own skin.

Daniels is also working on what he calls “the family tree.” Where he photographs a year book of every living member in his family from near and far to leave a digital footprint of the Daniels/Hatcher family that start in Cincinnati and goes as far as Frankfurt, Germany.

For more information on, click here. email or call the studio Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. at 502-510-1450.

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    For our annual kids issue, we chat with a local lady who has a passion for turning fetes into fairy tales. See how The Picture Party Place combines her love of photography and theater while providing an outlet for other artists to showcase their talents and creativity.

    The Picture Party Place helps bring events to life for children by featuring their favorite characters.

    Caroline Hall launched The Picture Party Place in October 2013 after finding inspiration from a little shop in Michigan called the Book Nook and bringing it to life. The store in Michigan, where her family went on summer vacation for 27 years, has evolved and changed throughout the years.

    Today, it’s not only a shop for books but also for performers to come and play on the weekends and for local artists to showcase their work.

    “When you entered the shop, it was so relaxing and enjoyable that I wanted to create a similar environment,” she explains.

    That’s when Hall decided to bring her own little store to Cincinnati. Although she closed up shop last year due to family responsibilities, she was determined to keep the business alive.

    “We love to perform and entertain, and I also love photography,” says Hall. “The business was a way to marry two of my passions. We do our best to bring that passion and love to all of our events.”

    The passion for The Picture Party Place not only comes from Hall, but from her family as well as the area’s up-and-coming performers in the local theater community.

    The Picture Party Place has become a way for Hall to run a business where magical memories can be made. Hall, who herself has an extensive background in theater, has had a long line of success. She started two children’s theater programs that are still thriving and typically involve more than 100 children in the productions.

    The Picture Party Place is where you can let your imagination run wild. Hall’s business offers several types of photography packages and specializes in character-themed photos.

    “You can have a photo taken with your favorite character or have them perform at your party or event,” explains Hall.

    What makes The Picture Party Place so unique is that Hall and her team can customize their characters to fit your theme. “If you have an idea, we will work with you to bring it to life,” she says.

    The performers at the Picture Party Place are highly trained actors and vocalists, so you’ll be sure to entertain family, friends and other guests with top-notch talent. Hall can put together characters and songs to provide the entertainment you’re looking for.

    There’s even a Patriotic Quartet and Victorian Caroling group special for holiday gatherings. In addition to a unique business type, the party packages available through The Picture Party Place are one of a kind. “[Our party packages] are designed so that all you have to do is show up, we take care of the rest,” says Hall.

    Party packages are available at the Loveland Castle, Cocoa Bites in Loveland and at The Parlor in Milford. Photography packages start at $125 and party packages start at $160.

    Hall offers photography sessions for just about everything. “We offer character-themed photo sessions, head shots, photos for theater productions, senior pictures, bridal portraits, family photos, fantasy photos and casual weddings, “she says. “We also offer packages to photograph parties and events.”

    The price of party and event pricing (starting at $160) includes a photography packages. The birthday party packages include a photo with a character for the group as well as individual photos with the character for the children in addition to all the shots snapped during the party.

    Hall says that the best thing about running The Picture Party Place is seeing the smiles and joy on the children’s faces. “One of the best things, and one of things I miss most about my theater programs is hearing little voices sing,” she says. “You will often see ‘Madame Shopkeep,’ as the performers call me, wiping a tear while listening to the kids sing along with the performers.”

    She also enjoys doing events for the Dragonfly Foundation of Cincinnati, adding that one of the goals she had when starting the business was to be able to do things for that organization.

    Doing events at the Loveland Castle is another big thing for Hall, saying that their partnership has been a great pairing.

    Hall says that there’s plenty on the horizon for The Picture Party Place. “We are doing more performances at events, so you will see us customize our characters to fit various themes,” she says.

    The group recently had Miss Hannigan, Rooster and Lily St. Regis requested for a party. They also did songs from Seussical featuring Horton, the Cat in the Hat, Mayzie and Gertrude for a Dragonfly Event.

    The Picture Party Place will be doing a ‘Princesses and Heroes’ breakfast at RSVP Event Center in Loveland on July 25 as a fundraiser to support the Dragonfly Foundation campaign to build a new facility, partnering with Sweet Moments Events and Parties to bring the best characters for the kids to enjoy.

    “There will be singing, super hero training and crafts for the kids,” says Hall. “We also perform at the Loveland Castle’s show days which are the third Saturday of every month April through August.”

    On July 18 some of the group’s favorite villains will be there while on August 15 they’ll feature fairytale characters.

    Hall says The Picture Party Place will also continue creating new things as long as they have the imagination to dream them.

    To learn more about The Picture Party Place, check out their website. You can also “like” The Picture Party Place’s Facebook page to see upcoming events and the Green Faerie Productions page to view photos.

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      This weekend marks one of Cincinnati’s biggest events, bringing together artists from across the nation. Cincy Chic gets an exclusive sneak peek into this year’s Summerfair show and its brand new Brunch in the Gardens event Saturday morning, all to benefit the nonprofit organization’s award, scholarship and exhibition programs for local artists.

      At this year's Summerfair event, Cincy Chic is teaming up with the nonprofit organization to bring you Brunch in the Gardens.
      Jayne Utter (left), Manager Director of Summerfair Cincinnati, says there will be more than 300 artists participating in Summerfair this year

      This year marks the 48th year of Summerfair Cincinnati, the region’s largest art fair. Summerfair 2015 will take place May 29 through May 31 at historic Coney Island, and it benefits Summerfair’s year-round programs that provide award, scholarship and exhibit opportunities to a variety of emerging (high school and college), individual (working professional) artists and local/regional small and mid-sized arts organizations.

      Jayne Utter, Manager Director of Summerfair Cincinnati, says there will be more than 300 artists in 12 categories participating in this year’s event, which ranks in the top 25 nationally each year among art fairs.

      “Judged art categories for Summerfair include photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, wood, metal, sculpture, glass, ceramics, fiber, leather, jewelry and 2D/3D mixed media,” Utter explains.

      Regional performers will put on musical, dance and theater products, gourmet arts with foods of all sorts as well as a youth arts area, Youth Art Rocks, for the kids will be at Summerfair in addition to the hundreds of artists who will be attending.

      More than 20,000 people attend Summerfair each year. Hours for Summerfair are from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

      The lineup for this year’s Summerfair includes a variety of music acts that will take place on Summerfair stages as well as at different spots on the ground.

      Glenn Parks will play the banjo in the West Gate area on Friday while Todd Hepburn will be on the melodica at the East Gate. Utter says that entertainment on May 30 will be featured at Moonlight Gardens. Anaya Belly Dancers will perform at 2 p.m., Cincinnati Sound Chorus at 3 p.m., Celtic Rhythm Dancers USA at 4 p.m. and Queen City Cloggers at 5 p.m.

      At the Gazebo stage on Saturday will be Kelsey Mira at 1:30 p.m., Don Steins and Jeanette Stelter at 2:30 p.m., Ricky Nye at 3:30 p.m., Erin and Sherry McCamley at 4:30 p.m., Ben Levin at 5:30 p.m. and Pam Ross and Jack Doll at 6:30 p.m.

      Jeff Henry, April Aloiso and George Simon, John Walsh, Katja and Brian and G. Burton will all perform on the Acoustic Stage on Saturday beginning at 1 p.m. and ending at 5 p.m.

      Can’t Stop Cloggers will start on the Youth Arts Stage at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday followed by balloon artist Pam Ryan at 12:30 p.m., Cincinnati Suzuki School Violins at 1:30 p.m., Cincinnati Highland Dancers at 2:30 p.m. and The Studio for Dance at 3:30 p.m.

      Saturday’s lineup also features strolling musicians including Sadei and Raiford in the West Gate area and Bob Poe in the East Gate area.

      East Side Encore, Hills of Kentucky Cloggers, Clermont Festival Chorale and Belly Dancing by Habeeba will perform in Moonlight Gardens on Sunday beginning at 12 p.m.

      Kaitlyn Peace, Brenda Folz Duo, Elizabeth Windau and Vigor will perform on the Gazebo Stage on Sunday while Ben Alexander, Lisak and Rowe, Bob Cushing and runaway Sidecar will be on the Acoustic Stage.

      Cedar’s Face Art and Balloons, Balloon Twister, Cincinnati Suzuki School Cellos, Acting Up and North College Hill Double Dutch Rope Twisters will take the Youth Arts stage on Sunday.

      John Keene will be strolling the West Gate area on Sunday while violinist Karen Addie makes her way through the East Gate entrance.

      New this year, Summerfair is teaming up with Cincy Chic to present “Brunch in the Gardens.” It will take place May 30 at 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. in Moonlight Gardens. Advance tickets for Brunch in the Garden at $20 and are available at Tickets will be $25 at the door.

      Utter says this inaugural event is a fundraiser where guests will enjoy complimentary brunch bites, coffee from Coffee Emporium, swag bags, a photo booth and a fashion show featuring creations by Summerfair artists. Mimosa and bloody mary bars will also be available. Purchasing tickets for Brunch in the Gardens also includes admission to Summerfair.

      Proceeds from Brunch in the Gardens benefit Summerfair Cincinnati’s award, scholarship and exhibition programs for local artists and arts organizations.

      Summerfair is traditionally held the weekend after Memorial Day, and tickets are $10 (cash) and kids aged 12 and under are admitted to the event for free. The cost to enter Summerfair includes parking and advance tickets can be purchased online at You can also learn more by visiting the Summerfair website.

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      Behind their 8,200 square foot urban façade, things happen at Arrasmith & Associates that defy belief – and they have the photos to prove it.

      Arrasmith & Associates Photography


      Located at 1050 East McMillan Street in East Walnut Hills near Eden Park, this 1912 Italianate style utilities building provides the canvas for producing the iconic imagery that Arrasmith & Associates has been creating for more than two decades.

      Tony Arrasmith
      Tony Arrasmith

      Arrasmith & Associates is a Cincinnati-based commercial photography studio, specializing in highly conceptual imagery for advertising. As a full-service photo studio, principle owners Tony Arrasmith and his business partner Sarah O’Dell work to build and produce imagery. It is the usage of a fine background that aids in their ability to truly produce strong visually contemporary imagery.

      “I concept the imagery, build the sets, shoot the photography and do all of the post-production work,” says Arrasmith. “Sarah is the business mind – she handles all of the client contacts, production, scheduling shoots and billing. This was our business model that we began in 1987 and it’s still working today. We’re still the same partnership that we were when we started.”

      Sarah O’Dell
      Sarah O’Dell

      The importance of a strong image remains the same today, however, the approach to producing is a night and day difference from almost 30 years ago according to Arrasmith. “We have gone from analogue (film) to completely digital capture and photo illustration,” says Arrasmith. “As a result, deadlines have gone from days to hours because of the ability to instantly capture this imagery”.

      “Thirty years ago there was no such thing as stock photography or the ability to download any imagery from a third party – a client needed an image,” Arrasmith continues. “Today that market has narrowed. You need to specialize and have a unique vision.”

      At Arrasmith & Associates they do all of their own post-production – allowing them the flexibility to refine all of their imagery to the clients and meet fast paced advertising needs. “Besides the aforementioned response regarding our love for what we do, our passion is not only our profession, but our hobby,” says Arrasmith. “Many creatives have the talent to succeed, but the partnership between Sarah and myself is what separates us from other studios.”

      Arrasmith also points out that nailing a concept for a client is what makes it all worthwhile. “What I love most about what I do is nailing a concept for a client and going the extra mile then seeing the response when they see the final image,” says Arrasmith. “I also love when I have a photo shoot and everything just works – when the talent is awesome and the subject is totally engaged.”

      As for the impact that Arrasmith wants to have on Cincinnati, he hopes that years from now someone in advertising looks back on their body of work and it stands out as a style and vision on its own. “I want to continue making strong conceptual imagery and eventually transition into more video,” he says.

      To learn more about Arrasmith & Associates Photography, visit or check out their blog at