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Read on to learn about a woman who balances being a mother and being president of her new marketing company that’s taking flight.


For Tiffany Barnes, a passion for PR, marketing and entrepreneurship recently led her to fly the coop of the corporate world and launch her own business.

Now the owner and president of Blackbird Marketing, located in Liberty Township, Barnes is the entrepreneur she always knew she was called to be. “Being self-employed is in my blood,” she says. Her mother owned her own company for more than 20 years, and has inspired and championed Barnes her entire life.

Barnes fell in love with two-way communication between a brand, its customers, and the influence the average consumer could have over a corporation’s decisions because of her mother’s influence. “It’s changed the way I view a modern day communication’s professional,” she says. Over the last five years or so, Barnes was inspired and immersed herself into the world of blogging, social media, and digital marketing.

Tiffany Barnes, Founder of Blackbird Marketing
Tiffany Barnes, Founder of Blackbird Marketing

Blackbird Marketing was launched in June 2016. “While blackbirds are not traditionally thought of as beautiful, there is something classic about them, in my opinion,” says Barnes. “In my mind, they seem loyal, a constant, and determined… those are qualities I admire.”

Barnes balances being a mother, along with working in the marketing world. She decided to start Blackbird Marketing so that she could spend more time at home, being a hands-on mother with her kids. Working for Blackbird has allowed Barnes to work from home, pick her kids up from school, and be present in her children ‘s everyday life with less distractions. “It put the balance back into my life and hopefully made me a better marketer in the process,” she says.

There are ways that marketing and being a mother are similar. Today, being in the marketing world involves considering the expectations of today’s audiences. “They expect something in return, they want to feel valued, and they are loyal to brands that leave them feeling heard,” says Barnes. “Isn’t that just like motherhood? Making sure your children feel heard, are loved and doted upon.”

The company provides full-scale services to small startups and medium-sized corporations without the budget of a larger business. With the time and attention Barnes is able to give all of her clients, she provides a variety of different services to help businesses flourish, such as public relations, social media, content marketing, influencer relations, graphic design and branding, and special events. Blackbird Marketing is a unique agency in the Cincinnati area. “Because Blackbird is small – only me and a few of the city’s best freelancers – we are able to take on work that a lot of agencies would pass up based solely on budget,” says Barnes. “We’re able to support the startups and non-profits in addition to the corporations. We feel called to always maintain that ability to support the “little guys” too.”

Success at Blackbird Marketing is different for every company that she works with. There are some clients who are looking for media exposure while there are others who want their sales to increase. “For Blackbird, success is defined by our ability to help our clients accomplish their goals and our ability to continue to love what we do.”

If you want to keep up with what Blackbird Marketing is doing, follow and like them on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website.

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See how one local woman started a business to give clients a game plan for building strong digital brands and online communities.

Ray Ball, Founder of BallR Media
Ray Ball, Founder of BallR Media

Describing herself as a “local girl with a global mindset,” Walnut Hills native Ray Ball serves the city she loves with BallR Media, a full-service social and digital media agency. BallR Media specializes in creating social media campaigns, content creation, search engine optimization, blog posting, digital branding, and public relations and consulting. “We essentially find your community then grow it digitally and in person,” Ball says.

Ball started working part time on BallR Media in June of 2015 and switched to full time in October of 2015. She named her company not only as a play on her name but to reflect her time as a college athlete, which she says gave her “the drive, motivation, and determination to succeed against all odds” that she uses when she takes on new clients and difficult projects. Ball works alone, part of what she says makes BallR Media unique. Getting to know the client, combined with thinking outside the box, is how Ball does her job.

“I’m not a big box agency that hires hundreds of people to run a campaign,” she explains. “I want to meet all my clients. I want to know about your family, your history, what makes you, you. Because at the end of the day that’s what drives your company!”

Ball started her career in orthopedics but realized after four years that it wasn’t for her. “I’m a very creative person and I felt so stifled in a career I didn’t love,” Ball says. She started her blog, A Few Hungry Girls, a blog about healthy eating and cooking options. Having a creative outlet was a catalyst for Ball to change her life.

On the blog, she creates easy-to-replicate, inexpensive, and healthy recipes and posts that break down health benefits of everyday foods. She used her blog and her Instagram page to highlight locally-owned restaurants and bars, helping create a buzz for the businesses. The blog has also functioned as a “working résumé,” showing her abilities in blogging, social media, and content creation.

Another turning point was a trip to Haiti, where her mother’s family is from. “It was so inspiring to see a country that has gone through so much turmoil and still be incredibly proud, faithful, and resilient,” Ball says.

“Haitian culture taught me that through any adversity with a little bit of faith I can still succeed and be happy.” The experience inspired Ball to make a positive change in her life. “Upon return from Haiti I realized where I was in life, emotionally, mentally, and physically just wasn’t right,” Ball says, and she began eating better, working out, boosting her self-confidence, and working to find her place in life.

Since starting BallR Media, Ball has worked with a number of companies to build their brands, such as locally owned and operated Power Blendz Nutrition, which just launched a new smoothie truck. She also has begun teaching monthly classes to small business owner to teach them how to grow their brands. Ball loves working side by side with local clients and “bringing a brand to life.”

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