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We chat with the local lady behind Skinny Mom, which was just acquired by lifestyle brand Womanista, to learn about the exciting changes now on the horizon.

Skinny Mom Founder Brooke Griffin recently announced the company's acquisition by Womanista.
Skinny Mom Founder Brooke Griffin recently announced the company’s acquisition by Womanista.

Cincinnati-based Brooke Griffin has been building an empire since she launched Skinny Mom in 2011. “[It’s] a community of real moms who connect to have a healthy motherhood,” she says. “We connect, share, and inspire, providing the skinny on fitness, food, fashion, and family.”

Dedicated to inspiring women to live their healthiest lives, Skinny Mom delivers original recipes, results-driven workouts and healthy living tips to an organic and loyal audience across multiple platforms. While the brand has changed and evolved to meet its community’s needs over the years, even bigger changes are on the horizon.

Just last week, Skinny Mom was acquired by Womanista, a woman-focused lifestyle company based in Nashville. Griffin, as well as her team of seven, will spend the next six months transitioning to Womanista and moving to Nashville.

As a result of the recent merger, Griffin will take on an increased role with the Womanista company, eventually transitioning to CEO of Womanista.

“We’re excited to roll up Skinny Mom as the health and fitness arm of Womanista,” Griffin says. “We’ll continue to create great content and have a team in place who has experience in building media.”

Skinny Mom, which saw more than 4.9 million unique visitors in January alone, will no longer be used once the transition is complete. All new content that is published through the Skinny Mom branch will be released through Womanista.

“Skinny Mom is a perfect compliment to Womanista and its overall mission of inspiring and encouraging women,” said current Womanista CEO Sam Savage. “This merger will allow Womanista to create a significant presence in the lucrative health and fitness category, adding to its current offering around entertainment, fashion, beauty, style, family, and design.”

“We look forward to continuing the mission we started in 2011,” says Griffin. “By joining Womanista, we will be able to increase the investment and focus on the things we do well, which will allow us to accelerate our realization of those goals.”

For now, you can expect to start to see a slow transition as Skinny Mom begins to merge with Womanista. To see the content Skinny Mom has published under its name, visit To learn more about Womanista, visit You can follow Womanista on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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    Hope you’re hungry because we are serving up a full serving of inspiration about the local lady behind a booming website for women and brand new cookbook. Keep reading for all the delicious details.

    Brooke Griffin, Founder and CEO of Skinny Mom, with her new cookbook Skinny Suppers.
    Brooke Griffin, Founder and CEO of Skinny Mom, with her new cookbook Skinny Suppers.

    Brooke Griffin is the founder and CEO of Skinny Mom, a website where moms go to get the skinny on healthy living. She started it as a small online community in 2011 where like-minded women could go to learn how to live healthier without sacrificing family quality time. Six years later with an average of 4.5 million monthly visitors, Griffin is taking things to the next level and releasing a new cookbook, called Skinny Suppers.

    “Skinny Suppers is all about serving lightened-up, healthier recipes that everyone in your family will enjoy. They are full-flavor recipes that don’t taste “skinny,” and many are based on the comfort foods I grew up eating as a Kentucky girl. Aside from the recipes being “skinny”, this cookbook is meant to make busy women’s lives easier in the kitchen so they can focus more on family and conversations than stressing over a meal every night,” Griffin says.

    Griffin attributes Skinny Supers to her small town upbringing in Corbin Kentucky and the southern cooking her grandmother served with love. “We enjoyed her delicious meals every Sunday after church and I cherish the memories made over tasty food, prayer and laughs. As a mom, I wanted to find a way to create new suppertime memories with my son, but I wanted to lighten the dishes up so we could all enjoy them guilt-free,” Griffin says.

    Griffin has been serving up individual recipes and smaller recipe booklets that her readers cherish on Skinny Mom for years but this is Griffin’s first full length cookbook. Skinny Suppers includes 125 lightened up versions of southern comfort foods and features recipes such as Supreme Pizza Pasta Casserole, Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings and Loaded Nacho Soup. “I wanted this book to be a go-to for busy families, so there’s a variety of recipes to suit every member of your family’s tastes. As you flip through the book, you’ll see some classic foods you love made skinny, some southern favorites, and you’ll be able to try some adventurous, new ones,” Griffin says.


    Striving to make healthy meal planning a breeze Skinny Suppers has helpful icons that point to “Weeknight Wonders” recipes which require 30 minutes or less of preparation, “Waist Friendly” recipes which consist of main dishes that are 350 calories or less and “Twice as Nice” recipes that make healthy leftovers stretch throughout the week. Included in Skinny Suppers is a 30-day meal calendar to take the guess work out of meal planning. “I really want to encourage moms to get delicious, lightened-up meals on the table while spending less time in the kitchen and more time around their loved ones at the supper table,” Griffin says.

    Griffin’s personal favorite is Southern Shrimp and Grits . “In the south, we eat grits morning, noon and night so being able to make a lighter version of a food I couldn’t imagine giving up was pretty great! This meal is also one of the Weeknight Wonders in the book because you can make it in just 15 minutes, which we can all agree is a huge bonus,” Griffin says.

    Griffin emphasizes that Skinny Supers is a family centric labor of love that she couldn’t have accomplished without her Skinny Mom Team. Griffin wrote and tasted every recipe in her own kitchen. As proof of her dedication, she gives readers a behind the scenes sneak peak into the creation of Skinny Supers. “My family, including my five-year-old son, were the main taste testers for these recipes, so all the recipes that made the cut were family approved,” Griffin laughs.

    Skinny Suppers was released March 22 and is now available wherever books are sold. You can order online at To learn more about Griffin and Skinny Mom, visit