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Celebrating 34 years in business this year, a staple to the downtown beauty scene found a new street-level home. Keep reading for all the exciting details.


Paragon Salon recently opened its new street-level space. Customers can now visit for a one-stop salon shop.

Looking for a one-stop shop when it comes to pampering yourself? Paragon Salon, located on 5th Street near fountain square in downtown Cincinnati, will have you covered from head-to-toe, offering salon and spa services to both men and women.

Salon owner, Debbie Celek, says the street level relocation of Paragon is about 6000 square feet, and split half-and-half between the salon and spa. “It’s split half-and-half, maybe a little more hair,” explains Celek. “The spa is rather large, with four treatment rooms, a men and women’s locker room, a pedicure room with four chairs in it, and a beautiful relaxation room with a fireplace. We have four nail stations, 16 hair stations, and a huge makeup counter where we have Bare Minerals makeup.”

Even though there was a waiting room at the old location, Celek says Paragon’s new studio has a relaxation room where men and women who are waiting for spa treatments, can come, and unwind before their session. “Everything is very warm, and a little more inviting,” says Celek. “The relaxation room is by itself, that way people aren’t walking through it. We have relaxing, organic type, spa music playing, it’s very tranquil, and the colors are very soothing. We have two leather chase chairs that contour to your body, and we serve hot tea.

The men and woman that come in for any type of spa treatment will slip into a robe, and relax in the spa room until their session is ready. I always tell clients to get here about a half hour early so they can experience the relaxation room.”

Celek says everything that was offered at the old location, is still offered at the new location, such as facials, massages, men and women’s hair-cuts, manicures and pedicures, and makeup sessions. “We changed just a couple things, like adding in a party suite, where a whole bridal party can come in and hang their dresses, bring in food, and get ready for the wedding day, or a big group of people for a celebration.”

While this is a salon and spa where you can pamper yourself with many services, Celek says their salon is the most popular. “Hair, we do more than anything because I have more hair dressers,” explains Celek. “I have 100 employees, 50 are hair dressers, and 18 are spa technicians. We do a ton of color, we do everything. We do ombre, we do all over color, we do block color, and we do balayage. We also have a huge male cliental.”

Paragon Salon offers single session services such as a manicure or facial, but they also offer packages for those who want to get more than one service in one visit.

“We offer packages as well,” says Celek. “A client can get a facial, massage, and a manicure, or another popular one which is our Enhanced Bridal package, which includes a European facial, full body massage, a practice formal finish, intense hand treatment, and a spa pedicure. Then on the wedding day, the brides can come back in for a formal finish, and a full-face makeup by Bare Minerals.”

Whether you’re looking to get a single service, or a package, prices vary. A spa pedicure is $60, a manicure is $25, full body massages are $85, and the signature facials are $75.

To learn more about Paragon Salon, or to book an appointment, click here.


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Learn about some of the best gifts you can give your significant other (and yourself) this Valentine’s Day to truly show the love.


Check out the best gift ideas for a mom-to-be this Valentine’s Day.

The countdown is upon us, Cincinnati ladies. Valentine’s Day is almost here, and most of you are just hoping to survive the next 24 hours, never mind thinking about what to get your significant other for V-Day. HELLO, pregnancy brain, who can even remember what that thing was you were searching for on Amazon before you wandered into the kitchen, struck by errant cravings that needed to be satisfied immediately? #icecream #chocolate

Where were we? Oh yes, Valentine’s Day. Depending on how far along you are on your journey to Becoming Mom, the echoes of the past filled with chic and racy lingerie and wine-fueled dinners are on hold. While our hearts melted for Mandy Moore on ‘This is Us’ as she danced around with her bra on the outside of her t-shirt for Jack’s birthday, beautiful belly on full display while pregnant with triplets, I think we can all agree we need some alternative options here, just in case!

Gift One:

Stress-Free and Happy – A Couples Massage for the Mommy and Daddy to Be

Stress-free is sexy. Seriously, ask ANYONE. Hands down one of the best gifts you can give your partner: An experience to connect, relax, and be together in dim light, snuggled under soft blankets, with soft music floating all around out. Not to mention the soothing effect hot stones can have on your aching limbs, tired back, and sore feet.

While you’re presenting this gift of togetherness to your husband, you still must make sure that you’re receiving a massage in a safe environment with staff trained in pregnancy massage. A Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist can address many of the issues you may face during your pregnancy, including sciatic nerve pain, round ligament pain, leg cramping, constipation, gas, heartburn, headaches, and stress. Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound is a Pregnancy spa, ultrasound imaging center, and maternity boutique that specializes in the journey to motherhood located in the Deerfield Town Center in Mason, Ohio.

They have licensed and certified staff in prenatal massage therapy accredited by the NCBTMB. (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work.)

Becoming Mom has created a special package for couples this Valentine’s Day. It Includes a side-by-side 50-minute Pregnancy Massage for you and a Swedish Massage for him in adjoining rooms. For additional luxury, you can add on an enhancer like hot stones or a moisturizing Eco-Fin hand and foot treatment, or upgrade to 80-minute massages.

Another benefit to going to a pregnancy spa like Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound are the specialized massage techniques and safety protocols they’ve developed for mom and baby. The treatment rooms contain customizable reclining tables or pregnancy support cushions for safe side positioning, and every product is pregnancy-safe and natural.

Enough about you, this is still a gift for your significant other after all *cough*. His Swedish massage will occur in the same room, can be customized to address any pain points and issues that he might be having and the treatment table can be adjusted to any reclining position desired. Best of all he will get to experience a relaxing and stress-free massage gazing at your beautiful face, shoulders, and a sheet draped baby bump in dim lighting. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Gift Two:

Book a Date to Fall in Love: Time to Meet Your Baby

You might be thinking that you’ve already given him the best Valentine’s Gift ever. You’re growing a human inside of you! What can top that? Well, what if you could book a date night he will never forget and surprise him (and you! ) by meeting your baby for the first time or finding out if the bun in the oven is a boy or a girl?

With an elective ultrasound at Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound, you both can share in the experience of “seeing” your baby for the first time in the comfort of a spa environment with an ultrasound performed by a medical sonographer.

Becoming Mom is the only Cincinnati area elective ultrasound center with the latest in 2D, 3D and HD technologies – a package for every stage of your pregnancy.  If gender determination is your ideal date night and you’re at least 16 weeks, the 2D Just Can’t Wait Package is a good fit. If you’re interested in a 3D or HD Package, you should be at least 23 weeks, and the Simply Sweet HD Ultrasound Package should be considered.

Here are some guidelines:

23-26 weeks: Baby’s facial features are starting to be defined, and you can see more of the baby at once.

27-32 weeks: This is a good time for your second 3D ultrasound or if you’re only going to come in for one session during your pregnancy. Baby’s facial features are more defined, and the baby still has room to move around. However, because the baby is getting larger, you won’t see quite as much of him/her at once as you would earlier.

33-36 weeks: The best time for beautiful facial shots IF baby “cooperates.” Please be aware that increased crowding in the womb does make it more challenging to get pictures.

What to Do – How Do You Decide?

As we have established, pregnancy brain is the real deal!  Decisions are hard and time is short. My suggestion is to go with the package YOU want most, because Happy Wife = Happy Life! But if you can’t decide, the Enjoy the Journey. package combines everything we chatted about – and saves you money! And i you combine that package with the Gift Certificate Special that Becoming Mom is running you can receive a FREE mom-on-the-go-facial to come back for at a later date. #score You really can’t beat saving money, receiving free stuff and finding the perfect present for your husband with a gift certificate at Becoming Mom. I don’t know about you, but this is my kind of shopping trip!

Happy Valentine’s Day Mamas! Stay relaxed, have fun, enjoy connecting with your partner and treasure the moment you get to meet your little peanut. 

The journey to becoming a mom is marathon you’ve just started. We can’t wait to share it with you! Want to buy an instant gift certificate, click here to select the special that works for you or book your appointment at 513-770-6730. 

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Find out how this local spa for moms and moms-to-be can make your holidays (and body) feel brighter with new seasonal specials and services.

Becoming Mom is offering seasonal packages to get you feeling primped and primed for the holiday season.
Becoming Mom is offering seasonal packages to get you feeling primped and primed for the holiday season.

For the past 12 years, Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound has offered 3D and 4D ultrasound as well as pregnancy-safe spa services for moms and moms-to-be. This year, they’re ringing in the holidays with new seasonal packages and services.

From now until the end of the year, they’re offering a wide variety of special seasonal-specific packages. Allyson Osborne, general manager of Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound, told us a holiday favorite is the Sugar Plum and Mistletoes holiday package. It includes their Peppermint Pedicure and EcoFin moisturizing treatment topped off with a Farmaesthetics’ exfoliating lip scrub and softener.

Another holiday favorite for clients, according to Osborne, is the Alone Time spa package, which includes time for a peaceful nap – surrounded by candle light and soothing music – after services. “Because what mom couldn’t use a little of that this holiday season,” she says. If you’re looking for some alone time with your sweetie, couples massages are on the menu as well.

“As we enter into the hustle and bustle of the holidays it’s important to remember to take care of yourself,” Osborne says. “Many moms never take the time to rest and recharge which makes taking care of everyone else even harder.”

Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound offers massages, body treatments, waxing, facials, pedicures and manicures. Some of which can be added to your ultrasound appointment. Their menu is designed around each stage of the pregnancy journey. And that includes post-pregnancy services like the Goodbye Stretchmarks massage enhancer. While you’re enjoying a spa service, be sure to also browse their pregnancy boutique, which carries a wide selection of products like pregnancy and postpartum support belts, designer diaper bags, skincare and breastfeeding supplies.

According to Osborne, the Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound team is especially excited about the new tea line they’re carrying. “From morning sickness and heartburn to sleepless nights and breastfeeding challenges, we carry a blend of tea to help,” she adds.

If you know someone with a mom or mom-to-be on their holiday shopping list, Osborne says to send them her way. “We love helping people find gifts and services that are perfect for loved ones,” she explains.

Osborne adds that Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound recently upgraded their website to make it easier to buy gift certificates and services online. “You can buy specific services and packages, or by dollar amount,” she says. “These certificates can be sent to you or the recipient, and you also have the option to print them immediately or on a later date – like a birthday or anniversary – so you never miss a special occasion in the future.”

Becoming Mom is located at 5485 Deerfield Blvd., Mason, Oh 45040 in the Deerfield Towne Centre. To learn more, visit

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This Cincinnati spa is a dream come true for your princess. Learn more about the luxe experience for your littles where head-to-toe pink, sugar scrubs and tea parties are just the beginning.

Simone Wimberly was inspired by her grandmother and daughter to start Dazzling Dolls Kids Spa. Wimberly remembers how bored she would be as a young girl spending her weekends and summers at her grandmother’s salon in Chicago. There was nothing for a girl her age to do in the salon.

Then, when Wimberly would take her own daughter to the salon, she realized she had no control over adult conversations and again, there was not much for her daughter to do. Wimberly set out to create a place to be all about little girls. “I wanted to create a place just for girls to go and be pampered,” says Wimberly.

The name, Dazzling Dolls Kids Spa, comes from the kinds of little girls that come into the spa. “I believe every little girl shines and dazzles in her own way, and every little girl loves to play dress up or play in mom’s nail polish and make-up because she wants to look like her own Barbie dolls,” says Wimberly. Therefore, each girl is a Dazzling Doll at Wimberly’s spa.

As soon as you walk into the spa, you know it is meant for little girls. Keeping in mind the clientele who come to the spa, it is designed with “inspiration, sophistication, glamour and elegance,” she says.

Plus, everything is pink head-to-toe! Even with the kid-focused atmosphere, Wimberly wants parents to have the opportunity to spend quality time with their little girl by letting the parent get the spa services alongside with her. Whether it’s a “Mommy and Me” or “Daddy and Doll” spa package, you’ll both be treated and pampered side by side.

The spa is a little girl’s dream with pink plush spa robes for each girl, pink runways, tutus and even pink candy and cupcakes. Hello Kitty is no stranger to Dazzling Dolls Kids Spa and where else could a girl find cotton candy drinks, tea parties, and endless fun?

Even while being pampered, the girls will not get bored since entertainment is always provided by the spa. Wimberly wants it to be a fun environment for each and every girl there.

Serving as many as 16-18 girls at a time, they can enjoy kid-friendly pedicure fizzies and sugar scrubs that parents can even purchase to have at their own home. From 10 different flavors to choose from, they’re a great idea for a DIY spa day at home for when the kids have a snow day.

When it comes to the best part of owning Dazzling Dolls Kids Spa, Wimberly enjoys “seeing little girls’ faces when they walk into our ‘All Pink Spa’ and hearing them and the parents say they will be back!”

Dazzling Dolls Kids Spa is located at 121 W Kemper Rd. in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit their website or check out their Facebook page.

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See how students at Gateway Community and Technical College are practicing their techniques outside of the classroom, and gaining hands-on (literally!) learning experience.

Emerge Hair Studio and Spa in downtown Covington is a student-run business in the college’s Professional Services building.

There’s nothing quite like getting hands-on learning experience. That’s why students at Gateway Community and Technical College are getting to do just that at Emerge Hair Studio and Spa.

Emerge Hair Studio and Spa is a student-run business in the college’s Professional Services building in downtown Covington. Emerge had a soft opening in June 2015 with its massage services. The grand opening will occur in late August and by then all of its services such as hair cut, color and style, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and facials will be offered.

“Emerge was created to provide a state-of-the-art learning center for our students and a service to Covington,” says Michelle Sjogren, Gateway’s Director of Communications. Although Emerge has only been opened since June, it has already received five star reviews on its Facebook page. People seem to agree that the prices are unbeatable, Sjogren says, as a 60 minute massage is priced at $30.

Emerge Hair Studio + Spa logo, inspired by the ripple created from a drop of water.

“We envision the business and college educational programs growing as Emerge’s reputation grows,” explains Sjogren. “We are excited to give our students experience with executing a business, as well as the services performed. We hope this will inspire them to launch their own businesses in the industry.”

The Emerge logo was designed by R. Eugene Heard, a Covington resident and designer. His concept is inspired by the ripple created from a drop of water. “Like a single drop creates ripples, everything starts from each student’s hand,” says Heard. “For the student, Emerge Hair Studio and Spa will be the place to learn how to use techniques to provide great moments. The identity represents the power of single student.”

Emerge Hair Studio and Spa is located at 438 Scott Boulevard, Covington. To learn more, “like” them on Facebook and stay tuned for the official Emerge website to launch soon.

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Crystal Carter launched her business five years ago at the young age of 23. See how it blossomed into a full-service salon and spa offering all hair services as well as nails, massages, body waxing and custom spray tans.


Crystal Carter found her calling when she opened the Beauty Bar Salon and Spa in November 2009 when she was just 23 years old. Today, the Wilmington-based full-service salon blossomed into a booming business that offers all hair services as well as manicures and pedicures, Swedish and deep tissue massages, body waxing and custom spray tans.

Beauty Bar Salon and Spa just celebrated its fifth anniversary and continues to expand to accommodate for the growth its experiencing. Carter says that in 2013 she expanded the salon and added a massage and facial room in addition to a room dedicated to body waxing.

Carter says prices for a cut and color starts at $55. It can vary depending on what you’re having done to your hair and how much has to be colored. “We offer two different types of massages ranging from $30 to $60,” she adds.

At Beauty Bar Salon and Spa, there are five hair stylists and one massage therapist. “We are a small, trendy salon that is always keeping up with new cut and color techniques and nail designs,” says Carter. “We are constantly educating ourselves by attending shows all over the U.S.”

The Beauty Bar team at their 5 year anniversary. (left to right) 5 year anniversary open house: From left to right: Kristen Fletcher, Alyssa Smith,  Crystal Carter-owner, Sunny Hagen, Lindsey Sams and Jamie Carter
The Beauty Bar team at their 5 year anniversary. (left to right) 5 year anniversary open house:
From left to right: Kristen Fletcher, Alyssa Smith, Crystal Carter-owner, Sunny Hagen, Lindsey Sams and Jamie Carter

Carter adds that she and her team just returned from the Redken Symposium in Las Vegas and the American Beauty Show in Chicago so they could learn what’s hot in the salon and spa industry and bring those styles back to their customers in Cincinnati.

With wedding season just around the corner, brides may want to head to Beauty Bar Salon and Spa for treatments on their special day. Carter says the salon and spa accommodates wedding parties and can do airbrush makeup and bridal updos to help brides look and feel their best on their special day.

You can keep up-to-date on all of Beauty Bar Salon and Spa’s specials by liking them on Facebook. Carter says that they’ll also be launching a new website soon.

Beauty Bar Salon and Spa is located at 53 East Locust Street in Wilmington. They are open Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Fridays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 937-366-6805.

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Learn about the new rewards and referral program at Alba Organic Beauty Studio and how it can earn you $1,000 toward services!

Alba Organic Beauty Studio’s New Rewards Program
Learn about the new rewards and referral program at Alba Organic Beauty Studio and how it can earn you $1,000 toward services!

Sisters Andrea Lauren (right) and Ashley Lauren (left) co-own Alba Organic Beauty Studio and Cincy Organic Stylebar (CSB) who started the business
Sisters Andrea Lauren (right) and Ashley Lauren (left) co-own Alba Organic Beauty Studio and Cincy Organic Stylebar in Hyde Park

From the eco-friendly products to the smiling staff, visiting Alba Organic Beauty Studio is always a rewarding experience. Now, thanks to their recently-launched referral program, it’s rewarding in a whole new way.

Now through March, recommending customers will get you a chance to win $1,000 in Alba Bucks to use on any of the full-service salon and spa’s services, according to Andrea Lauren, co-owner of Alba Organic Beauty Studio and Cincy Organic Stylebar (CSB) who started the business with her sister Ashley.

Basically, clients earn 500 loyalty points every time they refer someone to the salon and spa. “This equals $5 and can be used like cash towards services,” says Andrea. “Also, whoever refers the most customers will be the winner of the $1,000 Alba Bucks to our studio, which is redeemable in services and must be used in 2015”

Alba offers a number of services including organic color, cuts, facials, body waxing and massage. There’s also Cincy Organic Stylebar, a blowout and makeup bar. “CSB also offers nails and organic airbursh tanning,” says Andrea. “Everything in our studio is natural, organic or non-toxic. We also offer in-studio and on-location bridal services. Our in-studio brides can enjoy a beautifully decorated bridal suite to get ready in on their big day.”

Both Andrea and her sister Ashely are celebrity makeup artists and have worked in the film, print and television industry for 13 years. They decided in 2012 that they wanted to expand their services with a brick-and-mortar location while offering a safer, healthier salon option in the Queen City.

Andrea says that organic coloring services start at $45 while cuts are between $35 and $40. Blowouts are $35, manicures are $25-$40, pedicures are $40 – $60, facials are $60 – $80, a massage is between $70 and $90 and makeup applications are $35 to $55.

The salon and spa recently obtained a liquor license, so they will soon offer specialty cocktails as well as traditional favorites in the newly renovated spacious lounge. “Now you can come in to get any service that you would like and be able to order drinks as well. This is perfect for bachelorette parties or a girl’s night out,” she adds. “A soft opening will be held on February 5 and our Grand Opening is to be announced – so stay tuned.”

All guests who receive services at Alba can enjoy Happy Hour prices all day. “So, if a traditional bar doesn’t sound too appealing and a more relaxed and chilled environment is what you’re looking for, we welcome you to stop by and check us out,” says Andrea.

To learn more, visit or