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Girlfriends, glitz, and a glass of vino. Learn about the local business behind the new “Wine and Shine” ladies nights.

Brittany Stadtmiller launched Wine and Shine, a continuation of her other business Gem Steady.

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then wine is a close second. That’s why “Wine and Shine” ladies nights launched. It’s a brand new girls’ night out themed party where women design and create their own jewelry pieces using fine silver and 22k gold precious metal clay, while hanging out with friends and drinking wine.

“Wine and Shine” is a continuation of founder Brittany Stadtmiller’s business Gem Steady, which she co-owns with her husband Robert. Through Gem Steady, the Stadtmillers create custom, one of a kind jewelry.

Brittany hand selects the gemstones that get used, while Robert builds the settings for the gemstones.
Every gemstone is hand-selected and includes precious stones such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies and tanzanite, as well as many semi-precious stones such as amethyst, citrine, uniquely faceted pyrite, and moldavite. The Stadtmillers’ goal is to make the customer happy whether that is making something elaborate or something simple. Since 2012, they have even managed to get their jewelry in demand worldwide including Hong Kong, Australia, France, Canada and Brazil.

With the success of Gem Steady, Brittany started the Wine and Shine parties in February 2015 as one of three new DIY workshops introduced to the Gem Steady business. “Everyone is always so interested to see how everything is made,” Brittany says, “so these parties are the ultimate hands on way to dive head first into the craft of jewelry design and fabrication.”

“The Wine and Shine parties are not un-similar to the group painting classes that seem to be all the rage recently, but will allow for a bit more creative freedom,” Brittany explains. There will be a base project using precious metal clay in either fine silver or 22k gold and Brittany will guide each person step by step as they create their own ring, earrings, necklace or other pieces of jewelry. Each person has the opportunity to choose to do the project exactly as Brittany plans it, or they can put their own creative spin on it using the materials provided. Each piece is then fired in a kiln for a few minutes, then sanded and polished and finally it’s ready to wear. “Of course, a ladies night party isn’t complete without wine,” Brittany says, “so there will be plenty of that!”

Brittany plans to host birthday parties, bachelorette, sorority functions and other fun ladies night gatherings in their new studio, located in the Oakley-based Brazee Street Studios.

Brittany is most excited about interacting with new people and giving them an inside look into different ways that jewelry is made. She hopes to develop a loyal following where she and clients can both develop their skill levels together and move on to even bigger, more advanced jewelry projects. “The sky is not even the limit here,” she says. “If you can dream it then it can be created!” To learn more, click here.