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Jordan White took her blog out the mainstream blog-o-sphere and gave it a special twist. Learn more about her edgy style and self-expression, and how it can inspire you to try something new.

Jordan White, Founder of the blog A State of Ruin.
Jordan White, Founder of the blog A State of Ruin.

Jordan White wanted her blog, A State of Ruin, to be more than just a life and style blog. She wanted it to become a space where she can take her passions and mix them freely with her creativity and self-expression to create something that is her own.

“There are three main categories on A State of Ruin: travel, beauty and fashion,” she explains. “I strive to create a place where one can discover new brands, places and tips from a source they can trust.”

White, who maintains the blog, has been able to build up the blog to what it has become in just one year (with an anniversary in January!). She gives thanks to a group of what she calls “a treasure trove of talented friends” who have helped her along the way. “I’m a firm believer that the best way to be successful is to support others and accept their support in turn,” White says.

When White launched A State of Ruin back in January of this year, she knew she wanted to have a party that no one would forget–with a Great Gatsby-themed party called “A Little Blogging Never Killed Anybody.”

At this party, she was able to celebrate with all of her friends this new chapter of what she calls exploration. She adds that even though there was a limited budget, the themed dress code was a party that would have made Daisy Buchanan herself swoon.

White says there are several facets of inspiration behind her blog, but as for her inspiration go-to, she turns to Alexander McQueen. “There is something so seductively edgy yet timeless about his designs,” she says.

For inspiration, however, White turns to more than just designs. She also pulls inspiration from other blogs, street fashion, music, art and anything that relates to expression. “I am also incredibly inspired by individuals who stray from mainstream fashion, like Katia Nikolajew, the designer and owner of Bewolf Fashion,” she says.

Thus far in her blogging journey, White says that her post, Body Positive, has been her favorite. “I had dressed for the day with not much thought,” she explains. “It wasn’t until we were shooting that I became horribly aware of my body. The idea that the pictures were going to be posted on my blog for the world to see had me completely freaked. I kept trying to pull my crop top down to cover my midriff and began posing in an effort to conceal my stomach. When I got the pictures back a week later, I had this moment when I debated not using them. Instead, I decided to open myself up to the fear and use it to discuss something that is still an important topic: body image.”

She adds that by the end of it all, the post ended up becoming her favorite and the pictures are also some of her favorite featured on the blog.

White hopes that A State of Ruin continues to grow so that she can grow along with it. “A State of Ruin has taught me to push boundaries in ways I never thought imaginable,” she explains. “From (somewhat) conquering my fear of technology to becoming comfortable with putting myself in new situations, A State of Ruin has quickly become a great source of joy in my life.”

To celebrate the first anniversary of her blog, White says that she’ll be re-launching it during the holidays. “A State of Ruin will be shedding its current, basic format for something a little more…exciting,” she says.

You’ll be able to check out the makeover on in just a few short months. In addition to the new look, White says that she’s also hoping to do a giveaway in honor of the first anniversary of her blog.

You can check out A State of Ruin by clicking here. The blog is also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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We check in with the local ladies behind Thread Cincinnati to learn what the fashion-focused blogger network has been up to in the last year, and the fun events they have planned for you.

The team of local bloggers behind the blogger network Thread Cincinnati.
The team of local bloggers behind the blogger network Thread Cincinnati.

Cincinnati’s network of fashion-focused bloggers, Thread Cincinnati, is hard at work making the city even more stylish.

“Thread Cincinnati has had a busy year, full of events with local businesses like Pretty Pony Boutique, Gild Collective, Clothe Ohio, Pure Romance, LIBBY and Cincy Chic,” explains one of Thread’s founders Preeti Chaulk.

In addition to the local businesses they’ve been learning and sharing about on the blog, they also recently hosted their second happy hour at Sundry & Vice. At these events, Chaulk says, they brought together local influencers to talk fashion, business and future opportunities.

Chaulk says the next big event for Thread will be in partnership with Kendra Scott and includes a sip and shop event at the new store in Liberty Center on Nov. 9, hosted by the ladies of Thread.

“We are so excited for this evening of shopping gorgeous jewelry, complete with drinks, treats and a braid bar,” says Chaulk. “We encourage everyone to come and check out this amazing brand, as well as hang out with us for the night.”

Last year, Cincy Chic introduced you to Thread Cincinnati, where the ladies dished on the team behind it all. Since then, Chaulk says they’re brought three new members on board including Elise, Carrington and Jordan, who will be joining for future collaborations and events.

The ladies at Thread have an upcoming photo shoot with Queen City Vignette and plan on hosting another happy hour this winter, so don’t be surprised when they pop up on your radar in the next few months!

To stay up to date on all events, posts, announcements and collaborations, visit

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Tamia Stinson is who many want to be when they grow up. Learn more about this magazine stylist by day, fashion blogger by night (and “Downtown Disco Housewife” in between).

Tamia Stinson, Founder of The Style Sample. Image: Tiernae Salley

When a fashionista thinks of her dream job, a vision close to Tamia Stinson’s life will come to mind.

She began her fashion-focused blog, The Style Sample, in 2008. “I started organizing pop-up shops for new and emerging designers back in 2005, when you still had to explain to people what a pop-up shop actually was” explains Stinson. “After that, I moved on to other pop-up projects, participated in Cincinnati Fashion Week, organized fashion shows, did some styling for an awesome but short-lived magazine called A-Line as well as other freelance clients, created look books for local retailers and built the website for Thread Cincinnati as part of our group of local style bloggers.”

Along the way, she landed a prestigious Stylist position at Cincinnati Magazine. “I’ve been a full time Stylist at Cincinnati Magazine for a little over two years now,” she explains. “My job involves finding cool and interesting products—fashion, accessories, home goods, you name it—to feature in the monthly magazine as well as specialty publications like Cincinnati Wedding, SHOPS, HOME and Baby Guide.”

This grad from The Ohio State University, who majored in business marketing with a minor in fashion merchandising, describes her personal style as a Downtown Disco Housewife. “My style is a combination of drape-y, asymmetrical neutrals—which would be the ‘downtown;’ glitzy ‘70s-inspired loungewear—the ‘disco;’ and nipped-waist skirts with oxford shirts—the ‘housewife,’” she laughs. “I figure that will do until I achieve my real goal, which is to dress like Prince every single day.”

As she grabs inspiration from the A-listers such as Tracee Ellis Ross and Jennifer Lopez, her biggest influence is her mother. “My personal favorite fashion icon is my mother, who is the epitome of what I call ‘Class ‘n Sass,’” Stinson says. “She’s a proper lady, but she is no one to mess with!”

While her job, The Style Sample blog and partnership with Thread Cincinnati keep her busy, she also started a new project, Tss-Studio, which helps new businesses and early entrepreneurs with marketing and branding strategies. To learn more about it, visit To learn more about The Style Sample, visit

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Finding a lack of office appropriate style inspiration prompted one local lady to launch a blog that offers inventive everyday fashion ideas for professionals. Read on for all the fashionable details.

Liz Urso, Founder of the fashion blog 26 and Counting.
Liz Urso, Founder of the fashion blog 26 and Counting.

Cincy Chic: What is 26 and Counting?
Liz Urso, Founder of 26 and Counting: 26 and Counting is a Cincinnati-based personal style blog with an emphasis on inventive everyday fashion for professionals.

Cincy Chic: What was your inspiration behind starting the blog?
Urso: The inspiration for 26 and Counting started after I moved back to the Cincinnati area. I started working in a business casual environment in 2008 and found myself looking to the Internet and style blogs for outfit inspiration. What I found was there weren’t many bloggers at the time that showcased outfits that were appropriate for work. So I took the plunge and started sharing my own outfits via 26 and Counting in 2010.

Cincy Chic: What’s been your favorite post thus far in your blogging adventure?
Urso: With 5 years of outfits cataloged, it’s hard to pick a favorite! One that does sound out is the outfit I wore on my last day of graduate school<>. I wore a school boy blazer with felt oddly appropriate for the last day of classes while still feeling stylish and like myself.

Cincy Chic: What’s your favorite thing about your blog?
Urso: My favorite thing about my blog is that it keeps me creative and trying new styles. I think a lot of what I’ve worn over the years came out of trying to put a fun, fresh perspective on traditional work wear.

Cincy Chic: What do you hope to accomplish through your blog?
Urso: I hope to provide inspiration to others out there who are looking to be creative with their work wear attire.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for 26 and Counting?
Urso: Over the last year, I’ve connected with an amazing group of local bloggers called Thread Cincinnati. We’ve been working together to network and present our unique perspectives on life, style and happenings in the Queen City.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers to go learn more?
Urso: Visit

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See what happens when 10 local fashion-focused bloggers join forces to create one site where you can find their posts about style, decor, recipes, how-to videos, and more.

(left to right) Thread Cincinnati contributors Princess Fox with Personal Bravery; Sydney Murdock from UnCommon Stylist; Tamia Stinson from The Style Sample; Katie Holocher from OUT + OUTFIT; Preeti Chaulk, from Ninesto5; Olivia Johnson, from Baubles to Bubbles;
(left to right) Thread Cincinnati contributors Princess Fox with Personal Bravery; Sydney Murdock from UnCommon Stylist; Tamia Stinson from The Style Sample; Katie Holocher from OUT + OUTFIT; Preeti Chaulk, from Ninesto5; Olivia Johnson, from Baubles to Bubbles (Photo: Ida Street)

Whether you’re a fashionista looking for style inspiration or a business looking for a brand ambassador, look no further than Thread Cincinnati.

This recently launched network of fashion-focused bloggers, enthusiasts, and advocates of Cincinnati has one main purpose: To advance the fashion and blogging community of the Greater Cincinnati area by providing a collective site of like-minded bloggers.

Starting with social media, 10 women came together noticing an audience for a collection of blogs focusing on all things entertainment and fashion. Preeti Chaulk, blogger of Ninesto5, and one of the Thread Cincinnati founders says, “We [saw] similar ‘blog societies’ out there and thought it would be nice to have one for our blossoming community.”

In addition to Chaulk, Thread Cincinnati contributors include Olivia Johnson, from Baubles to Bubbles; Alice and Karen from blanc X noir; Natalie Folchi from CincinNatalie; Annie Butler with Ida Street; Katie Holocher from OUT + OUTFIT; Princess Fox with Personal Bravery; Tamia Stinson from The Style Sample; Liz Urso from 26 & Counting; and Sydney Murdock from UnCommon Stylist.

”I think it’s great to have a unified place for all the fashion bloggers in Cincinnati,” Johnson says. “There’s a great fashion scene here, and we’re helping showcase that.”

With these women taking on different roles to get the site up and running, Thread Cincinnati was made possible. Some took on more behind the scenes roles with getting the site live and others took on more managerial or administrative roles, like answering emails and initiating connections with local vendors that aligned with the mission of Thread.

“In the blogging world, people collaborate a lot. Sometimes it’s just for a projection, sometimes it’s for a series, but usually that is that,” Butler says. “That’s why I love Thread so much. It’s awesome to be surrounded by such a supportive group of women and offer our continued collaboration to the Queen City. We all have very different styles and lead unique lives, so to come together like this is pretty amazing.”

Across the board, Thread Cincinnati bloggers cover a variety of topics, including: fashion, decor, DIY projects, recipes, socializing, how-to videos, and more. It also provides an access point for businesses who are looking to work with locals and subsequently their audiences.

“We hope to work amongst ourselves and the community to uncover and promote various brands and companies we feel passionately about,” Chaulk says. “Thread is unique because we have a range of personalities and styles, but can work together as one collective voice. We love being able to create and distribute content that represents us and hopefully inspires those who read and follow us.”

Thread Cincinnati is currently working on a launch event and building their brand by partnering with local and national businesses that embody their goals. Going forward, they will also look for opportunities to provide the Cincinnati fashion and social scene with tips and trends for living in the Queen City.

“Thread brings like-minded women together,” Folchi says. “Our personal styles might be different, but our goal is the same: to put the Queen City on the map, one post at a time. We want to make an impact in our city, and show residents and out-of-towners that Cincinnati has something offer.”

To learn more, visit

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See how two native Cincinnatians give back to the state that they so proudly call home through fashion and philanthropy.

Thread Cincinnati bloggers stylin' their Clothe Ohio shirts. (photo courtesy of Ida Street)
Thread Cincinnati bloggers stylin’ their Clothe Ohio shirts. (photo courtesy of Ida Street)

Clothe Ohio was fashioned around the co-founders’ three greatest loves: Giving back, fashion, and their love for Ohio.

Dustin and Elliott Fisher created Clothe Ohio to “give when you get.” Every order placed is custom made for the person that orders it. Then, with every order, an item is given to an Ohioan in need or an Ohio-based charity.

After 10 years of being in the apparel industry and running their first company, DT Fashion, the Fishers decided to take on a new challenge. The idea of Clothe Ohio came to them several years ago, and they officially launched January 2015.

According to the Fishers, it wasn’t until then that they felt like they were in the right place and had the right team to make it happen and grow it successfully. They decided that 2015 would be the year they launched to give Ohioans a way to express their state pride through cool, unique, comfortable clothing all while helping out neighbors in need.

“The ability to give is an amazing gift,” Dustin says. “Working with and meeting the organizations, adults, and children that we are directly helping is a reward that cannot be explained. Helping those in need is a huge passion for our organization and we hope to one day, with everyone’s help, literally Clothe Ohio.”

The Fishers just dropped of the first 500 Clothe Ohio t-shirts and sweatshirts at the Homeless Families Foundation in Columbus. Dustin says they’ve been humbled to meet so many amazing people fighting Ohio homelessness, and are more passionate than ever about Clothe Ohio’s mission and its future.

As spring approaches, Clothe Ohio has many new designs that will be launching. Ohioans can keep an eye on the Clothe Ohio Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as Know of an Ohio-based organization in need of apparel assistance? Contact