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Learn about the local physician who, inspired by her own struggles, opened a medical spa that helps with hormone imbalances, weight loss, and a variety of skin issues.

Inspired by her own struggles with hormone imbalances, weight loss, and aging skin, Dr. Magdalena Kerschner opened her own practice her to help other with those issues.

“I was inspired by my own experience with bio identical hormone replacement and anti aging,” says Kerschner, Medical Director of Victory Wellness and Medspa, a practice which initially focused on weight loss and hormone replacement, but recently expanded with the addition and rebranding as a medical spa. “I am excited to bring the latest and newest anti aging laser and radio frequency technology for skin care, such as Halo, BBL, Thermiva, Pellave, etc.”

The procedures offered at Victory are Halo, which is the latest combination of ablative and nonablative laser technology for the “Hollywood glow,” BBL, which is a photo facial for age spots and other discolorations, and Thermiva, which is for vaginal rejuvenation. “Helps to enhance sexual pleasure, orgasm, and external appearance of labia’s, she says. “Helps to decrease symptoms of leaky bladder. No down time.”

Other procedures include Pelleve, which is radio frequency skin tightening, Hydro facials for anti aging and acne treatments, and Botox and Fillers for facial and hand rejuvenation “Bio identical hormone replacement for both men and women, weight loss program,” says Kerschner.

“My extensive experience as a physician and a woman helps me to understand people’s needs and how to care for them. I have a personal passion for personal growth and passion for beauty. I believe we should try to be the best that we can be at any point of our lives,” she says. “I believe in preventative medicine as opposed to conventional pharmaceutical medicine. Patient interaction. I am very gratified when patients become happy and lead fulfilling lives once again.”

Victory Wellness and Medspa wants people to leave their business feeling better about themselves. “We are unique because we care for the external as well as internal well being of people,” says Kerschner. There is a need for Victory in Cincinnati. “As we age, our needs are not addressed properly by conventional medicine. In spite of the alarming obesity epidemic, patients are not getting help from regular doctors,” she says.

Positive responses are what makes Kerschner’s job worthwhile. A memorable moment for her was “a patient who told me that for the first time she feels alive and enjoys living to the fullest,” she says. “I define success as a grateful smile on my patient’s face.”

Victory Wellness and Medspa is located at 9600 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati. Learn more at