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See how one local lady is blending her two passions - family and fashion - through her kids’ clothing store in Hyde Park.

Founder of The Spotted Goose
Amy Fessler with her children.

After setting a personal goal to pursue her passion for fashion before turning 30, Amy Fessler was shopping at SOHO, a high-end women’s fashion boutique in Hyde Park, and learned by chance that it was for sale.

She bought the store a few short weeks later and the rest is history. Fast forward five years, a marriage and two children later, Fessler was in The Spotted Goose (shopping again, go figure – her words!) and overheard it was for sale. “It felt meant to be,” says Fessler. “It wasn’t the perfect time, as my son was only a few months old. However, we didn’t want to let the opportunity pass by,” she recalls. “It felt like the right next step for our family, so we made it work!”

Although it may not have been the perfect time, it was the perfect business to purchase right after having children! The Spotted Goose is a high-end children’s fashion boutique located in Hyde Park that features designers from all over the world. From fashion forward t-shirts and sweaters to brand name booties and shoes, Fessler says The Spotted Goose is a place where young fashionistas can choose clothes to express their own personal style.

“My children are already developing their own little styles,” says Fessler. “My son insists on being comfortable – which is sometimes very frustrating to me since that means he won’t wear several things I want him to! And my daughter loves mixing patterns and textures. She has a really good eye and is true to what she loves and feels good in. I really admire that about her!”

Amy Fessler, Owner of The Spotted Goose in Hyde Park.

Becoming a mom changed the way Fessler viewed everything in life. She and her husband both own their own businesses and involve their children as much as possible to instill a strong work ethic in them at a young age. “They know what work is and that it is important to always do your best,” says Fessler of her children. As for being a mom and a career woman, she says, “No day is the same for an owner of a small business and that is one of the things I most appreciate about it!”

According to Fessler, the previous owner did an amazing job making children and everyone in the community feel welcome and at home at The Spotted Goose. As the current owner, Fessler continues to provide this same warm atmosphere to her guests, making clients feel welcome and happy when they are shopping there. With so many places to shop and the option to purchase clothing online, she especially appreciates when people take time to experience the boutique in person. “We love styling outfits and gifts for people’s littlest loved ones. It is truly our pleasure to help our clients find exactly what they are looking for!”

You can see more of what The Spotted Goose has to offer at, check them out on Facebook, or stop in at their boutique location at 3048 Madison Road in Hyde Park.

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While this product might not change the world, its comfort, slimming fit and preppy style will change yours. Learn more about what its co-founders are calling the “21st Century Dickie.”

COLLAR UP Shirts travel well and offer style for men (and women).
COLLAR UP Shirts travel well and offer style for men (and women).

COLLAR UP Shirts is an innovative brand with a sense of humor, style and sensibility.

“Comfort and fit are taken to the next level – with COLLAR UP undershirts. Bunching, twisting, wrinkles, bulkiness and discomfort – out,” says Bob Dilts, one of the founders and owners of COLLAR UP Shirts. He and his partners, Julie Larger and Gail Spence, have collaborated to create a product kindly referred to as the mullet of shirts, business up top…you know the rest.

The shirts don't bunch and can make the wearer look 5-10 pounds slimmer.
The shirts don’t bunch and can make the wearer look 5-10 pounds slimmer.

“We’d like to think we have a decent sense of humor. Look, we are selling shirts here. More precisely, 21st Century Dickies,” Dilts laughs. “Most of our products don’t even have sleeves… So we’re not going to take ourselves too seriously… At the same time, we are serious about this endeavor. We are completely enthusiastic about our product. We created it, own it and believe in it – 100%.”

So how exactly did this half dress shirt, half undershirt come to be? While at the office, Dilts was wearing your standard dress shirt and sweater combination which was causing him incredible discomfort. According to Dilts, the twisted arms of the shirt, the way the shirt bunched and jumbled all the way around the waist when tucked in, not to mention the dreaded perspiring at work was enough to make him basically throw a tantrum in the office (remember that sense of humor?).

Luckily, his now-co-owner of COLLAR UP Larger was listening to him lament about his shirt snafu. She then revealed her secret to collared shirt success: wearing a blouse with the sleeves “hacked” off. Apparently, she had been buying blouses with full sleeves and cutting them off to create a comfortable yet professional look under blazers and sweaters. This ingenuity is what sparked the conversation from which COLLAR UP was born.

“Securing the proper fabric was certainly one of our more demanding – and time-consuming – challenges. With the first prototype from our manufacturer, the athletic, polyester, breathable fabric was perfect.

Created with men in mind, COLLAR UP Shirts can also be worn by women.
Both men and women can wear COLLAR UP Shirts

However, the 100% cotton dress shirt “upper bib” was not the polished look and feel we desired,” says Dilts.

The COLLAR UP brand is based on comfort, fit, profile and breathability so the team felt they could not cut corners on choosing the cotton or rushing the process as to not sacrifice the quality of the product. Partner and co-owner Gail Spence’s expertise as an amateur seamstress played a large role in the design of the aesthetic, functionality and construction of the shirt.

Currently, the shirt is targeted toward the male audience. Not only does it travel well, but Dilts says it also makes the wearer look 5-10 pounds slimmer due to the lack of bunching at the waist- something both males and females can appreciate. While Larger wears a size medium COLLAR UP shirt under a sweater and it fits her well, she says they do hope to expand the brand in the future to feature a selection for women as well. Prices range from $38-42. “We have an off-the-wall product. And we are not changing the world,” Dilts says of COLLAR UP. “But we do believe in our shirts. And if you buy one, we think you’ll believe in them, too.”

You can learn more about their product and order a shirt from their website and see them in-person at the Cincy Chic Seasonably Chic Showcase on Nov. 5!