5 Steps to Making Your YouTube Channel More Professional

5 Steps to Making Your YouTube Channel More Professional

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Starting a YouTube channel is easy. In essence, all it takes is an email address to get your account up and running, while content can be created with any prepackaged video editing software. However, running a YouTube channel that is successful is a whole different story. 

Why is it so difficult to turn a YouTube account into a profitable venture? Well, research from 2015 suggested that there are over 17,000 creators possessing at least 100,000 subscribers. This is a number that is constantly on the rise, and these creators are covering every subject you could think of – from travel vlogs to hydraulic presses crushing random objects. In summary, YouTube is saturated. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t break out and triumph on the platform. One way of doing so is by making your YouTube channel more professional, and the following five steps will help in that regard.

1. Use professional equipment

If you’re producing content with obsolete video recording equipment and a microphone which came with your laptop, you are doing a disservice to your videos. Not only will they look amateurish, but it will also impact the number of people that will subscribe and watch your content. So with that in mind, purchase quality video producing equipment. This doesn’t mean spending loads of cash – a current iPhone video camera will do the job, while effective lighting and audio solutions can also be purchased on the cheap. 

2. Invest in high-quality video editing software 

Alongside the aforementioned first-rate equipment, you should also invest in professional-grade video editing software. By invest, this doesn’t mean just purchasing the software either. Read plenty of guides and practice new editing techniques – implementing such techniques will significantly help add that finishing touch to your content. 

3. Enhance your visual imagery

Away from your actual video content, there should be a particular focus on other visual imagery. By visual imagery, that means the likes of your logo and video thumbnails. Even if you’re not the most artistically gifted, there are tools available to help. For instance, a YouTube banner creator will assist in producing a slick, contemporary banner – which is another important part of developing your visual imagery. 

4. Cut out grammar mistakes  

An engaging headline and info-packed description is a great way to add value to your videos. To keep up the professionalism, all of your written words should be error-free. If you really struggle with knowing what words to capitalize in a title, when to use full stops and the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’, do not worry: there are professional grammar tools like Grammarly that will correct any mistakes made. 

5. Upload regularly 

For many YouTube creators, the biggest stumbling block is producing and uploading regular videos. This is especially an issue when success doesn’t arrive immediately – which is highly common – because it leaves self-doubt about whether your content is actually any good or not. Make sure to stick at it during those tough early times, upload high-quality videos consistently on a set schedule, and you should benefit in the long-run with a significant increase in views and subscribers.