7 Easy Ways to Make Yourself Look Younger

7 Easy Ways to Make Yourself Look Younger

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There seems to be a growing pressure on us to stay younger for longer. In part, this is due to the media portraying an image of ever young celebs with comments like “doesn’t he look good for his age”. But, it’s also because we stay fitter for longer and live to be older than in times gone by. 60 is no longer considered old. 60-year-olds are out there having the time of their lives. So, why should they settle for looking old when they don’t feel it? To a degree, this will be down to genetics, which there isn’t anything you can do about. But, here are seven ways to look and feel younger for longer.

Look After Your Skin

Your skin is the first thing to show signs of aging. Often as early as your late 20’s, fine lines start to appear around your eyes and mouth and cellulite will start to show itself. Your skin is only perfect and youthful for a short time, so make the most of it and start taking care of it. Moisturize daily to restore any moisture your skin loses, cleanse morning and night to clear any impurities, and most importantly, apply sunscreen before going out on a hot day.

Take Care of Your Hair

It’s hair that people often notice next. You can’t stop your hair showing the obvious signs of age by going gray or falling out. But, you can correct it. Even home hair dye kits are now incredibly effective at covering the grays and a hair regrowth product can work wonders at covering any bald spots.


You probably already know that if you don’t get enough sleep your skin looks dull, there are bags under your eyes, and you feel grumpy. Do this regularly and this will become your natural look. To look bright-eyed and youthful be sure to get eight hours as often as possible.

Eat Right

Eating well will help your body to look and feel great. The odd treat isn’t going to hurt, but aim to eat a healthy and balanced diet packed with fresh fruit and vegetables for a younger and more glowing appearance.

Drink Water

Water is a powerful thing. Your body is made up of huge amounts of water, some of which get lost throughout the day, so keep it topped up with around eight glasses of water to keep your organs functioning at their best and give your skin extra elasticity.


Exercise will help you live longer and look better as you age. It will help to keep you in shape, keep you strong and improve your posture. Standing straight can instantly improve your appearance and take a few years off.


Smiling is the easiest way to look younger. So, stop worrying, grow old gracefully and enjoy yourself.

For the most part, simply looking after yourself well and having fun is all you need to look younger. So, however old you are, get out there and enjoy life.