Bingo and Other Online Games for a Quiet, Enjoyable Evening

Bingo and Other Online Games for a Quiet, Enjoyable Evening

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If you’re in the house, perhaps stuck indoors for the night, there are a few things that you can do to pass the time. Turn off the telly and grab your tablet to get playing some of these spectacular games, they’re perfect for beginners and veteran players alike.

Bejeweled 2

Most people love this game because of the simple yet impressive gameplay that it offers. The grid that you are given in this game is filled with different coloured gems, just switch them around and make winning combos. While this may seem simplistic there’s a load of strategy involved in the game too, so study hard and you’ll be on the road to winning.

Candy Crush

One of the top grossing games of all time, the free to play Candy Crush is a firm favourite of many. Android and Apple users alike can download multiple versions of this game from their respective app stores.

The game has a sweet theme and challenges users to move sweets around to create combos. While this may sound similar to Bejeweled 2, there are a lot of special features within this game to make it more exciting, like exploding symbols and trapped candy.


We see requests on Facebook for Farmville all the time! If you’re interested in finding out why this is then you can download the game for free. While it may appear like a basic game, once you get into the game you’ll find lots of other endeavours to practice. You can start by planting basic seeds and tending to your farm but once you get into the game you can expand your land, discover new plant strains and chat with other players.

This game is so prolific on Facebook because the company behind the game want you to get your friends involved too. When you play with other users you can swap items and give them to others to help their journey. You’ll get perks for giving gifts too, like increased rankings and special achievements. If you want to really do well with this game then you can log in each day to see how your farm is progressing.

Online Bingo

Bingo is popular with many and fortunately, you can now enjoy it from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is find bingo sites that accept PayPal and sign up with them. You can found safe sites in this handy list that you can work with.

You can play all variations of the game on most of the sites and you can also take part in competitions with huge payouts up for grabs. Not sure about the rules? Most sites have a section dedicated to that so read up before playing.

Puzzle Games

There are so many different puzzle games out there that you can use to flex your brain, like these classics. Whether you prefer to do a crossword or play a quick game of Sudoku, you’ll find a place to play. These games have even been proven to be beneficial to your overall mental health, which is a great added perk.

These are some of the best games for a relaxing evening.