How to Help Your Other Half Improve his Fashion

How to Help Your Other Half Improve his Fashion

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Love and acceptance go hand in hand, most of the time. We can accept the grumpy attitude and the messiness, but when it comes to style, that’s a variable we can have some input in. Your significant other is an extension of yourself and if you take your style seriously, your partner dropping the ball in that department can feel a little embarrassing.

You obviously don’t love your boyfriend any less because of how he dresses, or that he’s less of a person in your eyes, but sometimes guys just need a little help to reach their full fashion potential. Here is a walkthrough guide to help you to get your man to up his style game without hurting his feelings.

Understand them

If your boyfriend doesn’t have a specific style, chances are he just doesn’t know any better. Many guys just dress for comfort and don’t even think about what it looks like.  You need to understand why he dresses the way he does and ask honest questions about his clothes preferences. 

Questions like ‘what draws you to that outfit?’ or ‘what outfit makes you feel the most confident?’ are good. Be open to his answers, listen and see where the conversation leads. You will learn a lot about why he dresses the way he does. Does finding his own style overwhelm him? Does he truly not care about fashion? Does he just hate shopping?

Buy him clothes as presents

If he doesn’t want to go shopping, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Get the tape measure out and take his sizes and shop at the places that allow returns. Use birthdays and Christmas as an excuse to buy clothes for him. If you decide to buy it at any other time, say that it was just because you were near the shops anyway.

Before you purchase him some clothing, remember to firstly check with him what his favourite clothes are and if they are getting old, find some replacements. Concentrate on the quality rather than the quantity, men look much better in high-quality clothing. Also, ensure it is a style you know he will be comfortable with so that it doesn’t get thrown to the back of the wardrobe and never seen again.

Lead by example

If you look nice and make an effort for your partner, it may make him want to do the same for you. If you want him to have a clear out of his clothes, do one of your clothes and ask if he wants any of his clothes taken to the charity shops also. 

Your man is probably interested in looking good but has no idea how to do it. You can be his educator and help on online clothing shops and find male fashion bloggers to encourage and inspire him. Help him to understand his style mistakes and work together to overcome them.

Pay attention to detail

If you really want a guy that gets a lot of fashion compliments, turn his eye towards the finer details. If he wears a suit or blazer, add in a pocket square or tie bar. It is these little details that round out a man’s look and set him aside from the herd. Accessorising for men is no different to women; it just requires a little bit more subtlety. 

Match his personality, not yours

Another important thing to remember when you are helping to style your boyfriend is that he is not a mannequin. He has his own individual personality and improving his dress sense should be a team effort. Bring out his specific attributes with little touches like jewellery and cufflinks are a great way to put personality into a suit. Visit this website for some stylish cufflinks that are great for a personal statement.

If you are sure to consider how to reflect his inward personality with his outer style, you will end up with a stylish man who is wearing the clothes rather than a man who is letting the clothes wear him.