The Hottest Looks for Summer 2016

The Hottest Looks for Summer 2016

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The summer weather is in full swing, and as the days begin to lengthen and the sun shines for longer, it’s time to stow away any heavy jumpers, warm clothing and winter accessories and bring out a new wardrobe full of summer outfits. If you’re looking to ensure that you stay right on trend this year and rock all of the latest looks, it’s good to know exactly what’s in and what isn’t for this season. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of all the different looks which are definitely top of the charts this summer, so you know exactly what you’re looking for when you shop for your new summer wardrobe.

Off the Shoulder

When it comes to women’s clothing this summer, off the shoulder styles are huge. Whether it’s a cute top, shift dress or even a maxi dress, bare shoulders are definitely the way to go in the warm weather. Whether you bare all or go for the ‘cold shoulder’ cut (perfect for those who don’t want to go bra-less or wear a strapless bra with this style) you’ll definitely find a massive range of great products and styles to choose from. And, the best thing is, you’ll be able to maximize your tan, too!

Distressed Denim

Denim is one of those classic fashion trends that never seems to ever go out of style. Huge all year round, denim is trusty and reliable, and you can pair it with almost anything to make the perfect outfit. This summer, look out for distressed denim styles, with ripped jeans back in after a huge success last year. But, the difference for summer 2016 is that it’s not just ‘cold knee’ jeans that are in right now, but jeans with rips and distressed fabric in multiple places.

Maxi Dresses

Each summer, maxi dresses seem to come back around again and again. This item is definitely a summer fashion staple, and there’s no denying that you can get maxi dresses available in a huge range of different styles, colors and cuts. Whether you’re looking for a floaty dress to slip on over your bikini on the beach or want a summer dress to wear for an occasion or event, you can rely on the trusty maxi dress to ensure that all of your favorite summer looks are covered.

Gladiator Sandals

This summer, gladiator sandals have made a reappearance, and this time they are bigger and better than ever before. These sandals are a great choice of summer footwear as not only are they seriously comfortable, it’s also pretty easy to pair them with anything whether you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a flowing floral maxi dress. This season, keep your eye out for knee-high gladiator sandals, which look more difficult to get on than they actually are – and look amazing once they’re on, too.

Boho Style

When it comes to boho style, you definitely can’t miss out on this huge trend for this summer. Whether you’re looking for a dress, blouse, playsuit or even a jacket, the whole ‘festival vibes’ fashion trend is in full swing already, and there’s definitely plenty of different items to choose from to complete your style. Whether you want to wear flowers in your hair or sport fringes and tassels from your accessories, this summer is your opportunity to go for it as this look is so hot right now, with a number of celebrities spotted in some seriously trendy boho ensembles.


When it comes to accessories and handbags in particular, this summer is the season where you can ditch the stylish for the practical. Handbags, cross-body bags and shoulder bags are second rate this summer, with rucksacks taking the top spot as the bag of choice for many fashionistas. And, why not – carrying a rucksack can give you a welcome break from having the whole weight of your bag on one shoulder, and on top of that you also get plenty of room for taking out more things. With tons of different styles and colors to choose from, there’s definitely going to be a rucksack which completes your look.

Slip Dresses

From the catwalks, the vibe that ‘underwear is outerwear’ was pretty big for this season. Whilst last year we had the bralet top make a huge debut and become instantly popular, this summer, it’s all about the slip dress. Dainty, silky slip dresses with barely-there sleeve straps don’t only look classy and sexy when worn right, but they’re also great for those really warm summer days.

Which are your favorite looks for summer 2016? Let us know in the comments.