The Importance of Making Personal Connections for Female Entrepreneurs in Cincinnati

The Importance of Making Personal Connections for Female Entrepreneurs in Cincinnati

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Due to its healthy business climate, Ohio is now ranked as one of the best states for female entrepreneurs to set up a new business. With a large number of companies owned by women, low living costs and high levels of safety, the state is seen as being particularly welcoming to new businesses. In addition, in Cincinnati, numerous networking groups and events take place all around the city, offering mutual support and encouragement to women. They are a great place to build business by making connections with other female business owners, while, at the same time, reaching out to potential new clients. For the latter, one particular networking group for small businesses, run by a boutique marketing company, offers help with customer experience-focused marketing, including merchandising, copy writing and press releases.

Reaching Out to Customers

Of course, good marketing is vital to both new and established businesses, and an extra personal touch can set a business apart. In a survey on the use of print marketing, 85% of consumers stated a preference for businesses that printed materials such as business cards, signs and flyers. explains that clients like to see tangible evidence of the success of a business, and something as simple as mailing out high quality invitations, flyers and other company material to clients and contacts can ensure a business stands out from the crowd. Keeping in touch personally with loyal customers will help a business stay competitive while at the same time making clients feel valued.

Building up Contacts

Printed business cards are a quick and easy way to pass on contact details and are particularly useful for handing out at networking events. Here is where you might meet some of the leading business women in Cincinnati who have been recognized for building networks, creating strong teams and for mentoring other women in business. As well as sharing ideas and personal experience, business mentors can introduce their colleagues to their wider circle of established contacts, helping entrepreneurs connect with people who can help boost the success of their business.

Following Up on Leads

As networks grow, it’s important to consolidate business relationships and follow up early on any leads or introductions. This is where the personal touch can really make a difference. The power of receiving a handwritten note, thank you letter or invitation by mail shouldn’t be underestimated especially when so many emails go unread, lost in a junk folder. By taking the time to write and send correspondence, business owners can show that they are sincere in wanting to establish a good, solid relationship with their customers.

In a city that already offers opportunities and security for female entrepreneurs, networking groups and events throughout Cincinnati can help make these businesses stronger. Just as the women in Cincinnati meet and support each other by sharing their experience and contacts, so developing personal connections with clients and customers will help their businesses continue to flourish.