Throwing Your Best Friend Her Best Birthday Bash Yet

Throwing Your Best Friend Her Best Birthday Bash Yet

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As every woman out there can attest, nothing can beat a strong female friendship. You can be closer than sisters, and you support each other through your ups and downs. Celebrating together, of course, is one of the highlights of your friendship, which is why you should do all you can to surprise your best friend this year with her best birthday bash yet. Follow these tips, and you can be the ultimate party planner in no time:

Coordinate with Her Friends

Unless the plan from the start is to have a celebration between just the two of you, it will always be nice to coordinate with her other friends. If you are all in the same friendship circle this will be easy, but it doesn’t have to be limited to only the people you are friends with as well. Contact her work friends or her old school friends and get them involved as well. That way not only can you surprise her with a big birthday bash, you can also surprise her with everyone that loves her.

Budget with Everyone

By budgeting with everyone who is attending you can work out what you can do to make her birthday a surprise. At the very least try to get everyone to pitch in enough or to agree to splitting the bill for the birthday girl, so that she can enjoy the day and not worry about anything. This could mean paying for her meal, or it could mean pitching in together to book a fun event. Either way, it is important to talk about this before the party so that no one feels sour when the bill comes up.

Be Creative

The biggest surprise of course would be to organize a party around something she loves, but has never thought of herself. This could be something as classic as, say, afternoon tea at a hotel, or it could be booking a slot at Escape Room Oklahoma City. The point is to surprise her with an activity that suits her perfectly that she has never done before. That way you can give her the gift of a new experience on top of whatever you wrap up.

Tips on Documenting the Big Day

We all love taking pictures. A great photo of ourselves makes us feel better in the moment, but more importantly pictures can capture moments in time. This means that even though our memories fade over time, we can simply look back over a photo and be instantly returned to the time when we first took it. That is why photos are so important, but you should aim to do more than simply take posed photos together. Take candid shots and videos and open a shared folder on Facebook or even simply through iCloud and share all your photos together. Try to balance being in the moment and capturing it.

Party planning is easy, what is more difficult is choosing the right theme. The specific event choices you make should depend on what your best friend loves, but by coordinating with her friends, budgeting in advance, and by being creative with what you choose you can throw her the best birthday yet.

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