What to Look for in a Home Security System

What to Look for in a Home Security System

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It is probably hard to believe that your precious babies are now tweens and teens. Those little preschoolers who didn’t want you to leave them in class are now loving spending time with friends — and not with their beloved mom — at the mall and the movies.

While your kiddos had some alone time at home every now and then over the years (like when you had to take a package over to a neighbor, for instance) you are now ready to leave them home solo for longer periods of time. To keep them as safe as possible, you want to invest in a home security system. But after reading about the many features that are currently available, you found yourself feeling a tad overwhelmed and unsure of which security camera systems are best.

Let’s break down each feature individually, so they are easier to grasp and understand why they are needed in a security camera system.

Long-range night vision

Traditionally, home security camera systems have done a good job of capturing footage in daylight. But at night, all bets were usually off, with video tapes showing hard-to-make-out people and blurry cars. Now, thanks to a line of nocturnal cameras from Lorex Technology, you can rest assured that if some criminal is casing your home in the evening, the camera will capture crisp footage that you can show the police. Long-range night vision is one of the latest features in security technology, allowing the camera to see farther into the dark than ever before. The nocturnal security camera includes strong infrared lighting that floods the scene in front of each camera in infrared light. While you cannot see this light, the camera can and it will allow it to capture clear images that are up to 350 feet away. If your kids reported hearing some odd noises while you were making an evening run to the supermarket, you can review the footage to see who or what was making the noises. The long-range night vision also delivers color footage that will allow you to see what people were wearing, what color cars they were driving and other important clues.

Long life batteries and wireless technology

If you have hesitated to purchase a home security camera system because you were unsure of who you would hire to do all of the wiring, the new wireless technology can help to put your mind at ease. Because they are battery operated and do not require any cables to work, you can install these cameras on your own, where you want them. As a plus, although the cameras do run on batteries, they are designed to work for a long time before you have to replace them; this can help set your mind at ease as a mom, knowing that the security camera system you have purchased is ready and able to protect your home and kids at all times.

4K and large image sensors explained

If you prefer a wired-in security camera, some home security systems feature a number of cool bells and whistles like listen-in audio and 4K technology with a large image sensor. The sensor uses back-illuminated pixel tech to get great footage, even in low light. It will also pass the signal through an analog noise reduction program to get rid of annoying feedback noise. The result is 4K video quality — like the 4K technology found in the latest television sets — that is easy to see and make out, even when the footage was taken at night.

Your kids are growing up, but you can help them stay safe

While your brain tells you your tweens and teens are growing up, your heart remembers them as sweet young kiddos. Fortunately, with the help of some sophisticated home technology, you can keep your children as safe as possible when you are away. Now that you are more familiar with some of the technical terms, you can choose the security camera system that will serve your home and family the best.

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